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AN: In which we see what Spock thinks of all this.

Hurt Me Bad, In A Real Good Way

Teris Xenite

Jim looked up as Spock walked in through his door. His first seemed mystified, but not all that distressed by the unusual order that he'd given. Here's hoping we can get through this without me being marooned on an ice planet again. "You called Captain? What is the situation?"

"Bones received a communication from his daughter. She's in trouble on the planet, and we're the nearest ship."

While the Vulcan didn't reveal his emotion via facial expression, Jim did see his fingers twitch. "Do we have any details about her difficulty?"

"Very few, her mother has been injured, she has no other relatives on the planet, and someone is threatening to take her." Now the fingers had gone from a twitch to tightening towards a fist.

Kirk was pleased when Spock nodded and said without so much as a semblance of argument. "I will look into the situation on the planet, and see if I can deduce what might be occurring."

McCoy looked over at the Vulcan in shock. "That's it, no spiel on how this is illogical and breaks a large number of Starfleet regulations?"

Spock raised an eyebrow. "Would you prefer that I site the numerous violations that this action constitutes, Doctor?"

"Not really." McCoy said shaking his head. "And don't get me wrong I appreciate that you're willing to help, but you don't seem like yourself."

"Even on Vulcan, we acknowledge our children as precious. Therefore if you daughter is in jeopardy as you believe her to be the most logical course of action is to proceed to her last known location post haste."

Jim was inordinately pleased, he knew that his first officer and CMO didn't have the world's best relationship, but he was pleased that the Vulcan was so willing to help his friend. He could have done this without Spock, he was James T. Kirk after all, but it was going to be a great deal easier in the long run with Spock on board. "My thoughts exactly Spock, let us know what you find out."

"Certainly Captain. I'll alert Starfleet that we've received an emergency transmission, and are headed to the planet."

Kirk smiled at Spock, catching the unspoken, I'll hack the computer and make it look like we got an emergency transmission, which Uhura will confirm for us. Of course no one would question this, because who is going to question the actions of the best science officer or the judgment of the best communications officer in the fleet. Of course in order to do so nothing need be spoken, as talking about such things had the unpleasant consequence of increasing the likely hood of you getting caught. So he merely nodded. "Thank you Mr. Spock."

Spock gave him a nod and then exited leaving him to comfort a still distraught McCoy. "Bones, we will get her back." And then came the hard part for the man who had saved billons of lives and fought creatures who would paralyze lesser men with fear, waiting. He was able to do nothing to comfort his friend when he was at his darkest hour, able only to be there and hope to reassure the grieving man with his presence. And if McCoy was trembling when he squeezed his shoulder, Jim certainly didn't think less of him for it, and did his best not to become disquieted by one of the strongest men he'd ever known falling apart at the seams.

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