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Golden Dreams

Teris Xenite

He punched in the code to his quarters and sank against the door with a sigh. It'd been a miserable, never ending day. No matter how brilliant the student body was, there were some things that just happened when you put a group of young twenty something kids in close quarters. There was a reason that the clinic passed out condoms like candy, and why you really didn't want to work the ER during rush week. A bunch of overly hormonal brats trying to impress equally hormonal partners, he thought disgustedly.

When exactly did flowers go out of style? He'd pulled out more embedded objects, and stitched more 'war' wounds than he'd even want to think about. All thanks to some serious male posturing, and some ridiculous attempts made by women who really didn't understand that men just weren't that difficult to attract.

The lights were low, and there was a familiar sized lump on his bed. He walked over shedding clothes as he went, and stretched out on the bed beside him. Starfleet bunks were meant for one, and so there was the warm press of skin against skin. This caused Jim to stir as always did, and he looked up at him with clouded blue eyes and a lazy grin.

Jim cuddled up against him, and slung and arm over his chest. The weight of his head settled with a comfortable familiarity on Bones shoulder. "Bout time you got home. Missed you." Bones felt himself melt under the simple statement, and the adoration that he saw in the younger man's eyes. Jim placed a soft kiss on his neck, then he snuggled in with a sigh. "Love you." Bones took a moment to enjoy the warmth that filled him at Jim's statement, and then he pressed a kiss to Jim's forehead.

He would have returned the sentiment, but Jim had already fallen back to sleep. He mused that there was something to be said for overly emotional twenty somethings, as he took into sight of his love. He reached one arm over to turn out the light that Jim had left on for him, doing his best not to dislodge the slumbering man. "Night darlin." Then with a contented sigh of his own, he succumbed to the warm oblivion of slumber cocooned by loving arms and the scent of Jim.

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