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I shut the front door behind me and walked into the kitchen, dumping my bag on the bench and walking to the cupboard.

"Hello?" I yelled.

There was a soft humming and then he was there.

"Hey there Edward."

"Hello Bella," he smiled.

I grabbed some chips from the cupboard and walked to the lounge, sitting down on one end of the couch with Edward taking the other end. I was tempted to offer him some chips, but that would be mean.

I looked up at him and noticed his eyes. They were bright red again. He noticed my scrutinizing eyes and turned away, his face falling.

"I tried," he whispered brokenly, "I wanted to do it, for you."

I just nodded.

"How was school?"

I merely shrugged, standing up and walking out of the room.

"Bella please! Don't be so hard on me!"

"Why not? Should I be proud that you at least survived one week on animals? Saved, what three humans? It's hard for me you know, not knowing if you'll be hungry one day and just give in to your instincts! I would be your next meal if that happened!"

"I-I wouldn't do that."

"How do you know? You've told me all about your instincts and that's exactly what its like!"

"I would try…," he said.

"Yes, but you tried to stop drinking human blood, and that didn't work either. How am I supposed to trust you anymore?!"

"You just have to. You're, you're the only thing I live for anymore."

My heart fluttered, but I didn't move.

"Bella," he groaned, "Please. For me?"

I shut my eyes and sighed, he was a deadly force, "Fine."

- - -

The next week I woke up early, because something felt wrong. I looked around my room scowling, but found nothing.

I went to school normally, looking forward to science with Mr. Dragon because Edward might be there.

As I entered the room, Mr. Dragon looked forlorn and Edward didn't show. I shrugged it off, maybe he was off hunting today. He was still hunting humans, and although he apologized numerous times, it still hurt to come home and see his blood red eyes. An unspoken apology hanging in the air.

When I got home I walked in cautiously, looking for Edward. I walked into the kitchen, freezing in my tracks.

Footprints in blood. Blood was scattered across the floor, looking as if someone was dragged. My breathe caught in my throat and I kept walking, feeling faint.

I rounded the corner to Dad's office and saw him there, his eyes unseeing and his neck covered in blood. I looked around and saw him standing there, looking agonized, his eyes blood red and a smear of my father's blood on his collar.

"Oh god Bella, I'm so sorry! Oh god, oh god."

Then he turned and punched his hand into the plaster.

I took one, frightened step back and spun around, running. Running away from my life, running away from my love. I just kept running until I couldn't run anymore. I collapsed on the ground, my sobs racking through me. Why? That was my only thought. Why Charlie? Why did Edward do it? Why? And I just couldn't come up with an answer.

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