A/N: WARNING. SPOILERS FOR WATERS OF MARS. Drabblish thing. Adelaides' POV.

Duty Calls

Just who do you think you are?

You said it yourself, Doctor. You're the universe's janitor, not its captain. Your job is to fix things, not break them.

Your duty was to let me die.

You are not even one of us; where do you get the authority to decide the fate of the human race? Go ruin your own people's history. Although, from the sound of things, I'd say you already have.

There's no time to leave a note; I've got to do this before you leave. Sorry Susie; you'll never know why I did it. You'll always wonder. But maybe that's what's supposed to happen, now. One day you'll take our people out into the stars, not to meet me, but to find out what it was I saw out there that would make me do this. Susie, darling, I hope you never findout. I hope you never meet him.

I am the captain here, Doctor, not you. And I know my duty. I failed to save my crew, I failed to complete my mission, and I failed to pioneer civilization on Mars.

But now I'm making sure to stand near the window as I pull the trigger.

Because let no one say I did not do my duty.

Not even you.

I'm not even British. I had to watch Waters of Mars on Youtube. It ain't mine.