Finished Story and a Family Reunion

Disclaimer: I do not own NCIS or the characters…just their kids.

Note: Picks off after 'The Story of Two Lost Loves', rest of the story is told by Kate where Abby told the first part.

To understand the story better, read 'The Story of Two Lost Loves' first, you might become confused if you don't.

Spoilers: Talks about the following episodes: Bikini Wax (2x18), Conspiracy Theory (2x19), Red Cell (2x20), Hometown Hero (2x21), SWAK (2x22) and Twilight (2x23).

Team Gibbs is back together, however half are family…related mostly by marriage. Special Agent Caitlin 'Kate' Haswari was married to Special Agent Ziva DiNozzo's brother, Ari Haswari, while Ziva herself was married to fellow agent, Anthony 'Tony' DiNozzo.

They all stuck together as if they were more blood family then related by marriage. The only oddity of the group was Special Agent Timothy McGee, who had no relation to any of the team…but he was treated as a brother to all the agents. They picked on him but if someone threatened him…hell came down.

Their boss, Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs, was like a father figure to them all, Ziva especially. He was fiercely protective of his team, however reprimanded them if they were out of line…that came with head slaps.

The team worked closely with the FBI when it came to counter terrorism; Ziva's brother and Kate's husband, Ari Haswari, worked as a civilian liaison in helping to counter terrorism as he once ran terrorist missions as a double agent for Mossad. His loyalty however was presently his family, making him a suitable candidate for FBI missions.


Kate and Ziva sat talking about their children as the team ate lunch. Tony had gone to the NCIS daycare center to check on his daughter and niece, who were only three months and two years old.

Gibbs was speaking with the Director Vance while McGee was updating the base's security system as he normally did every month.

It was a normal day, a day in which paperwork took top priority due to no cases. On those days, things were slow and the Haswari-DiNozzo family normally spoke about things of the past or present.

While Ziva's daughter was only three months old, the Haswari children were old enough for school. Twins, JT and Mike were in pre-school while their sister, Sarah was in kindergarten…all three attended the Melvin J. Berman Hebrew Academy in Rockville, not far from their home.

"The tuition is very high, why do you have them go to Berman if it is high?" Ziva eyed her sister-in-law; she could not understand why Kate and Ari sent their children to the Hebrew Academy when the tuition was so high.

"We prefer it to public school…plus it helps them learn of their heritage. I prefer them to learn about what they should and not what they can learn." Kate took a bite of her sandwich.

Kate was still Catholic and attended Mass every Sunday while her husband, sister-in-law and children attended the local synagogue on Saturdays. They raised their children in the Jewish faith, that of their father and aunt. On occasion Sarah asked why her mother didn't go to the synagogue with the family and her parents always said that Kate's faith was her own while the other members of her family had their own faith.

"I know your income is more than mine and Tony's but it's too much. I know Tony and I won't send our daughter to Berman."

"You might," Kate eyed Ziva, "just depends on what you think she'll need when she reaches pre-school age. Trust me, Ari and I were looking for schools by the time Sarah was two…we just couldn't send her."

Ziva nodded, understanding what Kate meant. The agent still painted and ran her art business while working at NCIS once again. With Ari's income as well as her NCIS income, the art business just brought in more than they actually needed. Their children already had their college tuition in bank accounts.

"What about those last months…before your death?" Ziva eyed her sister-in-law, "Abby never told us about those…she didn't know did she?"

Kate shook her head, "no, after my visit to Israel, I stopped telling Abby because it could get her killed. I know she truly believed Ari shot me, when in actuality he didn't."

"What were they like…the time you spent with my brother?"

"They were hard, we knew what would occur. I was acting like my normal self while in actuality…I was living my last few months as an NCIS agent and being a friend to Tony and McGee. No one knew what was really going on in my personal life."

"Tell me…about that time with Ari." Ziva eyed her and Kate nodded, preparing to tell the story.

"It was better, once we reunited...before we went to Israel. In fact, I believe I was happiest then."