Note: I have been reading a lot of Edward/Jasper fan fictions lately and I wanted to see if I could create one myself, lol! If you're not into the idea of guy on guy or can't have an open mind on the subject then don't read, if you do, I hope you will enjoy this. ;)


I sat bored on the couch in the living room, pretending to be interested in some stupid movie that was on as I waited anxiously for Edward to finish with his shower.

We were supposed to be having a guy's night like we did every Friday night, however since Bella came into the picture, our plans changed.

Friday's became date night. Bella and Edward's night to go out and be all lovey dovey in public with other couples. I hated date night, not because I was single but because Bella got it in her head that I want to be involved.

So every Friday night Bella would invite her best friend Alice over, trying to entice me. I of course always came up with excuses not to go. However, I could not think of any this time.

So there I was, cringing as I wait for my set up date with Alice.

Don't get me wrong Alice was a nice girl and all, pretty as well and very talkative but she just wasn't my type. Far from it actually, you see, I'm gay. But I would never tell Bella that, I could only guess how that conversation would go.

The last thing I needed was for her to go running to Edward and tell him. God only knows how he would take it. Not that Edward was a homophobic at least I don't think he was. It's just that I didn't want Edward to feel he had to treat me any differently.

He's been my best friend since we were kids, the last thing I needed was for our friendship to be ruin over our different sexual preference.

I looked up from the the tv at the sound of the bathroom door creaking open. My jaw was practically on the floor at the sight in front of me. Edward emerged from the bathroom wearing only a towel, hanging low on his hips.

I watched in awe as water droplet slowly rolled down his chest heading to the unknown. I licked my lips feeling my mouth drying up. Edward noticed me, giving me one of his killer smiles. On cue, I felt a jolt down below.

I had a crush on Edward since forever. He has a body like a god, a killer smile that makes me weak in the knees, beautiful green eyes that hypnotize. Not to mention a great personality on top of that, the prefect catch. He of course was oblivious to my infatuation with him.

"Look at you, looking good." He praised as he exited the bathroom.

Look who's talking.

Please promise me you'll never wear a shirt again.

"You ready for your big date tonight?" He asked enthusiastically as he fixed his hold on his towel.

My eyes immediately darted toward his actions in a daze.


I quickly averted my eyes from his body as I answered.

"Yeah, sure."

Edward lightly chuckled at my lack of excitement.

"Don't worry Jazz, I promise it won't be bad."

Although doubtful, I couldn't help but feel somewhat hopeful at Edward's words. I nearly melted as he gave me another smirk before heading to his room to change.

After Edward was dressed he joined me on the couch as we waited for Bella and her friend to arrive.

Bella is Edward's girlfriend they have been together for two years now and still act like they did when they first got together. It's sick actually, unhealthy even. Bella is totally possessive of Edward and he is completely oblivious to it. He follows her around like a lost puppy.

Of course it wasn't always like this. Before Bella, Edward was quite the player, trying to land every girl he could get his hands on, as if trying to make some kind of point. We used to hang out all the time. Now the only time I get to hang out with him was when Bella is feeling nice or gets tired of his company which is rare. But I can't blame her, I know if Edward was mine I would never let him go.

I watched Edward smile brightly at his first glance of Bella. She gave a small smile back blushing, giving me a quick wave before going over to Edward claiming his lips. He happily obliged, deepening the kiss as Bella wrapped her arms around his neck.

I scratched my head feeling awkward noticing Alice across the room. She looked just as uncomfortable seeing Bella and Edward's public displays of affection. I gave a fake cough hoping they would catch on. After a minute later they parted, blushing as they remembered they weren't alone.

They quickly apologized and asked where we should go to eat. I stayed quite glancing back and forth between Edward and Bella, feeling the heat radiate off them.

It was definitely going to be a headphone night. That's what I called the nights when Edward and Bella had sex, because they were always so loud and annoying whenever they got it on, I would have to wear headphones to block their sounds out.

The whole dinner was frustrating. Alice kept trying to talk to me, however I found my attention elsewhere, watching as Edward touched Bella lovingly every once in a while, silently wishing it were me. Soon Bella and Alice heading to the bathroom to fixed their makeup, or whatever girls do together in the bathroom, leaving me and Edward alone.

"Dude, what's up with you?" Edward asked annoyed.

I scrunched my face up in confusion.

"What do you mean?"

Edward sighed, leaning over the table as he began to talk.

"That girl has been flirting with you nonstop and you haven't even given her the time of day."

My eyes widen at Edward's observation. I didn't realize he noticed my dislike of her affection.

The only reason I agreed to go out with this Alice girl was because Bella was making me, in a way. Bella noticed my lack of girlfriends over the course of her and Edward's relationship and questioned him on it; he of course questioned me because of it, wondering why I wouldn't date Alice. So, finally I gave in to save face, not wanting Edward to think I was a loser.

"You like her right?" Edward asked curious.

I had to think really hard about his question. She was a nice girl and I'm sure if I wasn't gay I would have been attracted to her, too bad that's not the case. I sighed before answering seeing Edward's distress as if he was adding things together in his head.

"Yeah, she's really great."

Edward snickered, relaxing a little bit.

"Than what's the problem?"

She's not you.

"Nothing, I just don't see the point in rushing into anything."

Edward looked at me as if I were crazy.

"Sometimes I wonder about you Jazz."

Ah oh!

"Wonder what about me?" I asked nervously.

"Wonder if you're… "

"Okay were back." I heard Bella announced as she interrupted Edward's train of thought.

Damn her!

Once we finished our meals we headed back to the apartment, all four of us. Edward and Bella had their hands wrapped around each other as we all took a seat on the couch.

Edward swiftly excused himself from Bella getting up from his spot.

"We need some music."

Edward eyes fell on me.

"Jazz help me, will you?"

He didn't have to ask me twice. I quickly followed as they girls chatted away.

Edward grinned looking at me.

"Hey, now's the time to make your move, I'll play some slow r/b music, I'm sure that will get her in the mood, huh?"

I shuddered at his words wanting to protest but knowing that was no good. I was going to have to kiss the girl, show Edward how much of a man I was.

We silently headed back to our seats. Edward wasted no time shoving his tongue down Bella's throat making her moan in response. I stiffen as I felt Alice scoot closer towards me.

Fuck it, let's get this over with.

I slowly kissed her lips, wincing slightly on contact. She sighed deeply, wrapping her arms around my neck, clearly liking it. So there we all were in the living room making out. My lips remain tensed as Alice tried to deepen the kiss. I wasn't sure how far I was willing to go just to prove a point.

I turned my eyes to Edward and Bella as my lips remain on Alice. I gasped as the sight before me. Edward and Bella were pretty much having sex right in front of us. Halfway through their kiss Bella must having taken off Edward's shirt.

Thank god for that.

Edward's well-built chest was pushed up against Bella's clothed one. My eyes moved lower to see him rubbing his lower half against Bella. Seeing this caused my breathing to hitch. Edward started to groan in Bella's mouth moving more urgently against her.

This alone caused me to moan in Alice mouth. Alice somehow slipped her tongue in my mouth in response. I was about to push her off when I notice Edward open his eyes to look in my direction. He smirked at this, winking at me, causing my dick to harden.

It wasn't long before Edward and Bella excuse themselves to go to bed. I rolled my eyes annoyed. Alice wanted to continue however, I fake feeling sick to my stomach to get her to leave. It worked like a charm. Too bad I didn't have a trick to get rid of Bella.

I put on my head phones full blast just as I started to hear the bed begin to squeak followed by some muffled moans.

How did my life get so fucked up?

I just lay back on my back and continued to stare at the ceiling before sleep took over.

I slowly opened my eyes to be met with the sun's brightness, shining through my bedroom window. After releasing a tired yawn, I reach my arms up my headboard stretching my tired muscles. Once I was awake I headed out to the living room to greet Edward and Bella who I was sure was still there.

I came out to see Edward in his dark blue boxer, with messy bed hair and a grin plaster to his face. Bella was sitting at the kitchen table wearing one of Edward's oversized shirts, her hair just as messy. Edward hovered over Bella wrapped his arms around her as she tried to eat in peace. Though Edward was making it difficult with his constant touching and small kisses he gave her neck.

I think I'm going to puke.

I rolled my eyes heading to the fridge to get a drink. Bella stiffen in her seat and pushed Edward away from her as she noticed my presence. At least she was trying to be decent.

"Morning Jasper." She said cheerful.

"Morning." I mumble as I poured myself a couple of OJ.

"Stop Edward." Bella said trying to swat Edward's friendly hands away from her.

She tried to act annoyed but I could tell she liked it just as much as he did. However, Edward finally stopped greeting me.

"Morning Jazz." I just nodded putting away the OJ container.

Suddenly Edward's snickers filled the room.

"Yo Jazz, you need a hand with that?"

I scrunched my face up in confusion as he pointed to the noticeable hard on that laid under my sweats. I silently cursed, blushing in embarrassment. Edward's laughter grew louder at my cluelessness.

Bella slapped the back of Edward's head causing him to stop laughing.

"Stop. I'm sorry Jazz, you have to forgive Edward. He's a little immature sometimes." Bella explained while Edward ignored her comment stealing some of her food.

"Hey, I was eating that." Bella expressed somewhat annoyed.

"You snooze you lose." Edward retorted, lightly snickering as he heading to his room to change.

Bella gave me that I told you so look before stating.

"See what I mean?"

Although I knew Bella was sticking up for me, it annoyed me to no end that she thought she knew Edward better than me just because they were going out. They might have been together for two years but I have known Edward my whole life and I don't care how long they are together she will never know him as well as I do. However, to avoid an argument I simply nodded, taking a sip of my drink.

That was one of the things I hated about Bella. She was so damn nice. I wished I could say I hated her, I wanted to hate her, it would make everything so much easier but I couldn't. As much as some of the things she did bugged me, Bella was a genuinely nice girl, and Edward was crazy about her.

How do I compete with that?

Bella left shortly after breakfast, which I was grateful for. That meant I would have the day with Edward.

Edward came back inside once he escorted Bella to her car, giving her a proper goodbye. I swear the way those two acted when one of them left, you would think they weren't going to see each other for a year.

Edward came over to the living room where I was. He sighed contently as he took a seat next to me.

"So what do you want to do today?" Edward asked slumping in his seat.

I shrugged, not having an idea.

"I don't care; whatever you want to do is fine."

Edward turned towards me eying me suspiciously.

"So what happen last night between you and Alice? Must not have been much fun considering you had wood this morning." He snickered, waiting for an explanation.

I shrugged taking another sip of my juice as I spoke.

"I just wasn't feeling it."

Edward chuckled lightly patting my knee causing me to jump slightly, making him laugh even harder in response.

"I beg to differ." He said pointing to my little problem.

I blushed grabbing a pillow to hide my ever growing problem.

"Dude, leave me alone, don't you have someone else you could bug." I snapped turning the TV on trying to ignore Edward.

He lightly snickered.

"Jazz calm down, I was just messing with you."

"Whatever." I spat getting annoyed fast.

"Okay, I was just going to ask if you needed help but whatever." He trailed off.

I froze in my spot as he swiftly took the remote for me change the channel.

Did he just say what I think he did?

Is he serious?

I turned to face him as his attention went to the TV in front of us.

"Take a picture it lasts longer." Edward snapped back turning towards me to give me a wink before going back to his program. I was so confused. I couldn't just upright ask him so I decided to wait till he offered again and accept hundred percent. Whatever he was willing to give I would take.

"Okay, Jazz you been staring at me for a good 10 minutes and you're really starting to freak me out now." He stated keeping his eyes to the TV, causing me to snap out of my daze.

I quickly shook the thoughts from my head, getting off the couch.

"I'm going to take a shower."

Edward slowly nodded as I passed him.

"Jasper don't forget to clean up after yourself."

I quickly flipped him off slamming the door after me only to hear laughing on the other end.

I slowly stripped down, turning the hot water on. I stepped in letting the water fall down my back. I sighed heavily as the water touch my skin, relaxing my tense muscles. After my body got acquainted to the water I felt my hand drift downward as if having a mind of its own.

A gasp escaped my lips as I felt another hand beat my own to the punch.

"Need a hand?" I heard someone whisper against my ear.

I groaned in response recognizing Edward's voice. My hips immediately thrust forward towards his touch, wanting relief.

I felt a snicker against my neck.

"Someone's impatience."

I bit my lip as he gripped my hard on.

"Is this what you want?"

I shivered at his husky voice as he lightly rubbed the tip of manhood causing pre cum to cover the top. I moaned leaning against his back, feeling his own excitement.


My breath hitched as I felt Edward began a slow, torturous pace. I thrust up into his hand, desperate for relief. After a couple of minutes Edward increased the speed of his movements causing my hips to buckle towards his skilled hand, panting heavily.

"Oh, oh, oh god."

Without warning I came in my hand.

I rested my forehead against the cold shower wall as I waited for my breathing to slow down as well as my heart rate.

Once I finished I headed out to my room to change. I looked around to see Edward nowhere around. I figured he probably went to his room.

I went to my drawers with my towel tightly wrapped around me, as I searched for something to wear. Suddenly someone grabbed me around the waist shouting

"Got ya!"

I jumped not expecting this. I freaked out trying to free myself when I felt my intruder chuckle against my neck.

"Relax Jazz, it's just me." Edward whispered against my neck.

I couldn't help but think how close to my daydream the moment felt. My dick couldn't help but realize it too. Against my will I got hard again. I was just glad I was facing the dresser so Edward didn't notice.

"Ha-ha, very funny." I replied sarcastically.

I felt Edward snicker again but to my shock he didn't release me. I gulped feeling uncomfortable.

"Ah, Edward?"

He sighed.

"I couldn't sleep, you mind if I join you?"

You're kidding right?

I swallowed hard before answering.

"No, that's fine."

Before I knew what was happening Edward spun me around hugging me.

"Thanks, jazz."

Suddenly he gasped feeling my excitement pressed against him. I silently cursed as he broke from the embrace.

He looked down at it making me feel so exposed. I tried to hide it with my hands but Edward just moved my hands out of the way, gawking at it. I swallowed hard when his eyes met mine again. I was sure to see disgust instead I was shock to see pure lust.


His eyes stayed on mine as I felt him pressed his hand into my hard on causing my breathing to quicken. My eyes returned to his to see him lean forward capturing my lips in a heat kiss. I immediately wrapped arms around his neck as he moved his hand up to my stomach causing me to shiver before slipping it pass my towel taking a hold of my rock hard dick.

I groaned as he began to move his hand, I tried to meet his pace desperate for relief. I arched my back gripping the back on the drawer as Edward continued his actions. After a couple more kisses and thrusts I came in his hand.

I lean against the dresser for support watching in awe as Edward wiped his hand clean.

"Why, why did you do that?" I asked totally confused and turned on by his actions.

He just shrugged as if it were nothing.

"Just helping a friend out." He said before getting in my bed.

I watched in a daze as Edward got under the covers taking something off and throwing it on the floor. I looked over groaning as I saw it was his boxers.

"You coming to bed or what?" he question in a smirk.

I jump in speedily removing my towel afraid he would change his mind.

Once the lights went off I was afraid my luck ran out, however, Edward quickly restored my faith as he rolled over getting on top of me. A gasp escape both our lips as our dicks came into contact. Although it was hard to see in the dark, I could still see Edward's intense stares.

He started to move against me. My head fell back against the pillows at the blissful feeling.

"Fuck that feels good." I moaned.

Our breathing became haggard as Edward rubbed frantically against me needing relief. Scream and grunts filled the air on both ends as the bed shook from our actions.

"Oh god!"

Before I knew it we were both Cumming buckling our hips against each other.

Once we calmed our breathing I smiled feeling good about our moment. Edward however moved off me as soon as he got his breathing back putting his boxers back on.

"This never happen, Bella can't know." He declared before closing the door without as much as a goodnight.

I gasped at my realization.

He was just using me to get off.

He doesn't want me.

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