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Nickhun is god on earth. Minho can't help but feel that way, and honestly who could blame him. From his own perfect choreographed dances, to learning other artists' choreography absolutely perfectly, to that wink that people would die for… Minho just can't help it one bit.

He's in love with this man. This man, like oxygen.

He still has the little flower ring that Khunnie gave him on his show. He took that pretty little rose, and he made it into a cute little ring, and he looked god damned amazing the whole freaking time.

Nickhun had a charm to him, something that made him sweet and sexy and cute all at the same time.

And Minho recognized it when he saw it. And he wanted it. He wanted Nickhun. It was interesting, and exciting, and extremely confusing…feeling like this. Minho, with all of his seventeen years of experience had never really fallen in love before.

Let alone, fall in love with a guy.

Even if it a Thai prince that makes everyone fall in love with him. Minho was still completely clueless about what he should do. And his equally clueless teammates weren't helping either. Key was being the Key that made women fall in love with him twenty four seven. But Khunnie wasn't a girl and Minho wasn't Key…

Jonghyun hit Minho on the head with a rather heavy book. "Oi, kiddo! Pay attention. Or at the least…don't fall asleep while we're trying to learn the dance routine! We can't dance like SHINee on stage if only four of us know the choreography."

Taemin giggled like a member of SNSD. "But won't Minnie-chan just call up his boyfriend and ask him to teach him the moves? Nickhun seems capable of learning any dance routine he needs to." Onew and Key shared "I'm thinking what you're thinking" glances before simultaneously reaching for the phone.

"Lets call him now!" They shared a giggle fit while failing miserably at trying to punch in Nickhun's number. Jonghyun had bravely and nobly taken on the role of keeping Minho away from the mischievous matchmakers.

"You guys have got to be kidding me!" The 2PM members happily laughed and teased at the Thai prince's expense. "How can we possibly be doing a joint show with SHINee the one week that I'm gone?" The master of choreographed dance pouted and sulked before throwing a stuffed animal Taemin had given their group as a "memory."

Of course, resident slow had to question just why Nickhun was so depressed about the show scheduling. So as Nickhun simply sighed, everyone stared Jaebeom down for asking stupid questions. Eventually, someone was kind enough to smack some sense into the poor kid and throw him the tape of the last show they did with SHINee.

And then the phone rang, and everything went downhill.

As Nickhun falls backwards from the surprise of his phone ringing at that exact moment, somehow managing to drop his phone in the process, Changsung catches the phone and calls out over the commotion… "Hey, it's Minho!"

The members of 2PM scramble to the phone and battle over who gets to pick up. Nickhun reminds his foolish teammates that it is his phone, but no one can hear him over the silly growling noises Jaebeom is currently making.

Finally, Taecyeon of all people manages to grab the phone and actually flip it open. "Yoboseyo?" His voice comes out cool and collected, completely the opposite of his inner self…who is currently putting even the best cheerleaders to shame with his screams. He stands up, oblivious to the utter silence in the atmosphere and tosses the phone to Nickhun. "It's for you."

Nickhun spares a breath to sigh. "Of course it is. Otherwise they wouldn't have called my cell phone, would they?" Taecyeon shrugs, as though to say "tell that to the other idiots," before sitting down as a human barrier between Nickhun and other now crazy boys who were jumping and yelling without concern.

"Oi! Nickhun!" Hyper voices call out from the other end of the phone. The rapping voice of Minho is missing and Nickhun can't help but feel disappointed. "This is Onew and Key! How are you doing?"

Nickhun sighs for what must be the hundredth time that day. "You know how 2PM recently got super popular in the states because of Jaebeom right?" A series of a blur of mhhmm greets him and he continues. "Well they want to bring Jaebeom, Changsung, and me to the states for a month to do promotions."

The phone hits the ground with a clang as the boys of SHINee nearly faint from the shock. Someone has the courtesy to explain to Minho what just happened to his perfect prince. Apparently, perfect generally means you end up going to the states for a month.

Minho picks up the phone and swallowing all of his feelings fakes a happy voice. "Congratulations then! Going to America must be an amazing opportunity!" The two talk as though the sudden decision doesn't affect them at all for about three more hours before Minho cracks and says he'll call him later.

The rest of the day passes slowly, with band members constantly telling him to pay attention or telling him that everything would be okay. He wasn't sure which he preferred.

Finally Key plays the big brother role properly, slapping Minho on the back hard enough to snap him out of his trance. "Hey, he's only going for a month. He'll be back, and then you can ask him out. Okay?" Key sits back up, motioning to the choreography teacher to continue with the routine, now that the poor kid was finally somewhat out of his slump.

When SHINee danced the routine two weeks later, Minho was officially missing Nickhun. And the fact that he recently found out the show they were supposed to be taping with 2PM had to happen while Nickhun was in the states.

His dance wasn't quite what it used to be, and everyone noticed. Some like Taemin, cutely worried about Minho while trying to cheer him up with random gags obviously stolen from the office of Jaebeom. Others worked so hard on their dance that it wouldn't matter that Minho was off every once in a while.

The routine was deemed amazing, although lacking something. Fortunately, the media seemed unable to place Minho's lack of energy that night, due to the bouncy Taemin who jumped in every time someone asked Minho a question. Well, at least until Onew and Jonghyun had enough of it and decided to charm the media their way so as create an escape route for the others.

Finally, after SHINee had regrouped at their apartment purposely purchased as close to 2PM's as possible, they received the phone call that would change lives. "Yoboseyo?"

"Ano…It's Junho." The voice stuttered a bit as though under pressure from the people around him. "What I'm about to tell you can not be revealed to any 2PM in America, or the press." The SHINee boys looked around with a "what's going on look" that still looked great on them. "The date of our show was never released to the public…so they're pushing it a week back."

It took a few seconds for this to sink into their brains, and then a few more for them to realize the consequences of this one-week postponement. "Then…Nickhun will be back in Korea!" The five boys yelled out with the harmony due any popular Korean boy band, before breaking loose in a general mush of shouts and yelling and pushing.

Minho sat on the ground, somewhat shocked and extremely excited while Key and Jonghyun shook him in an attempt to get some kind of a reaction. Finally Minho jumped up and yelled random bursts of happiness while running around in circles that would make G-Dragon's Breathe shameful.

As the commotion level finally decreased, Taecyeon's voice came over the phone in unison with Junsu's, who obviously couldn't wait for someone to ask the freaking question already. "So how are we going to surprise him?"

Nickhun sat in the plane, depressed, missing Minho and his own bandmates, and ignoring Jaebeom's childish antics. He had slept for a total of ten hours last night despite Jaebeom's random poking that actually managed to wake him up. Thank god for tickle master Changsung who stole Jaebeom's attention so the gorgeous Thai idol could get some sleep.

And ten hours was definitely a lot more sleep than he usually got due to shows, practice, and recordings.

But this time, the show had been something he had actually wanted to be at. After all, the media was so harsh about male-male relationships that the idols generally had to hide their relationships by using collaboration works as an excuse for all the time they were spending together.

And Nickhun had already used that excuse twice. The Internet was flooded with duo performances of the Min-Khun group, often borrowing Jonghyun, Junsu, and Jaebeom to make a more fluid group of five for dancing. They had their own giant fanclub that could rival even the most famous boy-girl pairings. And Nickhun desperately wanted to make this pairing come true.

Nickhun stared out of the window, into an overly cheery atmosphere of fluffy white clouds and a bright blue background. They wouldn't land for at least two more hours. He wouldn't even be able to call Minho until they landed. Two more hours before he could hear his voice.

Two more hours of hell.

Unbeknownst to Nickhun, there was a flurry at the airport gate already. Cameramen were scurrying up and down the closed off area, idols were trying to get hair and make-up fixed before they needed to start filming, and SHINee and 2PM were busy plotting their matchmaking scheme.

Minho spent most of his time rubbing the couple ring, turning various shades of red, and exclaiming that these actions were too bold and embarrassing. But he made sure to spend plenty of time thinking of Nickhun regardless of the above situations.

And of course, because time always flies when you're in a hurry, two hours were up and the god-dammed plane was supposed to land.

Junho, being responsible for once, grabbed the microphone and started reading the card the others had so conveniently forgotten due to the excitement of the landing. " Welcome to a special edition of Idol Army! Today we are welcoming Jaebeom, Changsung, and Nickhun's return from their activities overseas!"

Key, being the charismatic idiot he is, chimed in happily, "And therefore SHINee has arrived with the remainder of the 2PM band members to welcome them back with this special show! Originally planned as a joint interview, we have decided to make this an extravagant Idol Army game bonanza!"

As the 2PM members happily, or not so happily, recalled the silly games they had played on the show, and explained what some of the more questionable ones were to SHINee, Minho listened half-heartedly with one eye on the group and the other on the gate.

Finally, footsteps were heard as Junsu, who had been chosen as watchman, ran back to the group. "He's coming! Close the lights and hide!" A clamor equal to the noise Jaebeom generally makes sounded throughout the closed off gate as SHINee members and 2PM members alike hid in whatever places they could find in such short notice.

And then people walked through. First, Changsung sauntered off, curious as to why only the three 2PM members were leaving through this gate. Jaebeom followed close behind, poking his band mate until Changsung simply decided to trip Jaebeom. Fortunately, for Jaebeom, he missed.

Finally Nickhun, in all his sleepy glory walked out, still yawning. He smiled, despite the lack of light in the area and said, "It's nice being back in Korea. It even feels different. It feels like everyone's here."

The lights came on and a loud unison of "Welcome Back!" chimed through the now lit gate. Jaebeom fell backwards from shock, bringing Changsung down with him and causing a loud battle of "You did to, I did not." And Nickhun merely smiled at the childish antics of 2PM and SHINee… until he realized SHINee was here.

With a speedy, childish run all the way down to the giant crowd waiting for the three of them that could have put Jaebeom to shame, Nickhun found himself in the arms of his closest friends, and a friend who he hoped was even closer than that.

Some days, Nickhun couldn't stand Jaebeom. Other days, absolutely loved him. As Jaebeom ran down the ramp and accidentally pushed Minho directly onto Nickhun, he realized today was going to be one of the latter.

Minho gets up quickly, blushing like crazy. But Jonghyun isn't the only one who notices that Minho takes a little longer than necessary, stares a little longer than necessary, blushes a little longer than necessary. Taemin giggles, quickly running over to his "uncle" Taecyeon to whisper into his ear.

The room is silent. Or at least to Minho. The other boys are as rowdy as ever but he can't hear a drop of it. He sees Nickhun, and nothing else really. Jaebeom finds it necessary to bump chests with Jonghyun who immediately collapses into a fit of laughter afterwards, leaving the boys with the puzzling question of which boy group was more mature. But Minho doesn't notice that either, he's too busy staring into the honey that is Nickhun's eyes.

The show starts filming and the relationship between Minho and Nickhun is once again the spotlight of the night. The directors continuously repeat suggestions that make even Changsung blush, an obvious measurement of just how bad the suggestions were.

The boys are reduced to laughter as Minho and Nickhun are put through a series of embarrassing winks, love exchanges, and even the very-loved mouth-to-mouth game. Unfortunately for the screaming fans outside of the studio, they used a tissue. This time around…

Just as the show is about to end, and the directors have run out of ideas to torture Nickhun and Minho with (some so terrible, 2PM felt the need to veto it,) and the ladies behind the camera were done trying to pair Taemin with Jaebeom or Key and Changsung…the final game is given.

The scroll is really pretty, the ribbon too fancy to be prepared impromptu. The chortles of laughter coming from the SHINee and 2PM boys give away the devilish deed they have done, as the pretty ribbon falls gracefully to reveal the words "Love Rolling." Minho and Nickhun exchange blushes, glances, and finally smirks, as they decide they shouldn't be the only one to perform the game.

Instantly, the 2PM boys begin fighting over couple pairings, and Nickhun can't help but laugh. Minho just smiles cutely, wondering all the while how he was going to get through this.

The first couple up is Onew and Jonghyun, who couldn't quite solve their love triangles. But besides Onew's first stumbles straight into Jonghyun's chest, they did perfectly fine. They stand up, cursing themselves for having made the course far longer than usual with the hopes of something happening to Minho and Nickhun.

Taemin somehow stumbles into Jaebeom's arms, and with a menacing glare from "uncle" Taecyeon to Jaebeom the two prepare for their rolling. Taemin gets stuck a couple times and Jaebeom end up rolling himself over…but the old grandpa doesn't have too much energy and lands in a compromising position…twice.

When Taemin comes back blushing and Jaebeom is running away from Taecyeon who swears that no one should touch his nephew in a way like that, Changsung quickly steals Key and rolls through the course rather quickly with absolutely no accidental slips. That isn't to say he didn't crash into Key a few times, that just simply means it wasn't on accident.

The other members fight over who should be stuck with who and eventually, but reluctantly, end up completing the game. As the second to last couple pops up from the mat Taemin cutely announces, "That means it Minho and Nickhun's turn now…right?"

2PM and SHINee become a buzz of energy as they realize this is true and push Minho to the mat…dragging Nickhun behind them. The two eventually sigh and give up, simply wanting to get this show over with. Honestly, spending time together is nice…being tortured by directors isn't so nice.

Minho allows himself to be dropped onto the floor, not moving fro the awkward position he was placed in. Nickhun towers above him, unsure of what to do. Finally the director yells for a tape change and in the midst of a crowd of boys celebrating a few minutes of freedom, Minho manages to pull Nickhun into the nearest changing room.

The area is small, and Minho breath tickles Nickhun's cheeks as he breathes out in a low voice, "I missed you." Nickhun smiles, feeling a lot more confident after that remark. He leans in and decides to find out if Minho's tongue is as warm as his breath. After a few minutes of tug of war, he decides Minho's tongue is as talented as his voice, and even warmer than his breath.

They stay in that position for five minutes, partially wondering how this happened so quickly, although they both partially blamed the directors for putting them in such compromising situations, and partially not paying attention to anything but the other person.

Noises could be heard coming from the other side as the boys scrambled to get ready to shoot again. As someone finally realized the disappearance of the favorite twosome, more chaos broke loose and people banged through the hallways and many different levels of the studio searching for the troublemakers.

Minho opened the door silently, just moments after the barrage of SHINee and 2PM boys charged right past the door. He crept out to the rooftop, happily dragging a confused Nickhun behind him.

The air outside was much cooler than the overheated studio air. Minho sighs as Nickhun wraps his arms around him, pulling him into a tight hug from behind. "You know," Nickhun smirks, and uses his best teasing voice, "I almost wish we stayed long enough to play Love Rolling."

Minho shoots back a sexy smirk and a low, husky voice that says, "We still can."

Hope you enjoyed! My first time writing a crossover between bands and wow was it long xD

Hugs, Kisses, and 2PM/SHINee Love,