Beep beep beep beep CLANK!

…Perry didn't like his alarm, not at all.

He managed to crawl out of bed tip toeing past the door of his tenant's bedroom, squeaking a few floorboards along the way. Perry the Platypus put on his fedora as the sun slowly began to rise over Danville. It was the last few weeks of summer and Agent P was sneaking out the window as usual. He took a left, a right, then another right then left again, and finally a right towards the purple DEI building. A normal morning routine for this super secret agent platypus. Not even time to have breakfast.

Doofenshmirtz was getting ready too; even though he was still in his pyjamas he was putting the finishing touches on his evil inator for the day

"Just humming an evil tune whilst doing evil things! Lalala! Hey where's Peeeeerry…!" the doctor sung (badly) whilst tightening a loose bolt. Perry suddenly appeared at the window

"uh…i-i-I mean AH Perry the Platypus! What a completely unexpected surprise! And by unexpected I mean COMPLETELY EXPECTED!"

Perry rolled his eyes as he was suddenly trapped by 4 rings which sent him towards the wall.

"So Perry the Platypus as you can see I am still in my 'jammies' due to your earliness this morning…thanks a lot. BUT! I AM finished with today's project!"

Perry blinked at the large gun in front of him

"Behold! The DNA rotator inator!" Doofenshmirtz paused laughing nervously "Hehe…I'm not actually sure how it's EVIL exactly but…but I'm sure it'll cause massive chaos and mayhem! HAHAHA!"

Perry looked away trying to figure out how to get out of the trap.

Doofenshmirtz carried on with his ramblings turning away from Perry "I dunno maybe I can turn humans into animals with this thing…that'd be fun! I could turn my hairdresser into a hedgehog! Now that'd be hila-OOF!" he suddenly got hit by a platypus tail from behind "Perry the Platypus?! But…" he suddenly noticed that he had forgotten to trap Perry's 5th limb (his tail) and that the release lever was right next to the rings "Oh…note to self move lever over to the other side of the room…"

Perry just stood there listening to Doofenshmirtz talk.

He blinked "well don't just stand there you're supposed to stop me!"

Perry shook his head free of his other thoughts and leapt towards Doofenshmirtz.

He fell backwards bashing his arm against the DNA rotator inator "ow ow OW!" he gritted his teeth sucking in some air and Perry checked his arm.

Doofenshmirtz pushed him away "No no keep going Perry the Platypus…!"

Perry winced and turned his arm around causing him onto his front.

He stood on top of him and Doofenshmirtz started to feel a tear slide down his cheek "Ouch…" he managed to squeak out.

Perry jumped off him and ran out the door leaving Doofenshmirtz to cry out "CURSE YOU PERRY THE PLATYPUS!!"

Doofenshmirtz steadily lifted himself up and rubbed his arm. He leant on the inator and let out an annoyed sigh "ugh…this isn't working Perry the platypus!"

Perry poked his head inside from the door

"Perry you cant just come straight back here it doesn't work like that! Even if you do live here now…!"

Perry tilted his head and lead Doofenshmirtz over to the sofa. Perry laid him down placing a pillow on his head, caring for him.

Doofenshmirtz squirmed blushing "O-ok now you're REALLY breaking the rules that we discussed!" Perry pushed his head down with a stern but gentle hand and made his way to get Doofenshmirtz's rub in alcohol from the bathroom cupboard.

Doofenshmirtz crossed his arms "L-look Perry the platypus we discussed that you would wake up half hour before me thanks to my spare alarm clock, rotate around the building until I'm up and ready, I trap you, you come in and foil my scheme as usual and then you go and don't back until 5pm."

Perry returned with the rub in alcohol and started to unbutton Doofenshmirtz's PJ shirt. Both of them started to blush uncontrollably

"A-and y-y-you've already broke th-three of those rules this morning!"

Perry continued to unbutton his shirt ignoring his disobedience to Doofenshmirtz's so called rules.

He was trembling feeling Perry's fur brushing against his skin "y-y-you were too early th-this morning…y-you refused to fight me (s-sort of)…" Perry lifted shirt off careful not to bend his hurt arm backwards. He leapt down to Doofenshmirtz's bashed arm and began applying the alcohol to the wound.

Doofenshmirtz blushed hard trembling "a-and now y-your actually helping m-me! Th-this is just wr-rong!"

Perry didn't really care. All he cared about was his nemesis health. After all that had happened, he had a right too.