"Happy new year!" they shouted and fireworks filled the air and glistened in the midnight sky

"its beautiful" Isabella said dreamingly

"sure is" Doofenshmirtz agreed holding onto Perry's hand

the crisp winter air made Phineas and Ferb shiver but they had warmth in their hearts "this year's gonna be even better I just know it!" Phineas said optimistically

Ferb nodded in agreement.

Linda called from the door "kids! Come in! you'll catch your death of cold!"

Doofenshmirtz led the children in shutting the door behind him "I must say the new years turned out freezing" he smiled at Linda

"It'll get warmer Heinz, for now we'll just have to wait for the summer" she replied taking off his coat for him

"Thanks Linda, happy new year"

Perry and him walked into the living room and snuggled onto the sofa together "so…what do you wanna do now?" Perry shrugged smiling into his lab coat.

"Hmm maybe you could get us some drinks? It is new year after all"

Perry kissed him on the cheek and got up for the drinks. He turned as he saw Doofenshmirtz pull out a small notebook and began writing in it 'whatcha doin?'

Doofenshmirtz blushed "o-oh this? T-this I just my journal for the year, I want to write the final page tonight when we get home"

Perry remembered seeing him write up his journal on the computer many times while they were together and rolled his eyes jokingly 'can't you leave that thing alone?'

"It's the last page Perry the Platyperson; I want to make it special"

Perry held his chin and placed a kiss on his lips before making his way back to the kitchen 'sure thing my little nemesis'

Doofenshmirtz glanced occasionally up to see Perry walking around in the kitchen and laughing with his owners as he continued to write.

New Year so this will be my last entry for this book, being married to Perry is so much better than I could ever imagine. It's amazing.

He paused blushing and putting the pen to his mouth.

I've always thought that my life was leading up to a point. Even though I hoped when I was younger that this torture wouldn't last forever but now I understand that if that hadn't happened then I couldn't have become evil, I wouldn't have met Perry the Platypus…and I wouldn't have fallen in love.

Perry sat next to him on the sofa and rubbed his head against his lab coat. Doofenshmirtz held him close and pulled his husband into another kiss dropping the note book, revealing the last written words on the last page.

This year's been so great but next year's going to something else…