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"A Chance To Be With You" is about a girl named Amu who has lost everything her parents, her friends, her home all she has left is her little sister named Ami. She and her sister are then sent to an orphanage where they live there for a year. Her little sister gets adopted and then she truly has nothing. A year later she gets adopted but to a horrible family. She thinks this is her punishment for her little sister to be happy with her life so she endures it. She just wants her sister to be happy so she'll accept anything that happens to her. Will she ever have the chance to see her sister again?

Sorry I kinda suck at writing summaries but I hope you like it. At the end I'll explain a lot of things and if you have questions ask me. I do not own Shugo Chara please enjoy.

Chapter 1 Not So Perfect Life

Hello I'm Amu Hinamori. I'm 16 years old and my birthday is September 24. I have strawberry pink hair that reaches my shoulders and honey like color eyes. I always thought my life was a fairytale. I had a perfect family, perfect friends, a real prefect life but boy was I wrong. I was 14 when I realized life wasn't so perfect.

One snowy night my mother and father got into a car accident leaving me and my 12 year old sister Ami orphans. Ami was my only sister and her birthday was March 21. She had short brown hair and honey like color eyes. Since we had no relatives we were sent to live at an orphanage. A year had past and things were pretty good at the orphanage. I was with Ami and we were going to the local school till Ami got adopted leaving me alone. God I hope you give Ami a good family where she'll be happy.

A week after Ami left I found four eggs in my bed. Is this a sign from god I thought to myself and then they hatched. Four little people popped out from the eggs and they said there were Shugo Charas my would be self. Their names were Ran, Miki, Suu, and Dia. They became my best friends and suddenly I wasn't so lonely anymore.

Ran was the energetic type. Ran wore a pink cheerleading outfit with a red scarf around her neck and some pink shoes. She had pink eyes and pink hair. She always wore her hair in a ponytail with a heart shaped clip and a cap. Ran was so active and loud and hated being quiet. She would usually cheer all day with her pink pompoms.

Miki was the artistic type. Miki wore a blue shirt with a vest, some blue pants and brown shoes. She had blue eyes and blue hair. She always wore her hair in a blue hat with a blue spade on it. She always carried a blue bag with her filled with a notebook and pencil. Miki loved to draw in her notebook and hated being controlled.

Suu was the cheerful type. Suu wore a green dress with a white apron and some black shoes. She had green eyes and blond hair. Suu wore a hat with a green spade on it. Suu loved to cook but wasn't so fond of caterpillars. She usually talked with some birds outside and chases butterflies.

Dia was the calm type. Dia wore a yellow tank top and skirt with white boots. She had yellow eyes and long orange hair. She wore them in two ponytails with a yellow headband that had a diamond on it. Dia would always sleep a lot. She said she was dreaming about the future. When I asked her about it she said it was a secret and that she would tell me one day.

A year had past and I was 15 when I got adopted. They looked like a nice couple and Ran was cheering saying I finally had a family. Miki was dancing and Suu was singing but Dia looked sad. I decided not to ask her she would tell me when she was ready then I realized something about my new family.

It turned out they weren't so nice they were horrible. It turned out they only adopted me for the money and for a slave. They treated me badly making me cook and clean then they started beating me. One day I dropped a dish and my so called auntie (step-mom) slapped me. It got worse every time I did something bad or incorrectly or when they got drunk. God is this my punishment for asking Ami to have a nice family? If this is the price I have to pay I'll surly accept it. My charas were with me and they cleaned my injuries and cover some of my scars.

My high school life was sad. I had absolutely no friends because everyone thought I was cool and spicy. No one would even talk to me saying I was to cool, spreading rumors about me. God if this is my punishment so Ami can have a good school life? If it is I'll endure it as long as I have my charas with me.

A few days later I learned that I could character change with my charas. It helped me a lot with Ran I could finish my chores faster and with Suu I could cook better food. Miki helped me the most because with her I could draw pictures of my family. The only thing I had to remember my parents was a lock.

Before my parents died they gave me a lock. It was pink with four clovers. Dia said it was called the Humpty Lock and that it would help me in the future. I didn't understand could Dia see my future is that why she looked so sad when I got adopted? I don't know understand what my character is with Dia. I tried to ask her but she said I had to figure it out myself. I wonder why she said that but I trust her.

With my character change I got beaten less unless they were drunk. There perfect for each other there both horrible people god when will I be saved? I thought I was a princess like in the story books waiting for my prince to save me but as the days passed I stopped believing little by little.

It was on my 16th birthday when a letter changed my life. I went outside to get the mail and saw it. It said "To Amu Hinamori" in big bright colors could it be…. My thoughts were interrupted when my uncle (step-father) came out. I hid the letter behind my back and asked my charas to bring it to my room. My uncle slapped me then took the mail and left. I ran up to my room and locked it. I picked up the letter off of my bed and looked at the return address. It was from Ami…..

To Be Continued

BlackLynx17: Hey so first this story is in past tense. Amu is talking about her past and it will get to the present in a few chapters.

Yes Ami was adopted and I'll tell you who adopted her in the next chapter

I changed the ages of all the characters because I will expain in the later chapter

Amu was 14 and Ami was 12 when parents died

Ami was 13 when she got adopted

Amu was 15 when she was adopted

Amu is now 16 and Ami is now 14

You do not need to know the names of Amu's foster parents because I never made any and it wasn't important

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