Chapter One:

Ever watch the movies where the teenage girl has the perfect life? She has the small convertible, the small dog, a huge mansion, loving parents, unnatural blond hair, and enough money to buy out the entire world?

Well, that life is completely fairytale. Right up there with princes and princesses and happily ever after. I live in the real world and nothing is like that, not even relatively close, actually the very opposite of happily ever after.

I do have blond hair, though it's the dirty blond hair, natural, wavy, the exact kind of blond Directors overlook. My name is Ace, at least that's what I call myself. Around the lab I'm known as Experiment 13, but Ace has a better ring to it, don't you think?

I was born in the lab, not entirely sure if it was from a tube or a woman. I'm genetically enhanced, kind of like a super human. Except I'm basically the opposite of Super Girl or Batman, I was made to destroy.

When I was five I started combat training, taking it on like a pure natural. When I was six I was smarter than Di Vinci and Einstein. By the age of ten I was a killing machine. They – the scientists, trainers, the government – gave me small things to begin with, like rabbits, squirrels, sometimes wild dogs.

I was 13 when I killed my first human. He was a middle aged man, a ruined experiment who had only been kept alive for training others, like me. To all of us – the strong experiments – the man and the kind like him, ruined experiments, he was known as a Dreg.

Sometimes scientists create Dregs, sometimes they make experiments gone wrong into Dregs and sometimes they even capture dangerous criminals from the cities. Basically, being a Dreg means your life is done, you're only purpose is to die.

Killing that certain Dreg hadn't been hard, just like killing rabbits and wild dogs. Only a moment of combat was used and I walked away, the Dreg drowning in his own pool of blood behind me.

Honestly, it didn't bother me one but that I killed Dreg after Dreg, it shouldn't have. I'm now 15 and have killed over hundred of Dregs, have mastered in Physics, Algebra, Chemistry, Literature, Calculus, and at least fifteen languages – I like speaking Latin the best. I'm now fully trained in combat and can bench press 700 pounds. My bones are almost cement sold, so my punches and kicks will 'bout kill a normal human or at least break a bone.

There are hundreds of other experiments, but only five other experiments like me, genetically enhanced. We don't usually talk; I don't like most of them, a few of them are ok, mainly because we grew up together, but other than that we have nothing in common besides being mutants. There's experiment 16, Rosa, who has telekinesis and mind reading, she's a complete snot and struts around like she's Queen of the World.

Rosa has long, curly red hair, with the same crimson red eyes. Her skin is tan with freckles and she's short and curvy. She's at least a foot shorter than me. Rosa has a brother, Experiment 15, he's older, and known as Slick. He earned his name.

Slick looks kind of like Rosa, the same red hair and the same eyes, his specialty is mind control and speed – he can run up to… well that's the thing. Every time they try and time his running whatever their using breaks, timer after timer, stopwatch even some things only the government knows about. He's really fast He's tall, taller than me by a good three inches.

Rosa and Slick are known as the Crimson Siblings, mostly because of their hair and eyes.

Experiment 14 – the second oldest, after me – is known as Silver. Silver is interesting, he's the most interesting of us the six of us anyways. Silver never had a special talent, not like I had combat; Slick had speed and Rosa with her mind. That's what everyone thought up until his 13th birthday. I don't know if it was the threat of being set has a Dreg, or just that it had been delayed for some reason, but whatever the case, Silver could make himself invisible.

He didn't need combat training, though he took it, he could just pull a Houdini and kill the enemy. Silver was tall, strong and looked about 19, though he was only a month younger than me. He got his name from his eyes; they are like translucent silver. Like Rosa and Slick, his hair matched his eyes; Silver's hair was the same translucent silver as his eyes, with fair, pale skin.

Rosa, Slick, Silver and I are all fifteen, the two others, are younger by two years. Experiment 24, Jericho is 13. All of us are extremely smart, out of this world smart, but Jericho is evil scientist smart times ten. Jericho is blond, short, with brown eyes. He looks utterly normal, compared to the rest of us.

Experiment 25, Branter is the same age as Jericho, only younger by a few minutes. Branter is somewhat normal looking too; the only thing that stood out was his purple eyes. Branter's specialty is combat, like me.

You'd never know Branter was 13, he's 6'1 and mature looking, he and silver look the oldest out of all of us.

So there you have it, the six generically enhanced humans the government created, the only ones to survive anyways. Oh yea, there were others, but none were strong enough to stay alive long enough.

I remember the others, Jared, Chastity, Liberty, Rocco, Dine, Dawn, Ever, Eve, Starlight, Freedom, and then my own brother, Caleb.

I loved Caleb and still I think about him often. Caleb was my older brother by a year. He should have never died; he was 14 when it happened. He was tall, looked a lot like me and was very strong. Caleb's talent was illusion, mind work. He could make people see what he wanted them to see. Caleb was the very best the government had ever created, but for a single second he was so stupid. He had tried to escape.

I remember the night. I had just finished an extra session of combat with Silver. We were walking back to our rooms when I saw it, the dark figure looming near the hundred foot tall electric fence. I saw the figure jump and I heard the sirens, the bright light catch a lock of blond hair, the exact same as mine. A gunshot rang near Silver and me. I could see the goofish grin on his face as the bullet hit him.

"No!" I screamed, running, trying to catch the body as if fell back towards the ground.

"Back up 13," I heard the blood churning voice of Ari Ling, the creator and owner of Diotex. I lingered for a moment and I heard him cock his gun. "Now," he hissed. I backed up and watched Caleb hit the ground, his neck and back snapping. His eyes were closed, that goofy grin still plastered on his face.

A tear slid down my cheek and I wiped it away quickly. Ari kicked Caleb's limp body and I cringed, bumping into Silver. He looked down at me and then solemnly to Caleb. We were only thirteen but he was already 5'11.

"He knew better." Silver said, still looking disapprovingly at Caleb.

"Yea, he was the best we had." Silver nodded, agreeing. I watched Caleb's goofy grin as Ari kicked him again.

"He's dead, throw him out." Ari said, walking away, his hands behind his back.

I sit in my room, looking out the window. I see mountains framing the horizon. I imagine myself running through the fields of wild flowers, breathing in the fresh mountain air. My day dream was cut off by a knock on my door.

"Yea?"I asked coldly. I didn't like the people here, any of them, the scientists, the government officials, the help, other experiments, most of them sucked.

"Dinner," Silver's metallic voice said from outside of my door. I look up in interest, it was normally Miss Oh-My-God-Look-At-Me-Look-At-Me- Rosa, who told me about the dinner.

"What's the occasion?" I asked, not moving from my perch on the window. The door opened and no one walked in, no one stood in the doorway. "Very mature Silver," I said rolling my eyes. I could see the faint outline of him that no one else could. I walked by him, pretending he wasn't there, looked in the mirror and attacked.

Do you know how hard it is to attack someone who is invisible; hard - especially when you miss. I heard his amused laugh and something threw me against the ground, pinning me down on the carpet.

"Losing you edge, Ace?" He purred. I could see him, the faint outline at least. Thrusting my head against his, I heard the loud crack, the sound of two boulders slamming together.

His grip on my arm loosened and I rolled him over pinning him down, my knuckles white against air. "Maybe not," he huffed and he appeared, his pale, muscular arms filling in the air my hands held. He smiled his wolfish smile at me.

I heard a faint cough at the door. "Am I interrupting something?" Rosa asked, looking at Silver and I on the floor, Silver pinned under me.

"Just me beating Silver, same old, same old,"

"As if," Silver said getting up, but I slammed him back down on the floor, pinning him again. His breath went ragged and I punched him lightly.

"You were saying?" I asked raising an eyebrow. I saw him smile but I let him go, hopping up and shouldering past Rosa's tiny frame.

Branter came out of his room and headed towards the dining room. He held the door for me and we walked towards the long table where four other people were sitting. Jericho in his normal spot, Slick beside him, our mentor, David and…I stopped dead in my tracks…Ari Ling.

He smiled up at me in a friendly manner. Branter walked around me, not seeming to notice. Rosa and Silver walked in.

"Evening Ari," Rosa said cheerily. She walked past me and sat next to Slick. Ari nodded at her. Silver stood behind me, the only one who realized I had stopped. I felt his hand on my shoulder but I walked away. Can't show weakness, I thought, not to him. I didn't sit at my usual spot on the other side of Branter, but at the very end of the table, the farthest seat away from Ari. Silver didn't take his normal seat either, next to Rosa, but sat next to me.

"Four of you are ready." Ari said, looking directly at me. I heard Jericho and Branter huff, they were the youngest and they knew they were being excluded. I glared across the table at Ari. I hated him, and clearly he found it amusing, because he still wore the same amused, friendly smile he had on before. "There is word of homicides in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Normally, we wouldn't bother with a few, it's natural, but there is a pattern." He stopped looking at Silver now. "All the victims have been former scientist or trainers from here, which leads us to believe it's an escaped experiment."

"There hasn't been an escaped experiment since…ever." I snapped, crossing my arms over my chest.

"You know this how?"Ari asked turning his focus back on me. I composed my face quickly, right before his eyes flickered to me. I couldn't very well tell him I read through files in my spare time, how I hacked into their servers and got every piece of information I could. "If you're inferring to hacking into our files and servers, then of course you wouldn't know. We keep things like this in a separate facility up in New York."He said, as if reading my mind.

I had the urge to blush, but I held it back, my hate was much greater than the fresh embarrassment. So what? I hacked into the server, I wasn't the only one. Silver and Branter had done it plenty of times, who do you think I learned it from? A sly smile replaced his face.

"We believe it was Experiment 54." My eyes widened a little and I stopped breathing. I could feel Silver tense next to me and I saw Rosa and Slick's shocked expressions. Silver looked at me and so did Slick.

Experiment 54 was a shape shifter. She was known as Rue. She was only five. "When did Experiment 54 escape exactly?" I asked, mentally counting down the days since I'd seen her last. I hadn't realized it'd been over five months.

"That's confidential." Ari said, smoothing out his suit.

"If you are asking us to capture and return Ru –Experiment 54, then we need to know the date of her escape, her known whereabouts and all the details. We are not going to go in swinging blind."

Ari thought about this, his face hard and emotionless. "I'm not asking anything of you," he stopped looking at Silver, Slick, Rosa and then me. "I'm commanding it."