Dearest guest,

You have been cordially invited among six others to an elaborate dinner party at the Bonnefoy Manor of Paris, France on the evening of December 24, 2009 at precisely 8:00pm. It is entirely free of charge, and our only request is that you enjoy your meal.

Enclosed within is the full address of the Bonnefoy Manor, as well as your instructions. This dinner party is a...role-play, of sorts. In addition you will find a slip of parchment that has your pseudonym for the evening, as well as the attire you will be required to wear.

Also, enclosed you will find something of grave importance...a secret, if you will. I have done my research, and I know the darkness that you have hidden from curious eyes. If you wish to keep your secret a secret, you would do well to attend our party.

We hope you will have most fabulous time, dear friend.

Best of wishes,

Francis Bonnefoy