"H-hey, sorry I'm a bit late, I lost track of time while I was getting ready..."

The brunette before him shook his head, a careful smile on his lips. "Not to worry, Mr. Green, dinner is not yet ready. The other guests are in the lounge relaxing. May I take your coat, Mr. Green?"

Mr. Green nodded his blonde head enthusiastically, grateful to finally be at the Bonnefoy Manor. "Haha, thanks, Mr......Hey, what's your name?"

"My name is Toris, Mr. Green."

The blonde chuckled, unsettled by the constant formalities. "Dude, chill out! Just call me Alfred."

"As you wish, Mr. Alfred Green," Toris replied, his eyes twinkling with humor.

"Heh, funny. So where exactly is this "Francis Bonnefoy"? Is he in the lounge?" Alfred questioned as the butler slipped his jacket off and onto the coat rack. Alfred didn't like to brag, but he had a pretty nice house himself. But this, he noted as he followed the brunette through the corridors to the hall, this place was something else.

"Honored guests, the last of the party has arrived: Mr. Alfred Green." Five pairs of curious eyes fixed themselves on Alfred, proving to be quite the uncomfortable situation.

"Hey, guys! W-who are you all?"

A man with large eyebrows and a deep purple suit was the first to speak. "How rude, were you never taught to introduce yourself first before addressing someone? I'm Professor Plum, I suppose. Professor Arthur Plum."

"I'm Mrs. Peacock, or Elizabeta, if you'd prefer! I answer to both," the bright young woman (now known as Mrs. Peacock) declared.

"Greetings, Mr. Green. I am Colonel Ludwig Mustard, a pleasure to meet you."

"I am Ms. Scarlett, you will address me only as Ms. Scarlett." The woman stood by the beverage table, her tight-fit red dress matching perfectly with her flower headpiece. (Alfred considered telling her that she had a weird curled hair mixed with her bangs, but he thought better of it and kept silent.)

Alfred turned his attention to the last guest, wearing an elegant black and white dress with a simple black bow resting in her hair. She also wore the most unnerving blank stare he had ever witnessed. "I am Natalia White."

Awkward silence flowed into the room like a raging river, all guests overwhelmed with questions but no one to answer them.

A short knock was heard at the lounge door before opening to reveal the butler. "Attention, honored guests, your host Francis Bonnefoy is here." Toris stepped to the side to make room for Francis to enter.

"Bonjour, my friends~"