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"Don't leave." was the last thing the dream Kenpachi thought and the first thing the real Kenpachi said aloud as he awoke. The second thing he said was, "Fuck, I have to piss," and in turn the first thing he did was leap out of bed and head toward the restroom. Making it to said restroom on a cold night was always difficult. The ice like floor that stung his bare feet seemed to further encourage the liquid in his bladder to come out. As he stood relieving himself his thoughts, now free from the bold red words that read: Emergency! Emergency!, turned toward the dream he had awoken from. It hadn't been a dream so much as it had been a memory. A memory that he had not come across for decades. A memory he had forced himself to shove to the back and unreachable recesses of his mind.

Despite all the inner turmoil despite all the revelations the night had brought him one thing stood out above all others; Byakuya remembered. He might have had some of the same features but he was pretty sure he had changed quite a bit since their encounter yet despite this Kuchiki Byakuya remembered and had recognized him as the Rukongai boy who had rescued him. Had that one night left such an imprint on the noble's mind? He could hardly believe that it had. It had affected himself, of course, in fact it had taken Kenpachi many years to forget of the spoiled and beautiful boy who he held in his arms that one night. Many of his days he had spent in search for the other hoping the boy would be good on his word of meeting again but eventually he had to cast aside thoughts of the noble and return to whatever matters mattered at the time. In his mind he had justified it by imaging the boy had been kidnapped again and had not survived it and although the thought had pained his heart it made it easier to accept that he'd never be able to see or hold the other again. He had always assumed that his remembrance had been a one way sort of deal believing that the boy had gone back to his normal routine without ever giving him a second thought. Apparently he had been wrong.

So lost in thought he was that when he finally looked up he found that he was standing outside of Kuchiki's manor. He didn't even know if the noble was there or staying at the Sixth Division barracks but he was already there and it was worth a shot. Without hesitation he banged on the door. He waited a moment before knocking again but even when he did there was no answer. He supposed the Kuchiki's had trained their servants not to open the door at ungodly hours of the morning but at the same time he was a captain. He should have been given priority over others. What if it was an emergency that had brought him to Kuchiki manor?!

Byakuya stood atop the second floor landing with his hand at his chest. After using the restroom and being unable to go back to sleep he had decided to visit the household's library. On his way there, however, he had been startled by an urgent pounding at his door. A glance outside told him that the ruffian that had filled his dreams was there to see him. Immediately he called out to the servants to not open the door. But, what if it was an emergency?

Because the other captain was persistent in his knocking Byakuya made his way down the stairs and towards the door. He waved his servants away with a nod and a flick of the hand. After briefly closing his eyes to gather himself he opened the door. Standing before him in shock that someone had actually opened said door was the Eleventh Division captain hair down and wearing nothing but a simple cotton sleeping yukata. "Your feet. You'll catch cold," Byakuya said, surprising himself at his unorthodox greeting.

"That-" Kenpachi panted. Had he run there? "Doesn't matter….look….I remember who you are."

Byakuya's heart stopped. Remembered? Did he mean? Had he truly remembered? The only thing he could say in response without betraying his emotions was a weak, "Oh?"

"You're my princess!" Kenpachi declared with gusto.

His eyes widened as did Byakuya's and for a minute they blinked together slowly then the other captain burst into an awkward laugh. Byakuya blushed but also chuckled. So he did remember. He felt a modest but honest smile spread upon his face. It was a relief to know that he wasn't the only one who had remembered their night together but now what? After all these years what would they say to one another? What would they do? Sure, Byakuya had fallen in love that night but that didn't mean that Kenpachi had felt anything romantic or lustful he could have just viewed Byakuya as a friend or even as a burden to protect.

Before even getting a chance to respond Byakuya found himself being embraced by the other. His chin barely reached over Kenpachi's shoulder as the other's whispered in his ear, "I'm glad ya didn't die or nothing."

He pulled back from the hug slightly to look into the other's eyes. He was relieved to see his own desire reflected in them. If there was ever a time to do it it would be now. Looking at Kenpachi with a very serious expression, one that obviously startled the captain, he said, "You know, I have longed for many years to reward my rescuer and now I think I shall."

Kenpachi's body responded immediately to the kiss. He had not expected this in the least but he welcomed it completely. He groaned as the smooth soft lips of the other massaged his own. After a moment they broke the kiss and he looked down at the noble's face. Licking his lip he tasted that which was reflected in the other's eyes: desperation and a hint of fear. Normally he disliked fear but in this case it simply enticed him. Leaning down he granted the other with another chaste kiss before tilting his head slightly and taking the noble's creamy neck between his teeth. His actions were rewarded with a little moan of delight from the other. Encouraged, he pressed their bodies together and came to the tantalizing realization that neither of them was wearing fundoshi.

"Wait, stop, Zaraki…" the noble managed to pant between groans of pleasure. Kenpachi growled; he didn't want it to end but if asked he would.

"It's cold out. My bedroom is much warmer," Byakuya said simply and turned heading inside the manor leaving the door welcomingly open.

"Byakuya," he breathed and followed him inside and up a large and ridiculously beautiful staircase vaguely recalling a similar but reversed situation.

He was sure that there were things in the bedroom to marvel at but once inside the only thing that had his attention was the sexy noble in front of him who was gracefully opening a bedside drawer and withdrawing a jar of lubricant. Kenpachi couldn't help but grin like crazy. The stuck up bastard was as prepared as any common man. He walked up behind him and nuzzled against his neck not in the least distracting the other from his task at hand.

"I want to be inside you Byakuya….," he murmured as he flicked his tongue against Byakuya's ear and reached for his obi. He would not prolong it. There was no pretending that they were simply going to foreplay and his body was already twitching in a way that let him know that once they started he wouldn't last long. "I want to come in you. Let me come in you."


Hearing his name from the pretty pouty lips sent him into overdrive. He turned the noble over and shoved him down roughly onto the bed next to them. He watched the other's face careful to make sure that the other had not been angered by his actions. Instead of any negative retribution, however, Byakuya gave him the most wanton look he had ever seen and said, "Kenpachi…please."

As he descended onto the other the smooth creamily legs of the noble, exposed as his yukata fell open, spread to lay on either side of him intensifying his lust. He smashed his lips onto Byakuya's. It wasn't a kiss so much as a claim. He slipped his tongue into the noble's willing mouth and tasted every inch of it with frenzy. While one of his hands caressed the other's muscled chest and toned arms he yanked the bottle of lubricant out of his lover's hand with his other. He held this position for a few minutes before standing back to admire the view.

Byakuya was so perfect. Flawless and beautiful. Legs spread wide. Panting and full of life. There's no way he could have had many lovers before. No, it wouldn't be right for anyone to be allowed to touch him. Even Kenpachi didn't deserve that right but he would take it anyways. He squirted a dollop of lube into his hand and after moving his yukata completely out of the way began caressing Byakuya's entrance. He had such a nice and pert ass.

After collecting another dollop of the lubricant into his hand he roughly shoved a finger into his soon to be lover. Byakuya seemed to have been expecting it, his body was very adaptable, and accepted the finger with ease. Kenpachi wondered with sudden jealousy how the other was so used to it. Apparently it wasn't his first time being penetrated. His jealousy was quickly forgotten as Byakuya began to rock against and lightly squeeze his finger. He growled. Sliding his finger in and out of the hole he made a point to memorize everything, every ridge, and every centimeter of every inch of the inner space.

Glancing down he noticed he had gotten precome on Byakuya's silk and expensive looking sheets. He hoped the noble wouldn't scold him about it later. "Kenpachi," Byakuya moaned. Right. After squeezing a bit more lube into the area he inserted a second finger. This time he was met with a bit of resistant. He grinned. Maybe Byakuya hadn't been with another man before. Perhaps he had only participated in a little self pleasure.

Once he was sure the other was used to the feeling of his two fingers he began thrusting them in and out of his body in earnest. Looking up he saw the elegant face of his new partner contorting in pleasure. His eyes and mouth were both just barely open. Kenpachi's cock twitched again. It was a fucking beautiful sight and it was all his. "Please." Byakuya begged. Kenpachi couldn't stand it; the preparation though not as much as he hoped to have done would have to do for now.

He moved quickly; there was a little moan of protest as he withdrew his fingers but an even louder moan replaced it he replaced them with his much larger length. Byakuya grunted and his muscles clenched tightly around Kenpachi who had to draw all of his concentration together to keep from coming right then.

"Fuck." He grunted. He took a second to catch his breath and then as he wiped sweat off his brow affectionately asked, "Ya okay?" Byakuya's eyes widened and he looked at him curiously as if not expecting the question. When there was no answer he prompted, "Do we need more lube or something?"

"No," the noble managed to say, "this is acceptable just…move"

Kenpachi nodded. He wouldn't push it. If Kuchiki said it was good then it was good. It wouldn't be his fault if he started bleeding later. Slowly, he began trusting in and out of the noble. The way the noble's muscle gripped at his cock and swallowed it in was extremely pleasurable although he was gratified just by watching the other get used to the feeling of being filled. When Byakuya finally started rocking forward in time with him Kenpachi picked up the pace.

The delights of pleasure quickly began overtaking him but he gathered his strength to avoid succumbing. Once made he did not break eye contact with his lover. He wanted to see and memorize every emotion the other unconsciously displayed. With each second that passed Kuchiki Byakuya became more beautiful. Forever Kenpachi would be able to recall the noble's long dark and moist hair seductively spread against his shoulders and bed, the long fluttering lashes that threatened to cover the passionate grey eyes behind them, and the sensually parted mouth that let the sweetest of noises escape.

"Byakuya I can't…I'm not gunna…" The noble took it as a cue and closed his eyes. Kenpachi marveled at the streams of pearly white liquid that soon came between them. Closing his own eyes tightly he threw his head back and finally let himself release into the warm pulsing body beneath him.

Byakuya let out a little moan at the loss of his lover being inside him and grunted as the bed bounced when Kenpachi collapsed partially on top of it and him. He welcomed Kenpachi's warm body as it pressed against his own. He pressed his thighs together practically wallowing in the wet slick that was between his legs and stomatch. It was unclean but he loved it anyway.

If he had been as brash as his younger self he would have declared love in that instant but he maintained control and instead said, "That was even more wonderful than I had imagined it would be."

"Y," Kenpachi panted his breath heavy on Byakuya's shoulder, "You thought about that before?"

"Hm. Yes." He admitted softly turning his head so that he could see his lover's face.

"Damn Kuchiki. I never knew….I never thought I had a chance with you." Kenpachi laughed, unwittingly squeezing Byakuya's forearm.

"Well you wouldn't have had I not met the less barbaric you all those years ago."

Kenpachi grinned and Byakuya was glad he could that he had meant the words in jest.

"But...I am kinda surprised ya recognized me." Kenpachi paused, "Did ya just realize recently who I was?"

Byakuya sighed. He wouldn't have taken Kenpachi to be the talkative after sex type but alas the questions came and did so in a way that was both serious and thoughtful and not spoken with the insouciant tone that accompanied sexual afterglow. "No. I knew the moment I saw you in the Seireitei." He said recalling the early spring day clearly. He had first seen him while walking past the largest of the fountains decorating the Seireitei library pathway. Upon laying eyes on him time stood still and his world had became like a slow motion scene that he had read about often in books before but hardly thought happened in reality and although Kenpachi did not look like the boy who he had regarded as a savior his reiatsu was the same and the feelings he invoked within Byakuya burned as bright as they ever had.

"That soon and ya didn't say anything in all this time, Kuchiki?"

Byakuya winced at the use of his surname. "Please. Byakuya. Just Byakuya for the moment."

"Oh. Sorry, Byakuya." Kenpachi grinned and kissed him on the cheek. Byakuya smiled to himself. The other man was like a puppy and tough he was not usually found of the species he rather liked the idea of keeping this one. "I can't believe ya remembered me though. I mean, I was just some commoner that ya spent a night with- it wasn't even a sexual night."

"Did you not think of me after I left?" He frowned, worried.

"Think of ya? Sure I did. For years, Kuch- Byakuya. I stuck around Zaraki a lot longer than I had planned to waiting for you. Ya said you were going to come back. You promised and even though I hadn't really trusted anyone ever before I believed that I could trust your word. Eventually I had to move on though. I had to stop dreaming about you so I just pretended you had died or had long forgotten me. It hurt but at least I could forget ya in peace."

"I did try," Byakuya said earnestly and suddenly the most important thing in the world was to inform Kenpachi that he had tried to keep his parting words. "I promised you that I'd come back and I did everything I could to keep that promise but my grandfather, the rest of the clan, they did not allow me. After my abduction I was kept a much closer eye on. I tried to run away many times but they had appointed Shihouin Yourichi as one of my guards and…I've never been able to beat her at shunpo." Kenpachi smiled in a sad sort of way pressing their lips together as if to tell him that all was forgiven. But Byakuya was not done yet. He pulled away from the kiss gently. "I never forgot you though. I focused on becoming a great shinigami I focused on learning the ways of the Kuchiki but I knew that the day I had a chance to search for you I would." He swallowed hard, trying to gather himself. "And I did. And the fact of the matter is that it was on one of those days that I was out looking for you that I met Hisana."

"What?" Kenpachi looked at him incredulously and Byakuya blushed furiously in return.

He closed his eyes ashamed and embarrassed but relieved to finally confess his crime. "I'm so sorry." He whispered and he knew the other captain did not know what the apology was for. "I was looking for you and instead I found a poor but resilient and passionate girl. I had already informed the clan of my intentions to marry a Rukongai citizen. They knew that I was out looking for that person and when I brought back Hisana with me assumptions were made and words said and I allowed them to be because in a short time I had fallen for her. Until meeting her I had not felt the way I had when I had been with you. And I truly did love her. I loved her with my entire being but…" He chocked on his words "even so…even though she took your place in my mind had you come into my life at that time and asked for it I don't know that I wouldn't have given my heart to you." He looked into the other's eyes and sighed, "Although I do not regret my time with Hisana I am sorry that I did not keep my word to you. I allowed myself to be distracted with new emotions. Please, Kenpachi, please believe me when I say that I never for one moment forgot about you and that i've never stopped feeling guilty for not going to find you earlier."

Kenpachi pulled him closer and pressed him into his chest. A kiss was laid on the crown of Byakuya's head just as it had many years ago. "It worked out, ne?" Kenpachi said, pulling a large blanket up and over them. "It worked out for all of us. 'Cause of Hisana you adopted Rukia. Your little sister. and I know ya adore her. And 'cause she was adopted she wasn't allowed to become a seated officer so her mission ended up being to protect a small town called Karakura where she helped Ichigo get his powers. None of that would've happened if ya hadn't met Hisana. Besides, I wouldn't have met Yachiru or Ikkaku or Yumichika if ya had been able to come see me again. I think things worked out just fine and things are going to be just fine too because now we got each other for good and none of us is going anywhere... at least i'm hoping this wasn't a one time thing. "

Byakuya smiled. "Of course it wasn't. Kuchiki's don't have one night flings." Kenpachi was right. Things were going to be all right. Slowly, he allowed his breathing to return to normal. He closed his eyes and snuggled against his fellow captain. "Thank you." he said quietly.

"'S Okay. Just sleep now." Byakuya snorted softly at the familiar comment before taking the advice and drifting off to sleep.

In the morning, when Byakuya woke completely sated and warm albeit a bit sticky, he would hear words that would make him beam and that he desired to and would hear many more times in the future.

"Good morning, Princess."