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White Elephant Gift

Definition of a white elephant gift-A white elephant gift-is where you take something of value from your home that you think a friend or loved one might like and gift it to them. Or, you can make a gift for them from something you already haveā€¦like something home-made, e.g. take yarn you have-and knit mittens, bake-something tasty,etc. The point is you don't spend money. It is considered more a gift of goodwill and thoughtfulness, rather than expense.


Sakura (19 years old) was tired of last-minute, impersonal gifts from her team every year. This year was gonna be different, everyone was going to put some heart into it.


White Elephant Christmas


Chapter 1-Look Out Below!


Sakura hurriedly opened her hall closet to get an extra beach towel. Naruto wanted to borrow one for their next mission. They were going the southern border of Fire, near the Land of Wave. Even though it was November and chilly here in Konoha, the climate was subtropical there. The Hokage had promised them an all-expense paid weekend, at a real resort. If they finished their mission in only five days.

Tsunade said it was an early Christmas present, but that was sort of milking the truth a bit. Especially since most teams would take eight or nine days on a mission like theirs. Basically, it would cost Tsunade nothing, because Team Kakashi usually accomplished their missions ahead of time. Tsunade would probably charge the whole trip to the people paying for the mission, simply adding on the extra days.

Sakura didn't really care though, at least they would be out of Konoha for three extra days, with nothing to do but lay by the pool and suck up the sun's rays.

'Heaven,' she thought.

Sakura was so distracted, by the time she'd realized the towel had caught on the back of the shelf, it was too late.

Fifteen glass bottles of cherry blossom shampoo began to fall, the first three hit her head and all of them crashed to the floor. The first two broke upon impact, spraying her, the wall, and the floor with milky-pink, sweet-smelling, syrupy mess. In her surprise she backed away, her heel hit the floor directly in a gooey glob. Sakura flew ass over end. She yelped, unable to stop the shelf full of shampoo bottles that spilled out. The last two bottles that fell burst on impact, and splattered shampoo into her face.

The noise of their team-mate's shout brought the boys on the run. They arrived just in time to see the last bottle burst, and coat her with slime.

Kakashi made it to the girl first and caught the shelf itself as it fell and, at the very least, kept Sakura from being brained by the chunk of wood. It was fortunate because she couldn't see it coming with soap in her eyes. A stray sliver of glass had hit her cheek and cut a thin, bloody line.

"Sakura-chan!" Naruto yelled, "Daijoubu?"

She nodded dumbly, trying not to break into tears. She thought of how stupid she must look to them all. She tried to stand, but slid until Kakashi grabbed her arm and helped. The pink-haired kunoichi's feet skated in the goo and bottles, both broken and whole, around her.

"Sai bring towel from the bathroom," Kakashi ordered, "Get it damp"

Finally, seeing she wasn't in mortal danger, Sasuke couldn't help but snicker at his teammate's ineptitude.

Sakura was mortified.

It was strange to hear the stoic Uchiha actually find something funny enough to laugh about. He'd been home most of a year and all they ever heard from him were grunts and curses.

Sakura visibly flinched, almost causing Kakashi to let go of her, where she would have crashed back to the floor.

"Shut up Teme!" The blonde nin snapped, "Can't you see Sakura is hurt?"

"What's the matter?" Sasuke teased callously, "Poor baby got soap in her eyes?"

"Actually, Traitor," Sai informed him as he came back to the hall, "The back of her leg seems to be bleeding quite profusely," He handed the wet towel to Kakashi, who used it to gently help her wipe soap from her eyes.

"Thanks Sensei," Sakura's breath hitched with unspent emotion.

Kakashi picked up Sakura by her arms and brought her back down the hall away from the mess before he set her down on her feet. He bent down to see where her leg was bleeding, "Hold still," he took out a kunai and sliced up the leg of her shorts to where a large chunk of glass was lodged in the back of her thigh.

Sakura froze mid wipe and brought down the washcloth.

"Kakashi! These are my best shorts."

"Nice legs Ugly," Sai said snarkily. They watched Sakura's shorts being cut away high enough to see her blue and white striped panties. Her backside was covered in blood and pink soap.

"Shut up, Sai!" Naruto yelled turning red when he caught sight of Sakura's undergarments.

"You boys go find a mop and clean up this mess," Kakashi barked. He put his arm around Sakura's waist, "Let's go into the bathroom. Where the light is better. I want to make sure all the glass is out before I let you heal it," He scooped her up, shooed the boys out of his way, and headed into the bathroom with the girl. He shut the door firmly behind them.

"Sorry Sakura, those shorts have to come off first," Through the door they heard her finally burst into tears while Kakashi tried to comfort her.

"You assholes are so mean to Sakura-chan," Naruto scolded. He collected the broom to start to clean the hall.

"Who is the one stupid enough to keep glass bottles on such a high shelf?" Sasuke scoffed.

Naruto stood before the open door to the closet, "I don't think she had much choice bastard. Look here."

Sai and Sasuke followed Naruto's gaze to the small closet. To their amazement they discovered every shelf was practically filled to capacity with glass bottles of the same cherry blossom shampoo.

They stared in bewilderment.

"What the hell?" Sasuke finally broke the silence.

"The scent is unpleasantly sweet but, maybe Ugly has some kind of obsession with cherry blossoms because she's named after them," Sai deduced.

"Like hell I do," Sakura said softly from behind them.

They turned to see her standing in the hall, wearing only her soap-stained t-shirt and striped panties. Her leg was still bloody but, the wound was freshly healed.

"S-sakura-chan!" Naruto's face flamed red.

"Stop that Naruto!" Sakura was blushing now, "My swimsuit covers less skin than this."

"There must be a month's worth of pay tied up into these bottles," Sai ventured.

"You fool! I didn't buy any of these."

"Who gave you all this shampoo?"

"You did, assholes!"


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