Disclaimer: All characters belong to Marvel Comics and all others associated with legal rights.

Author's note: This short story takes place in a future where all of the current major story lines are finished and, for the most part, all is peaceful in the X-Men's corner of the universe.


It'd been the first time Domino had seen him in months.

Knowing Nathan Summers, the man better known as Cable, years would have passed for him since their last encounter. Time travel was such a fickle like that.

"Um, hey, Dom," Cable greeted his long time comrade and closest friend. The way he spoke to her it was as if he'd never left in the first place.

She stood there, unsure of what to say to the person she arguably gave her heart out to but stubbornly refused to admit out loud to anybody, including herself.

"I'm sorry," Cable apologized earnestly as he took a step toward her. "This whole thing-"

Suddenly, Domino closed in on the other mutant by marching up to him and wrapping her arms around him. Before he could say anything else, she murmured, "Just shut up," and planted a huge kiss on his lips.

No further words were needed.