Authors Note: Well... here's the concluding part - not quite a PWP but it's a direct result of talking to your hot girlfriend on skype while writing a sex chapter. So Mary aka Tigertales - thank you for all your help and INSPIRATION ;)

An hour later

Minerva threw back her head howling in laughter, a reaction that would have shocked many of her former students but did not surprise Hermione. "They had boils where?"

Hermione laughed herself, "Well they had a hard time riding brooms for a while."

The Headmistress rubbed the tears of laughter from her eyes and allowed her hand to fall onto Hermione's thigh, watching as a different smile made its way across her lovely face. "Their pranks had always provided an interesting diversion but that year I absolutely loved them."

"They did make Umbridge's life pretty difficult." Hermione edged a little closer, "Did you really help Peeves unscrew a chandelier?"

Between peals of laughter Minerva admitted it, "I might have given him a point in the right direction." She watched the delight spread across Hermione's face, grinned even wider when gentle fingers began to trace her own smile. It was Minerva's turn to slide closer on the sofa, a strong hand cupping the curve of Hermione's hip.

Hermione's hand caressed the side of Minerva's face before slipping behind her neck and pulling the older woman into another kiss. Warm, tender and loving – the kiss was an exploration of this new aspect of their relationship, their new bond. "Are you really sure about this Hermione?"

"I've never been more sure of anything." The absolute confidence is her voice made Minerva grin again, reassured by the sincerity.

They shared another sweet kiss, Minerva's hands gliding over Hermione's back, the young womans fingers grazing along the side of her rib cage making the older woman moan her appreciation into the kiss. Hermione broke the kiss, smiling at her, "Are YOU sure because while I might have pushed us this far... I'm not going to pressure you into something that you don't want to do. So are YOU sure?"

Minerva grinned, "I let you in didn't I?"

"So you did." Hermione's lips found the smoothness of Minerva's jaw, tasting her skin for the first time. Inwardly she felt a thrill as the older woman turned her head to allow her better access to the sensitive area. Access she took full advantage of.

At the same time skilled but slightly tentative hands slid under the back of Hermione's shirt, allowing Minerva to feel the heat and softness of Hermione's body. The younger woman literally sat in the palm of her hand, her body moulding against her lovers. When Hermione's lips found Minerva's again the kiss became hotly passionate, her fingers caressing the skin of her throat, feeling the blood that pounded underneath her fingertips.

Minerva laughed as Hermione's fingertips slid into the collar of her robe, tickling her flesh as she explored and claimed her. The younger woman growled in response, frustrated at the lack of contact and slung a knee over Minerva's thighs. She shifted her weight until she was straddling the older woman, pressing deeper into the kiss.

The older woman settled back on the sofa, so that she could hold the younger woman comfortably on top of her, breaking the kiss to see what Hermione would do next.

Desperate to see what Hermione would do next.

The eager young witch didn't disappoint her. Nimble fingers sought and found the clasp at the collar of her robes, sliding slowly across the small amount of revealed skin before finding the next...

And the next...

And the next...

And the next...

Hermione's eyes widened and a radiant smile spread across her face as she exposed the older woman's white cotton bra to her gaze. "You are so beautiful." There was awe in her voice.

"And you my dear need glasses but thank you."

The younger witch leaned in and brushed her lips along the shadowed valley between Minerva's full breasts. "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder." Minerva chuckled, her hands moving from Hermione's back around onto her stomach, fondling the tender skin.

"Have you...ever been with a witch before?"

Suddenly shy brown eyes locked onto green ones, "No." She smiled softly at her...partner. "I haven't been with that a problem?"

One hand slipped from beneath Hermione's shirt and reached up to cup her face. "No of course it isn't a problem."

"You don't mind?" Eager fingers began to caress Minerva's full breasts through the fabric of her bra, feeling nipples spring to life under her touch.

"Why would I mind?" Minerva's eyes flickered closed, her body responding to Hermione's touch.

"Because I'm not experienced... and maybe because I won't know how to please you."

"Well you're certainly doing a good job right now." She grinned as Hermione chuckled, "As for the other thing... you need to be really honest with me, let me know if things are moving too fast, if I do something that you don't like..." Her fingers slid a little higher, running lightly across Hermione's abdomen just below her bra, then brushing the swell of her breasts. "..Or if I do something that you like..."

The younger woman threw her head back, delighting in the touch. "That's...a... I like that!"

"You do?" Mock-innocent green eyes twinkled up at the young woman. Minerva took her other hand from Hermione's face and slipped it beneath the garment to join its mate. Firmer, surer, her hands found pert young breasts. Both women moaned.

"That's good too."

"Indeed." Minerva withdrew her hands wrapping them in the hem of Hermione's shirt, pulling it up by an inch or so, her eyes devoured the revealed skin before returning to meet Hermione's gaze. "May I?"

"Yes, please do." The young womans voice betrayed a certain amount of nervousness but her chocolate eyes were eager, dancing.

Slowly Minerva slid the shirt up over Hermione's torso, loving the view as she raised her arms over her head to help. Finally she tossed the garment onto the floor and looked at the almost topless young woman still straddling her lap. "Merlin you're gorgeous."

It was Hermione's turn to chuckle now, "Glad you think so." She leaned back in for a passion-filled kiss, her own hands continuing their journey over Minerva's body.

For several minutes their explorations continued, soft wordless cries making each other smile, both starting to breathe a little heavier as passion rose. It was with a start that Minerva noticed that Hermione had completely opened her robes and that her own hands had just unfastened the top button of the young woman's trousers. They were rapidly approaching the point of no return and on the sofa no less.

Minerva gently took hold of Hermione's hands, a smile crossing her face as she heard the frustrated growl that the young woman gave in response. "Sure that you want this? We can stop, slow down if you are..."

"I want this, I want you." Green eyes interrogated mocha for the slightest hint of nervousness but finding only desire and love.

The older woman placed her hands on Hermione's hips, guiding her to shimmy off of Minerva's lap and stand in front of her. Minerva could not resist the temptation to press her face into the soft skin of Hermione's belly and dropping gentle kisses around her navel, fingers finding belt loops and pulling the younger woman even closer.

"Minerva." Hermione groaned at the sweet torture.

The Headmistress stood up and took Hermione's hand, "Come to bed?"

Hermione giggled, "But I'm not tired..."

"You will be."

"That a promise?"

They kept up the banter all the way up the stairs and into Minerva's bedroom. Hermione stopped dead, almost an entire wall was glass – flooding the room with natural light and providing a wonderful view over the city of Edinborough, the castle and sea. A wide, comfortable bed greeted them. The whole room was light and airy, elegant but not ostentatious – exactly what Hermione expected from Minerva McGonagall.

The young woman wrapped her arms around Minerva's waist, just loving the feel of having the woman she had loved for so long finally in her arms. Her lips found Minerva's, the banked fire roaring to life, desire shooting through their bodies. "I want you."

When they broke apart desperately needing to breathe, Hermione took a step backwards. Minerva's robes were loose, opened from collar to hem by questing fingers, the same fingers that now reached out and in a sure motion slid the robes from Minerva's body. "Oh Minerva," she whispered. Standing before her was the gorgeous body of her lover, clad only in white underwear. "Where on earth did you hide a body like that? Why on earth would you hide it?"

A snicker was her only response as Minerva reached for the zip on her trousers and slid it down. "Oh my." Her fingers slid across lacy knickers and around her hips to quickly caress a shapely backside before gripping the waistband and pulling the trousers down. Minerva dropped to her knees with surprising agility and finished revealing shapely thighs, sliding the fabric all the way to the floor.

Hermione looked down and took a sharp breath as she saw Minerva's green eyes looking back up at her. She lowered her own hands, deftly but slowly removed the pins from Minerva's hair – watching as a curtain of loose black hair fell over the older womans creamy shoulders. Gentle lips brushed across her lace clad mound fleetingly. The older woman grinned up at her before getting to her feet and pulling Hermione into an embrace.

As their almost naked bodies touched they both gasped, the sensation was electric. They kissed and hands began to roam over bare skin, exploring each others body, light touches causing goose-bumps. Hermione's fingers found the clasp of Minerva's bra, fumbling slightly as she undid it and took it off. Bare breasts were suddenly revealed to her eager gaze and Hermione cupped the tender flesh in her hands, suddenly bending her head to lick one of Minerva's erect nipples, making the older woman cry out lustily.

Hermione pulled back grinning, "Have you ever been with a witch before?"

Minerva licked Hermione's full lower lip, "Yes I have but it was a long time ago." She slid her hands up Hermione's arms, across her back and removed the younger womans bra, murmuring in appreciation as she saw her full breasts for the first time. Again she pulled her lover close, feeling their soft breasts press together, nipples brushing and Hermione's lips on her own.

Hermione broke the kiss taking Minerva by the hand and led her to the bed. With a smirk and a raised eyebrow aimed at the older woman Hermione slid her knickers off over rounded hips, watching green eyes darken in response. Minerva swiftly followed suit and soon the two women were naked, lying on the bed staring at each other.

They kissed again, Minerva finding herself on her back with Hermione partly on top of her. The younger woman broke the kiss and began to make her way down Minerva's body. She ran her fingers over the older womans throat; collarbone, shoulders and chest, letting her lips trail gentle kisses in the wake of her hands. Minerva let her explore, soft moans escaping her lips in encouragement, begging her to continue.

Finally, eagerly Hermione wrapped her lips around an erect nipple, one hand supporting her weight, the other caressing Minerva's neglected breast. She suckled lightly, thrilling as Minerva's back involuntarily arched and her breasts thrust up into Hermione's mouth. The older woman whispered her name in encouragement, in bliss as the young woman thoroughly pleasured her breasts.

Gently, kisses and nips followed Hermione's fingers to explore Minerva's abdomen, moving across her belly and gradually moving lower. Running a hand tenderly over dark curls, the young woman raised her head to look down at the most private part of Minerva's body. The hair between the Headmistresses legs was wet and Hermione could smell her arousal.

"Do you taste as good as you smell?"

Minerva laughed, "Why not have a taste and find out."

Hermione bent her head and dropped a light kiss at the top of her lovers folds, a gentle pressure encouraged Minerva to part her legs. She looked up into partially lidded green eyes, grinned slightly before running a single finger through wet folds, watching as the older woman bucked under her touch.

"I don't know what to do, how to please you..."

"Do what feels right."

"Will you...can you...tell me when I'm doing it right?"

She smiled, "Yes I..." Her words cut off as Hermione spread her folds with her fingers, completely exposing Minerva's centre.

"You're beautiful..." Brown eyes spied an erect nub, she bowed her head and flicked her tongue across it. Minerva's hips thrust upwards, her spread legs quivering and her body trembling. Hermione began to explore the area around the nub, circling gently, using her tongue to stimulate her lover. Listening to the mess of words that Minerva gasped out.

"That's good... Oh yes... there... oh my god... please... oh... oh... oh... Hermione... yes..." Reassured that she was in fact giving her lover pleasure, the young womans touch became surer, the flicks of her tongue firmer. Hermione heard the tone of Minerva's voice change, becoming more high-pitched than normal, the jerky uncontrolled movements of her hips speeding up – the young woman reached up and squeezed a hard nipple. Minerva practically screamed as she climaxed. "Ooooohhh!"

Hermione waited for Minerva's panting to subside before she spoke again, "I don't think that actually qualifies as my tasting you."

"It's a hell of step in the right direction." Minerva panted, her eyes were practically black with the barest green ring around the pupils. "What did..."

She was cut off as Hermione's tongue slid from her erect flesh to her centre and without preamble thrust inside of her. Both women moaned, Hermione's hands tightening their hold on Minerva's bucking hips, the older woman's hands tangling in the bed sheet – her knuckles were white, her fingers clenched, the most erotic sounds falling from between her lips.

Hermione savoured the flavour of her lovers' creamy essence, loving the way that Minerva's inner walls clutched at her tongue as she thrust it deep inside. After several minutes she stopped and brought her fingers to Minerva's willing entrance, "May I go...inside?"

"Please, I need you to."

Minerva's back arched violently as a single exploring finger slid through her wetness and into her channel. Hermione found a slightly rough, swollen spot deep within the older woman and applied pressure with the single digit. The sound that Minerva made was indescribable, passionate, needy and wanting. A Cheshire cat grin made its way across Hermione's face before she added another finger.

With a maddening tempo those two fingers thrust in and out of Minerva, hitting that spot every single time. High pitched noises escaped from her lips, as green eyes rolled back in her head and the older woman lost the ability to think. Hermione could sense the coming release and began to flick her tongue over Minerva's sensitive nub, trying to speed its arrival. The older woman threw her head back and howled in delight, at the same time that internal muscles clamped down on Hermione's fingers.

Hermione waited for the spasms to subside and for those green eyes to refocus before she removed her fingers, grinning as the older woman groaned. She brought dripping digits up to her face smelling curiously before sucking the juice from them, watching Minerva's eyes darken with renewed passion. They both moaned in delight.

"Do you have any idea how sexy that is?"

Hermione grinned, "Do you have any comprehension of how appealing you are?"

Minerva smirked back at her and rolled Hermione onto her back, grinning as her weight came atop the young woman. "For someone who has never done this before, you certainly achieved an O."

Hermione erupted into fits of giggles causing Minerva to join in. "I didn't know that you giggled. It is sooo cute."

Minerva growled at her, "I am not cute!"

"Oh yes you are my dear."

"I'll show you cute." She swooped in for a passionate kiss, revelling in the feel of Hermione's hands clasping at her bare back, her strong thighs locked around Minerva's hips. The kiss making the young woman completely forget the retort that had been on her lips.

An eager hand slipped down to cup a firm young breast, teasing an erect nipple, at the same time her hips ground against Hermione's mound. The young woman gasped in pleasure and thrust back against her lover. "Please Minerva, I want more." She unlocked her ankles and allowed Minerva to slide down her body, a body that was undulating in tawdry invitation.

As Minerva's hands traced an inexorable path downwards, her tongue followed suit. Strong fingers traced the muscles in her abdomen, loving the feel of tender young skin, sliding even lower into very wet curls. "Open your legs for me love." Hermione moaned at the sound of Minerva's voice that had turned sultry and she felt another gush of moisture coat her inner thighs.

She did as she was asked, exposing herself completely to her lover.

Minerva ran her fingers down the length of Hermione's thighs, gliding through the moisture that coated them, feeling the young woman's muscles tremble under her touch. "Please Minerva...I need you." A firm stroke of the older woman's tongue spread her folds, tasting her for the first time and finding Hermione's tender, aching nub. She lathed it with her tongue, moaning herself at the flavour.

"I need you inside."

The Headmistress brought two soaking wet fingers to her entrance, before pausing. "This is going to hurt a little Hermione, you know that don't you?"

"I trust you Minerva."

The older woman felt her eyes mist at Hermione's declaration, the absolute faith that the younger woman had placed in her. "I'll be as gentle as I can. I promise."

Hermione nodded, "I love you."

"And I love you." Minerva applied pressure and slid partly inside of Hermione, encountering a slight resistance. "I love you," she whispered again before thrusting hard against the barrier. Hermione cried out in pain before she bit her lip to muffle the sound. A gentle tongue began to lap at her nub feeling the young woman jerk underneath her in response and she slowly began to move her fingers.

It didn't take long for Hermione to begin to cry out in pleasure, her hips thrusting in unison with Minerva's fingers. Teeth grazed over her tender flesh and Hermione erupted in pleasure. "Oh god!"

Minerva rested her cheek on Hermione's sweaty belly, her arms wrapped around her, holding her tightly, never wanting to let go. "Thank you!"

"For... what?"

"For loving me, for being here, for pushing us this far..." She kissed Hermione's belly gently.

"It was my pleasure... I am honoured to be here." She ran her fingers through Minerva's hair as they talked. "Thank you for letting me in."

"Thank you for the forewarning."