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41. I will not point out why you should use Oshawott in Black and White.

"Why are you still using that Oshawott?" asked Trip. "It's not outclassed by it's dream world form, Tepig, Snivy only become truly useful competitively with Dream world abilities and they haven't been released yet."

Ash's own tepig and snivy went into the emo corner while Oshawott looked proudly smug. (I love Oshawott)

I will not kill Cilan and Iris.

"That does it iris," said Ash. "I have had enough with you calling me a kid.

"Whatcha gonna do about it, kid," said Iris.

"Charizard, Blast Burn!" Charizard blasted out a blaze of fire at Iris that melted her body to the bone.

"Ash," said Cilan looking horrified, how could you do such a thing!"

"And you will never replace Brock!"

43.I will not eat Vanillite and it's evolutions.

"Yum, this tastes great," said Ash..

Iris screamed and said,"Ash! That's a Pokemon!"

"Really? Oh well, Charizard showed me sometimes you have to eat Pokemon to understand Pokemon and life.

44.I will not tell N what I think of him.

"N, you have been brainwashed by P.E.T.A, and they are the one Ghetis responds to.

45. I will not tell Team Rocket to turn into comic relief again.

I used to respect you people and now you've turned in competentent villians, what the hell is the matter with you? You even broken the status quo and kicked Meowth off the team! Turn into imcompentent blundering morons!"

46.I will not catch an army of Golurk's to take over the world.

I knew Robots would conquer the world, and here I am, their master and now your masters," Ash said triumphantly to Paul and Trip.

47.I will not use Pikachu for breeding purposes.

"Step up ladies and gentlemen, my beloved Pikachu will help with your breeding immensly, want high ivs in your eggs, my Pikachu have perfect ivs in each of it's stats.

"I'll gut you for this Ash."

48.I will not bench Pikachu.

"Pikachu this hard for me to say, but you've overstayed your welcome. Your going to oaked at the Oak corral.

"Hell no, I'm the only reason people still watch this show!"

49.I will not use legendaries against Tobias.

"Darkrai, I choose you!"

"Arceus I choose you!"

A week later Ash was sleected as Pokemon Master for reasons he did not understand.

50.I will not play an actual Pokemon game.

"Darn it why won't aim for the horn work!"