This is my first fanfiction

Finally I've been able to write ones

Thanks to all of you who give me support and courage to write

As I told you, this is my first fanfiction ever, so please forgive me for sucks story and grammatical error, since English is not my mother tongue.

Hope you like it

Disclaimer : Bleach is not mine and never be mine. If I have it, I'll make Inoue disappears :p


Ichigo POV

" I'm sorry Ichigo. I think we're not belongs together. We are too different. Who do you think you are? Look at you. Low dare you said that you love me? I'm the most popular girl in this school. Many boys queuing in front of me on their knees begging for my attention. Even they're hotter than you. How could I fall with shrimp like you?" she said with high pitched tone which make all students in the hallway looked at me who feel terribly break and hurt in the same time. And so she leave me without sorry

'How could I confessed all my feelings to her. I already know the answer and all things will end up like this. How stupid I am'

Today the time feels so slow. Every minutes feels like in the hell. I keep blaming my self for the stupidity that I have.

And thanks God, finally the school is over. I have to back home as soon as possible since I feel so numb inside.

ReaDers POV:

He didn't pay any attention to the path He walked, until He realized that He choose the wrong direction.

"Shit! How could I be lost?! I must be so stupid. I'm not wonder why I was rejected by Inoue" he talked to him self. And keep muttered some cursing under his breath. Until his thought distracted by melodious sound.

"What it is?" Ichigo asked him self and feel a little bit curious what sounds it is. And after listened it carefully, he realized that it was the sound of piano.

"How come I can hear some one playing the piano in this forest? I must be going crazy or I got an accident in my way back home, and I'm in heaven now? And why the song sounds so sad?"

He tried to find out where the source of tat sound

He keep waling to reach that sound, until he shocked by the view that he saw. There is a grand piano in the middle of forest and there is a girl played it.

He can't see her face. Since her back facing him. But his instinct told him that that is a girl. He only can see her raven hair and tiny figure. He try not to disturb ner, but the song is really sad.

But unfortunately when he try to approach her, he stepped on a dry branch. And then, that girl turn her back and now facing him

"Who you are? And What are you doing here?"

Well that's the first chapter.

I still don't know whether I wanna continued to write or back become 'the good reader and reviewer'

Sorry for the bad story. Since I really don't have any talent in writing. But believe me, I've tried :p

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Katzemadchechan : Thank you for your support. Since I'm a big fan of ICHIRUKI so I decided to make ICHIRUKI as my first fanfiction. But I promise if I can write another story, I'll make it BYARUKI fanfiction. I already have the plan in my head.




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