Sanji Himura Presents

A Evangelion/James Bond Crossover

Instrument of Solace

A car is driving along the pacific coast highway heading north. The driver of the car is a fifteen year old boy who is fleeing the three Mercedes-Benzes that are pursuing him. The three cars are hailing the boy with bullets, however the boy wasn't worried. The windows are reinforced with bullet proof glass, and the body of the car was a titanium shell. Suddenly, the boy made a u turn and started to go in reverse. Inside, the boy armed his missiles and tried to get a target lock on the three cars. He would have employed his defensive weapons, but they have long since ran dry. The machine guns in the engine compartment was distracting the other cars in pursuit long enough to get the target lock. Without hesitation, he fired what was left of his missiles.

The missiles hit their intended targets and flipped over two of the cars, leaving the one in the rear to continue the chase. The boy noticed and reached for a weapon. The sub machine gun was heaver than he would have liked, but with his precious cargo in the trunk, he really can't afford weight and balance right now.

Rolling down the window, the boy stuck out his gun at the other car and fired, aiming at the tires. The bullets hit everywhere in the front of the chasing car, blowing the radiator and tires.

Slowing down to briefly inspect the damage to the other car, the boy casually turned around and drove away from the scene.

San Francisco, CA USA

The car pulled into an seemingly abandoned apartment garage and shut off. The boy got out of the car and headed for the trunk while the door was closing. Inside was an elderly man in his late seventies. He had a visor over his eyes, however it wasn't his usual one that gave away his location whenever he was connected to the internet, it kept him blind, and that was how the boy and his superiors wanted.

"Time to get out," the boy said.

['From Russia With Love' by John Barry plays


Shinji Ikari – Himself

Lorentz Keel – Himself

Dame Judi Dench – M

John Cleese – Q

Daniel Craig – James Bond

Burt Reynolds – Jake Wade

Ewan McGregor – Lord Davies]

Inside the apartment, Shinji dragged the elderly man into a chair. "Don't bleed to death," the boy said as he sat down in the chair next to him. Behind Shinji, was his superiors, M and her aide Mr. Tanner. To one side, M's bodyguard. The man laughed and was in good spirits despite the circumstances that he was in.

"What do you find so funny," M asked him.

"If only that Rei girl hadn't committed suicide," the man trailed off. Shinji, finally having enough, got out of his chair and punched the elderly man in the face.

"Shinji," M barked, "outside now. Tanner, go with him." Shinji and Mr. Tanner left the room, but didn't stray far. M turned to the bleeding man and said, "you sure as hell in plenty of trouble with all that engineering of the destruction of the human race and all, and with that Rei girl's suicide, be lucky that you didn't get shot in the head when you were captured."

The man laughed again and said, "If you only knew what kind of trouble you are truly in. The UN will shut down funding to your country with only a word from me. My organization controls seventy-five percent of the world's gold, including Fort Knox, witch wasn't easy to obtain since I promised to wipe out the country's debt in three years. Made one hell of a bedtime story, let me tell you."

"Let me tell you something. We have a copy of the so called 'Dead Sea Scrolls' and we knew everything that was to happen when we received a copy of the scrolls, so the activities of your group were exposed the moment that my people received them."

"Is that so. Let me ask you this, do you trust the people you work with?"

At the cue, the bodyguard pulled out a pistol and shot the man and at M. Upon hearing the gunshots, Shinji ran into the room with Tanner. Heeding Shinji's unspoken request, Tanner stayed with M while Shinji went after the gunman.

Though the streets of San Francisco Shinji was preparing to shoot the gunman while the man was running in and out of traffic. The gunman also was getting his own gun out and shooting some pedestrians on the sidewalk. Shooting a few bullets in the air, Shinji got rid of the pedestrians that are on the side walk off, allowing him a clear view of the target.

Thinking quickly, the man blended in with the pedestrians, getting out of sight quickly.

"Damn," Shinji yelled before getting out of the area.

Author Ramblings and Statistics

Okay, you may call me strange, however, the idea of Shinji being a 00 just wouldn't get out of my head. I've outlined the other story, First Assignment, and got started with this one. I'll be working on these two fics simultaneously.


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