London, England

One Day later

Inside a small apartment in the middle of downtown, MI6 is busy ransacking the place. Everything from small glasses to clothing, no detail was too minute to the investigators into who the mysterious bodyguard really was. Shinji Ikari, 006, and M walked into the living area with M holding a MI6 mug. "Six fucking years, Shinji," M stated, "and three of those as my personal bodyguard. He passed all of the yearly background checks and lie detector tests. Tell me how did he do that."

Shinji looked at a photograph. In it, there was a woman looking casual, but to Shinji's eyes, it was forced and a man in the background was a good reason why. Sliding the photograph out of its frame, Shinji handed the photograph to M asking, "anyone look familiar?"

M pondered the picture for a few moments before she finally made the connection, "Lord Davies. He rarely makes an outside appearance other than parliament, but what made Lord Davies allow himself to be photographed in the open with a seemingly unconnected woman?"

"Remember Vesper?" Getting a nod out of M, Shinji continued, "her French-Nigerian boyfriend was reportedly kidnapped by Quantum to blackmail her into stealing over a hundred million dollars for the group. I think that, in this case, Lord Davies and this woman were probably not connected at all and she was really kidnapped and brainwashed."

"Brainwashed," M said in disbelief, "Shinji you got a bloody cheek."

"I am suggesting that she suffered from Stockholm syndrome." Shinji took a closer look at the woman. Seeing some familiarity, he pocketed the photograph and said, "We need to get back to HQ and get that photograph looked at by experts."


"I think that I found my Vesper."


"In the baccarat game, there was a player who called herself Ms. Black. She claimed to be a deep cover for US Naval Intelligence. It puzzled me why she didn't go to Jake because he would have floated the information to me eventually, however, the lack of response didn't raise any red flags when it should. I sent the intel to the Japanese branch and they should have sent it to you."

"They did, but it was heavily blacked out. Almost as if they didn't want us finding out about anything."

"Thankfully, I always make duplicates. I'll file it with my report."

"What about the bodyguard? Should we do anything about him?"

"Call the US Embassy. Say that he is wanted in connection to an attempted murder in Sussex, and he is wanted for questioning."

Taking one last look at the photograph, he pocketed the photograph before turning to M, who threw the mug on the ground, shattering it.

One Hour Later

"What the hell, 006," M yelled, "To say that 'we have people everywhere' is a hyperbole. Florists use the expression. The old man that you captured seemed to know more to this group called SEELE than to make an empty threat like that. How in the hell did the bodyguard escape anyway?"

Shinji said, "he blended in with civilians and I didn't get a good look at him."

The two approached a door at MI6 headquarters. Shinji held the door open for M to step through. The door closed behind them as a man approached them. "This better be good news," M told the man.

"I have been going over the visor that 006 has brought to us, and it contains interesting technology that we haven't seen before," the man said. "Not only does it contain tracking technology, which was the reason why you removed it from Mr. Keel in the first place, but it also has built in account tracking which tracks his bank accounts in forty-six countries. He was telling you the truth when he said that he controlled all of the gold in Fort Knox."

"That means that he could tank the gold market by releasing the gold to the general public," M stated.

"Or he could be greedy with it and make it the most expensive commodity in the world," Shinji finished, "Is there any irregularity in moving the gold out of Fort Knox?"

"None so far, however, he has written out some deeds of gold stock to twelve of his closest friends," the tech said as the names came up on the computer screen behind him, "and one of them is a relative of 006 here."

Shinji recognizes the name of his father, Gendo Ikari, on the screen. M could tell that the pair never got along, and it always infuriated her that Shinji would rather see him dead than to actually work with him, but since the game at Imperial Casino in Tokyo-3, any mention of his father, and NERV for that matter, and he will shut you out.

"Want the bastard dead," Shinji turned to M who asked the question. They knew that they can't keep running away from this forever. "Let me tell you that, for a blunt instrument, revenge is often a one way ticket to emptiness."

Shinji said, "so you want me to be half monk, half Hitler."

"No, but what I am saying is that if you are going to enact this so called revenge for your mother, or this Ms. Black, first dig two graves."

Shinji went to the telephone at the desk and called Mr. Tanner.

"Mr. Tanner, do you have the results of the photograph analysis that I requested?" Waiting for a response, Shinji said, "Okay, I'll be there in ten minutes."

Ten minutes later, as Shinji walked into Mr. Tanner's office, he was stunned by an appearance of another man that Shinji didn't readily recognize. Seeing the faded look, Mr. Tanner said, introducing the man, "006, I would like to introduce Mr. Charles Roberson. He will be your aide and driver while you are here in London from now on."

"What happened to the previous driver," Shinji asked him.

"We ran a more though background check on all members of key MI6 positions and some red flags were raised about your driver," Mr. Roberson said.

"Getting on to business," Mr. Tanner interrupted, "Your photograph was indeed handled by a Ms. Black. However, the frame itself was handled by NERV personnel, a man who is openly working for Lord Davies. He probably planted the photograph in that apartment as a message to somebody."

"What about the woman in the photograph?"

"Well, here is the tricky part. Yes, she is Ms. Black, and yes she did work for US Naval Intelligence, however, put the two women side by side," Mr. Roberson said as he punched keys on the computer, "You can notice that one of them is green eyed while the other, the real Ms. Black, is blue eyed. I'm sorry to say, 006, is that your Ms. Black is a fraud."

"Glad that the bitch is dead, 006," M asked as she walked through the door. Seeing the neutral reaction that Shinji gave, M continued, "Don't worry. You have just learned a critical lesson. We watch our enemies all the time, but we forget to watch our friends. Go home, 006, You need your rest."

With a small smile, Shinji and Mr. Roberson prepare to drive Shinji home.

Author notes and Statistics

Another chapter in the books, and I'm liking the way that this story turned out so far. I'm sorry to say that with MGM going bankrupt, I seriously doubt that we will see more of Daniel Craig as 007 any time soon. I will, however, be playing Blood Stone game for the PS3 in the next couple of days to get my fix.


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