A splash of water woke Shinji up from his long nap, and to the sight of the woman. "Hello, Mr. Ikari," The woman started saying in perfect English, "I wish that your current situation was a bit better, but unfortunately, my superiors wanted me to hold you up like this for whatever reason as I get some answers as to why you are following Lord Davies around like you are."

"If that is all you wanted to know, all you had to do was ring my door bell and say that you are room service," Shinji countered, "there was no need to send your goon squad in after me and make a bloody mess in my suite." After a few precious moments, the idle hands got the better of him and he asked, "You mind if I had a cigarette? I would deal with the situation much better if I had something to calm my nerves."

The woman relented and allowed a guard to give him a cigarette, which he used a standard lighter to light the cancer stick. As the nicotine entered his system, the woman asked again why he was following Lord Davies. "To be honest," Shinji dropped off.

"Asuka Soryu Langley, French Intelligence," the woman finally introduced herself.

"British intelligence wanted him for a number of years now for his connection to Quantum and SEELE."

"Why did you give up that information that quickly?"

"If I can't find anyone to trust these days, but besides that, I suspect that your superiors on the other side of town want a quiet resolution to this SEELE problem, and talking about it won't get us anywhere."

After a few quick moments of thinking, a French command set Shinji free from his bonds, and Xing gave Shinji a gun and his radio. "This is your old PPK-L with a few modifications for balance. You will find ammo over in the locker. Try not to get yourself killed, and also, your radio."

As Shinji puts on his radio, he turns it discreetly to his backup frequency and said, "White Knight to White Rogue, do you copy?"

Mr. Tanner picks up from the other end, "this is White Rogue. What is your status White Knight?"

"Ran into French Intelligence's style of extraction and interrogation," was all Shinji offered.

"White Knight you're alright," M's soothing voice was on the other end now.

"It's nothing that a fresh suit won't cure."

Laughter was heard over the radio before Shinji cut the connection upon Asuka's return to the room, holding a tuxedo. "Change into this in the other room while I put on my dress," Asuka commanded in a semi-harsh tone, "We are going to meet Lord Davies tonight."

"Socially," Shinji asked in an off manner question.

"Lord yes, socially. He plays poker at Aviation Club de France on Fridays. You have thirty minutes to be ready. Your file says that you are the second best player in the service? Well, let's see how good you really are."

Aviation Club de France

Two hours later

A limousine pulled up to the door of the casino. The driver opened the door for Shinji who held a hand for his French counterpart. Neither was armed as they knew that they would be searched twice, once at the door and the other at the table by Lord Davies' personal security. Pressing the button for the Moneymaker Poker floor, Shinji asked Asuka, "First time undercover?"

Asuka responded, "Yes, Dummy."

"Okay. You go up first while I order a drink from the bar and scout out the floor."

The two soon parted ways as the elevator doors opened. Shinji walked over to the barkeep at the bar and said, "Barkeep, one vodka martini, shaken not stirred, and your finest cigar."

"Right away, sir, but first I must ask are you going to the Moneymaker floor," the bartender floundered out carefully.

"I am, but not right away."

"There is a lady from NERV Japan wanting to speak with you on a very important matter before you go."

The lady in question jabbed a finger at Shinji, "Hey, Shinji-kun."

"Ritsuko Akagi, I haven't seen you since Imperial Casino."

"Yes, well, you have eluded Section 2 since you fled Japan after the game."

"I wasn't exactly going anywhere, just to my home in England to rest after my father tried to assassinate me."

"Well, it is just as well. News came that SEELE is getting restless about your activities in Europe, and has ordered you to return to Japan to pilot."

Shinji downed his martini and replied, "So that I can get killed again? I am perfectly satisfied with getting myself killed here in Paris. Enjoy the rest of the evening."

Shinji left the bar and headed to the lift to take him to the Moneymaker Poker floor. He is surrounded immediately by Section 2 guards. Suddenly Shinji found himself at the wrong end of a gun as Major Misato Katsuragi spoke, "Shinji please come with us. Don't make me kill you."

Suddenly the elevator opened and Shinji darted to the lift and pressed a random button. Gunfire erupted from the outside as Misato emptied her clip into the door as the rest of Section 2 followed the lift and discovered that it was heading to the Moneymaker Poker floor, a off limits place for the group.

Once Shinji got comfortable, Shinji radioed Asuka, "Asuka we have been compromised, we will have to abort."

"Abort, why," Asuka responded.

"SEELE knows our plans, and by extension, NERV. Do you know of a way out?"

"Yes, but you won't like it."

Author Notes and Statistics

I am sorry this has taken so long to update, but I had thought that I had written myself into a corner. On top of that, I had lost the outline of the story migrating from PC to a new laptop, so that would make it worse, but I can work around that. For those who have stuck around after this debacle, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Update Log 12/4/2013: Minor error correction that does nothing to impact the story. Originally, I had Asuka represent Chinese Intelligence in a manner similar to Shinji being a 00 in British Intelligence. However, the more I thought about it, the less I thought that the possibility that French Intelligence intercepting a British agent is much more appealing, but I apparently didn't remove all traces of the former storyline. Statistics will now reflect the update.


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