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Kagome and Ryoma walked into their house laughing, behind them were six other's each of them sporting their own amused looks. The Echizen siblings turned and blinked when they saw their parents standing not to far from the front door.

Kagome blinked, "What's going on?"

Echizen Nanjirou glanced at his wife who looked at him briefly before both turned towards their kids. "Ryoma...Kagome...uh, we have some news. They aren't entirely good, but, hm..."

"We are going back to Japan!" finished Nanjirou for his wife.

The entire group froze in shock not believing what was just being said. They could not be leaving America...their home...their friends....their team....to go to Japan.

"What?" the siblings shouted.

"We are going to Japan. We wanted the both of you to attend the same junior high school that your father did. Seishun Gakuen."

"No...no!" called Kagome as she pointed towards her parents. "You always said. Japan never had Air Treks....that you discovered that sport here...if we go to Japan, how do you expect Ryoma and I to survive...we live and breath Air Treks...we can't just stop. We've been riding air before we could even walk, you said so yourselves. So how can you just go and move us let that."

"I agree with Kags, you should have spoken to us before you went and did something like this behind our backs." Ryoma shook his head. "Were going out!"

With that said the group retreated from the house again leaving both of the Echizen parents to themselves.

"They are right, dear, we should have spoken to them before we went and did anything."

Nanjirou frowned, "I know that Rinko!"

The group knew regardless of how they felt, they knew that there time together was shortened.

A silver haired male spun in the air, his golden eyes peering at the two siblings flying in front of them. Nicknamed the Prince and Princess of Air Trek, hailed as prodigy's the both of them were really something special.

Kagome landed gracefully, Ryoma following suite. The rest of the group followed soon after.

"Let's have a match, before you two have to leave. The two of you against the six of us."

The Echizen siblings smirked/smiled before grabbing their rackets and some balls before skating towards the courts where the rest of the team were already standing.

"Let's do it!"


Word that the Shi no Kage were playing had spread and crowds began gathering to watch the epic match take place.

Kagome leaped upwards, spun in the air so she was upside down, and swung her racket, smacking the ball sending it flying over the net, past one of the white haired and a dark blue haired male. The ball hit the ground, straight on the baseline and spun quickly before shooting off.

Landing gracefully, Kagome smirked and skated over towards her brother and hi-five each other.

"Nice shot!"

Thanking her brother the siblings skated into position while watching as a red head skated into position to serve. Seeing that the ball fly back a bit, Ryoma took off and jumped, flipping over the ball, he pulled back his hand and...smack...the ball flew over.

A slightly older white haired male skated towards the ball and hit it back over with an incredible amount of spin and force, the ball was practically invisible as it shot towards Kagome.

Skating back a bit, Kagome eyes picked up the movement of the ball and spinning on her feet, she swung her entire body forward, the ball connected with the racket and spun rapidly. Kagome grunted under the power behind the hit. Raising her free hand she gripped the racket tightly with both hands and with a yell she returned the ball before falling on one knee panting.

An auburn haired male skated towards the ball to hit it back but ended up lobbing the ball instead.

Curses were uttered as Ryoma leaped into the air and twisting his body half-way he sprung forward, bringing his racket forward and hit the ball sending it flying past the group, where it bounced inches away from the baseline and shooting off.

Kagome smiled and accepted the hand Ryoma had offered her. "Nice return shot, Kagome. To think that you had successfully returned Sesshoumaru's shot. Impressive."

"Yeah, but returning that ball was no easy task. I don't think I can do it again so soon." mumbled Kagome as she skated into position.

The match continued with the siblings winning 7 games to 6 (125-123)


Extreme Tennis was something that the Echizen siblings created, combining the popular sport of air trek with the game their father had loved and taught to them. And in time they had learn to love the game just as much as riding the air. When they were eight they discovered Extreme Air Tennis. It happened by mistake but it was a mistake they would do again if given a choice. Kagome and Ryoma had been riding their skates around the court that was built in the back of their house while their oyaji and older brother Ryoga were playing tennis in the court over. They were minding their own business when a stray tennis ball flew in their direction. Kagome had seen the ball headed in their direction and a racket lying not to far from where they were. She leaped over the ball and flew towards the racket. Grabbing it she spun and tossed it, yelling out her twin brothers name, she watched as he looked over and caught the racket just in time to spin out of the balls path swinging the racket. The racket connected with the ball and was sent flying back towards Nanjirou.

And that's what started the twins experiment with combining the two sports. They named it Extreme Air Tennis or EAT for short. That is actually how they met their friends...well sort of...Elliot, Chroma and Alexander were their classmates. They each loved Air Treks...Inuyasha, Sesshoumaru and Shippo they met at the schools tennis club. They were the schools regulars.

It was by accident that they had all met. Each brought together by the sound of someone riding air treks and by the sound of tennis balls being smacked. The six were shocked into stunned animation as they watched the two ten year olds playing tennis while riding air treks. It was an amazing feat and they were awed. After the two youngsters were finished the six...well five bombarded the Echizen siblings, asking them how they did that? Who taught them? And if they could teach them how to play like that?'

It took them a while to get use to playing two different sports at the same time. For Alex, Chroma and Elliot riding the air treks was the easy part, having to play tennis while riding air... not so easy. For Sesshoumaru, Shippo and Inuyasha playing tennis was simple it was having to play it while on skates that was the hard part. For Kagome and Ryoma watching the group was painful.

After several months, the tennis players were finally able to get the hang of riding on the skates while playing tennis. For the air trek riders they were finally able to play tennis while riding. Ryoma and Kagome was very much relieved that they did not have to watch the group trip over themselves or a stray tennis ball. No more of them running into trees head first and knocking themselves out.

It was a year after that when people started finding out about the group and what they could do, and the rest is history.

~..~..~..~.Days later at the airport~..~..~..~.

The siblings waved towards their friends before stepping through the terminal, leading towards the plane where they would be headed towards Japan. Away from their home. Away from air treks. And away from their friends.

Hold on!" called Sesshoumaru stepping forward and slipping a paper into Kagome's hand.

"Read it when you get on the plane/ Hopefully that would bring a smile to your faces. Can't have you guys going to Japan with frowns and being depressed." winked Shippo.

"Yeah. We can't have that, can we. Your frowns are cute. And when your wearing scowls it looks like your pouting instead. And no one but us can see you like that." smiled Alexander, which earned him two scowling, frowning Echizen's siblings.

'Snap. Click'

The group turned to see the smiling Chroma. "Cute, This is going in the album marked,' Kage and Ryo's most adorable moments' collection that I have started."

With a sigh and a wave the twins walked into the terminal leading towards to the plane. To start their new lives in Japan. A place where air treks did not exist.

With smirks on their faces, the twins exchanged glances.

But with the prince and princess of Extreme Air Tennis going to Japan, Life in Japan was about to get a little more....exciting.

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