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They ate their pasta in relative silence. Roy just started at her like a love struck teenager. She tried to ignore him as best she could, but his blink less stares got a little awkward.

"So, Sir, what did you end up reading?" she asked, trying to start up a conversation.

He paled and tried to remember a title he saw on her shelf. A mischievous grin settled on his face. "I read this book called 'Sunset Love', though it didn't have much of a plot," he said offhandedly with a smirk.

She blushed the color of an overripe tomato. "Uh, well," she fake coughed, "I was holding it for a friend," she said unconvincingly.

He burst out laughing. "Riza, if you could see yourself!" He exclaimed. "Your face is priceless!"

She tried to look irritated, but she couldn't help by grin. His laughter was contagious. "My friend bought it for me," she paused a moment, " And it does too have a plot!"

"Alright, alright," he said, his laughter dying down. "So did you dream anything extraordinary?" he asked taking another bite of his food.

She looked away thoughtfully for a moment, "Well, I sort of did. It didn't make any sense, "She looked up, "At all,"

"Go on," Roy managed to get out around the food in his mouth, genuinely curious about what Riza Hawkeye's subconscious might come up with. Though, her ideas of unusual could have just been him doing his paperwork, rather than something creative.

She screwed up her face in concentration, "Well, I know Havoc was there. Maes and you were there too, of course. Oh and I think Rebecca was as well," her face relaxed, the dream being recalled.

"That's it?" he asked, interpreting the pregnant pause as the end of the story.

She rolled her eyes, "We were all at the bowling alley, but it was just us. There were no other customers," she paused again, "Though now that I think about it, that was probably a good thing. We were all cheating,"

He looked up, interested, "How were we cheating?" he asked.

"Well, it was like this. Maes would go up to the pins and whisper, things, until the fell down on their own accord. You and I would knock down the pins, you with a neat jet of fire and I with a bullet. Rebecca would yell at them," she glared when Roy snorted with laughter.

"Sorry, sorry. Its just, she would!" he said laughing once more. When she didn't continue, he tried to calm himself, "Alright, alright. I'm sorry. Continue,"

She scratched the back of her head, "I suppose Havoc was the only one who played fairly and did well…"

This time they both burst out laughing, remembering the time the team had all gone bowling. Havoc was a horrendous bowler, scoring only 12 by the end of three rounds.

When she finally got her breath back, she wiped at her eyes, "Oh my goodness. I don't think I've laughed like that in ages,"

She stood up and picked up the plates, bringing them into the kitchen, before setting them in the sink.

Roy followed her, "Since we were kids, I suppose," he offered.

Riza nodded and turned around, "Probably. Come on," she instructed, heading back to the living room.

They sat on the on the couch, next to each other. 'I wonder if she's still ticklish…' A sly smirk took over his previously serene face as he glanced over at Riza.

"Uh, Sir?" she began, noticing his grin. She didn't get a chance to finish when he pounced. After a bit of wrestling they ended up rolling to the ground, Roy on top.

He leaned down and whispered in her ear, "Are you still as ticklish as you were 20 years ago?"

Her eyes widened, "N-no!" she rushed out, but it was too late.

He began mercilessly tickling her and, despite her valiant efforts to push him away, he was far too heavy.

"Uncle. UNCLE!" she managed through shrieks of laughter.

Roy rolled off of her, grinning victoriously and quite proud of himself. The room was silent except for their heavy breathing.

After a few minutes, Roy sat up, still grinning madly.

"I'm thirsty," he said, receiving no response. "Ahem, I'M THIRSTY!"

Riza looked over at him, "Then get something to drink," she said offhandedly.

"Humph!" Roy was acting like a child, sulking as he got up and went to the kitchen, ignoring a smirking lieutenant.

All he saw in her refrigerator was a half-gallon of milk and some orange juice, neither of which really interest him. He made to the cabinets, finding nothing to drink. Finally, he came to a small, out of the way closet and he smiled with excitement. Inside was the biggest stash of junk food he'd ever seen, apart from his own, of course.

After a little bit of snooping, Roy Mustang struck gold. On the very bottom shelf was what seemed to be a collection akin to what might be contained in a wine cabinet. There were multiple kinds of alcohols, ranging from wine to whiskey.

He grabbed the nearest bottle. 'Vodka, and good vodka at that!' he continued pulling bottle after bottle until he had the whole collection. It seemed his lieutenant favored vodka.

"Sir, getting a drink shouldn't take so long," said lieutenant said exasperatedly walking through the door.

He grinned, "Well who've know our own Hawkeye was such a fan of Vodka?"

"These are for special occasions!" she snapped. She immediately regretted it when she saw his expression, "Mostly for the War," she explained, besides, I haven't had nearly a quarter of them,"

Roy looked up, an interesting idea popping into his mind. "Well Riza, I just thought of a fantastic idea! A wine tasting! Well, alcoholic beverage tasting…Anyway, Isn't that a amazing idea?!"

She raised an eyebrow, "But I've had them all before," she quickly covered her mouth.

He hushed her, "Regardless. Unless you'd rather read 'Sunset Love' or something, that's cool," he said nonchalantly.

She flushed, "Wine tasting it is!"

They spent the next half hour setting up and pretending that they were high society. They placed each bottle by type and had two little shot glasses to take with them.

A few hours later, it was clear that Riza liked all of the different drinks. She had two or three shots of each and only moved on because Roy wanted to.

"Alright Ri, I think we're done. Sit," said Ro steering her to the couch. She'd been spinning around and knocking things over. There was a shattered bottle a little way away that he had to clean up before she hurt herself.

"Now stay put," he said heading to get the broom.

There was a reason she wouldn't go out drinking with them. She became as reasonable as a young child and twice as hard to handle. She became very giddy and cheerful, or depressed and angry, normally the former, which explained why she had so much of the stuff.

The boom was off near the cabinet. Grabbing it, he headed back to the living room to sweep up the broken glass. Not to his surprise Riza was dancing around the living room to music only she heard. What did surprise him was the missing glass.

"Riza, where did the glass go? And it told you to stay put!" he asked as kindly as he could. He really didn't want to deal with the tears if she took his irritation to personally.

She grinned, "Here you go silly! I fixed it for you!" she held out the newly repaired bottle, perfectly repaired sans the transmutation circle that now resided on it.

He sat down on the couch, head in his hands. His worst fear was just confirmed. Riza was an aspiring alchemist.

She looked from the bottle to him and back to the bottle. "But, Roy! I fixed it!" she exclaimed, still trying to work out why he was upset.

Finally he just couldn't hold it in. all those strong emotions, anger, betrayal, sadness, felt multiplied by a hundred. He stood up and shouted, "Yes I realize that! You used alchemy! A skill you claimed not to possess!" he sat back down, the wave of emotion subsiding, "You lied to me," he practically whispered.

Her eyes widened, "But, but Roy," she stammered, tears welling in her eyes.

Roy immediately felt guilty for yelling. 'She has to have a good reason for not telling me' he told himself 'she has to'. He looked up and opened his arms to hug her, comfort her.

She sniffled, "But, I thought you'd be pleased," she murmured into his chest.

He stroked her hair, "I know. I was just shocked. Why didn't you tell me you're learning alchemy?"

She looked up at him with wide eyes, "But, I'm not," she answered blankly.

His eyebrows shot up, "What do you mean you're not?"

"I've always known alchemy. I learned it from my father. He said I was supposed to be the flame alchemist, but I wasn't good enough. I didn't excel enough. I was too average," she said softly but not as blank looking. She paused and he understood the rest. Her training was discontinued when he arrived and her father didn't need her anymore. "And I guess that's it. I only know the basics. Things that you average beginner alchemist might know. But I don't think I mind anymore. I have my guns, and that's all I need."

Roy smiled and hugged her tighter, glad the truth was finally out. A few minutes later, she was perky as can be.

"Hey, Roy! Want to see something cool?!" she asked hopping off his lap and pulling him up.

He tried not to seem too eager, "Sure, why not," he said with a grin.

She rushed to her room, frantically searching for something. He watched with a small smile from the doorway as she ran around the room looking for what he hoped was the key to the trapdoor.

"AHA!" she exclaimed gleefully, holding up what seemed to be a small knife and hilt. She strapped it to her ankle and winked at his confused face, "It's a cool effect, I promise," she said with a grin as she headed to the door.

They both quickly made it through the closet and to the trap door. She leaned over and pulled the knife out. "See. Didn't I tell you?" She fiddled with the hilt until she was able to pull it out, revealing a small key. It was slightly bigger than the key in the pouch which aroused his curiosity somewhat. However, he pushed it out of his mind. 'One mystery at a time' he thought to himself.

"Well don't just stand there. Come one!" she exclaimed, leading down the steps, feeling the side of the wall. He supposed she was looking for a switch, and was proved right when she made a small noise of triumph and light flooded the area.

It was completely made of concrete, celling, floor and walls. It was basically the exact area as her house was above. There was a firing lane with targets, which was directly under the dining room kitchen bathroom and closet. The unoccupied rest of the room was lined with bookshelves and had an armchair and lamp, as well as a small side table.

"Go ahead, look around," she said, as if reading his mind, "This is where I spend most of my time,"

He immediately went for the books. All the titles had to do with alchemy or guns. He spotted one he remembered from Hawkeye Sensei's shelf. 'Advanced Elemental Alchemy' he read to himself, and his face lit up like a kid on Christmas. He sat down in the armchair and was immediately whisked away from reality.

He was brought out of his thoughts by gunfire. It seemed Riza thought she was perfectly capable of shooting despite her current incapacitated state. Though, when he came around to check on her, it seemed she could shoot well enough, he didn't want to take that chance.

"Uh, Riza, let's go back upstairs. We can come down tomorrow," he said heading up.

Of course she argued and had a bit of a temper tantrum, he was able to lure her up for bed after what was about twenty-five minutes.

He got her into bed and she began to wind down, "I'm sleepy," she murmured, snuggling under the covers and falling asleep almost instantly. He kissed her forehead and muttered a soft' I love you" in her ear, before closing the door quietly, but not before he saw Hayate crawl out from under the covers and curl up next to her. It seemed he had spent the day in her bed.

Roy checked his watch. It was only 6:30, so he decided to head back down and grab a few books so he could until he was tired. He immediately spotted the knife and hilt on the counter of the firing booth and put it in his pocket so he could lock the trapdoor when he left.

He grabbed many different alchemy books he remembered from Hawkeye Sensei's shelf. Books he was not allowed to even look at. It was clear when he opened a few of them, Riza hadn't even considered touching them. They were dusty, but in well enough condition.

Just as he was about to leave, he spotted a number of unmarked leather books lined up neatly on two shelves. After opening what seemed to be the first, if they were in any order at all, he grinned. The first page was blank except for a year, 1896, written in the center. He had found Riza's diary. He flipped to the first page, reading the date May 27, 1897; in a neat script that was clearly Riza's. She wrote in a similar font still, years later.

Father has instructed me to write in "you" a minimum of four times a week and to address "you" as if you could respond.

Roy chuckled. It was just like her to write it like that, even if she was only nine years old.

Apparently, he will be taking on an apprentice because I show no promise in alchemic study. He says finding this apprentice of his was akin to striking gold in a coalmine, or something like that. I'm not so sure but I'm suppose father would know better, as I've never met the boy. Father says if the apprentice has as much potential as he predicts, the boy will live here during the year, or at least school vacation for sure. Either way, it makes no difference. He sounds like an ambitious, optimist and I'm sure he'll leave once he's milked father of all his wisdom. Anyway, he is scheduled to be arriving in a mere two weeks, just before school ends. Though, father says if the apprentice stays yearlong, I'll be homeschooled, which doesn't really make much of a difference. In fact, it saves me the walk.

Anyway, I suppose that's it. Ill "talk" to you later I guess.

He shut the journal, pausing a moment to take in nine year old Riza's original preconceptions of him, before placing it back on its shelf. He counted nineteen other books, making one for each year of her life. He supposed the extra was for Ishbal, which was confirmed a few moments later.

He confirmed that 1908 did in fact have two books for it, most of the entries had to do with the Ishbal War, however, the War also could be found in the end of 1907 and beginning of 1909.

He flipped through 1908, where she talked about how she was slated for shipment after breaking a sharpshooting record at the academy. Three Quarters through he saw his name mentioned, and went back to read the entire entry. The date was April 13, 1908, nearly ten years ago.

This isn't a war. It's a Massacre! Though "you" already know that. I don't really understand why we're here anyway, but I don't think it would really make a difference if I did. I think I'm glad I can remain woefully ignorant. Ignorance is bliss they say.

Roy paused for a moment, recalling the dreaded events in Ishbal. The idiocy of it all. It was so unnecessary.

Anyway, I was stationed with Rebecca today, which was a nice. I haven't had the chance to see her in quite a while. I don't know what id do without her. Its selfish to say, but I'm glad we don't get into the action, if you understand. We're safest, really, and I think id go mad if she were to be killed, especially since she feels like my sister. Or what I imagine having a sister would feel like, anyway.

It was odd reading about her relationship with the banshee. Roy was sure he couldn't remember seeing her, but, after all, he couldn't remember many of the faces from Ishbal.

On a completely different note, I saw a familiar face today. It turns out Roy Mustang, the great Flame Alchemist, has been sent out to help knock out some of the Ishbalan troops. Maes' says he was brought in earlier this week. This was his first assignment. When he was almost killed, I could understand why, but Maes had no excuse. To say I was irritated at his lack of vigilance is a gross understatement. When I saw him next, you can be sure I gave him a piece of my mind. Of course, we laughed it off three seconds later. Perhaps our relationship is akin to a brother-sister relationship. Anyway, Maes says that they were friends, as well as roommates in early childhood and then at the academy.

Roy had to take a minute to process this new information. He and Riza were practically best friends! He knew that they were acquainted, but he didn't know they were that close.

Of course, then he started buggering me about getting a husband, and how there were plenty of men around here. Every guy I had ever talked to had become a potential candidate in his mind. He'd go on and on about stupid things like that every time I saw him. Then came the pictures. He'd run around showing everyone pictures of his beloved Gracia. I wouldn't be surprised if years from now, Gracia will be walking down the street and some random guy will come up to her and will say, "Oh, hi Gracia. You don't know me, but I knew your husband. He was always throwing around pictures of you."

Roy actually laughed out loud. Maes had told him a while back that the very scenario Riza had just described had, in fact, happened. "Oh Maes, old habits die hard I suppose," he said softly.

Everyone thinks it crazy annoying, and I do too, but I think its sweet too. Gracia really is a sweet woman. Maes says she's not much older than I am. She's actually sent me packages in the past, though "you" already know that. Maes says that when we get back, he'll introduce us. I envy him for his optimism.

By the way, did I mention its hot out?

That was where the entry ended. It seemed Riza never actually signed at the end. If it was found years from now, no one would really know who wrote him or her. They'd know whom she knew, and where she had been, but there would be no solid proof.

He replaced the journal on the shelf in its spot and checked his watch. It was already 10:30, much later than it felt, so he grabbed the books he had gathered earlier and headed back upstairs. He locked the trapdoor and went to the living room to read for a while.

By 11:00, fatigue had set in and Roy was exhausted. Upon entering Riza's room, he saw her clutching at her pillow and whimpering. He put the knife on the side table and he climbed in next to her. He pulled her next to him and stroked her hair lightly until the whimpers subsided. Shortly after, Roy fell into a peaceful slumber next to the woman he loved.

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