Wow, longest one-shot I've written by myself in a long while. I feel rather proud of myself! To think, it included quite a number of my favourite Final Fantasy VII characters as well.

Cloud came home from guard duty with extra appendages, one day. Oh, his lovers were furious, but since they didn't seem to harm Cloud, they left it be. In fact, they seemed to aid him. His balance had improved, even if he was still a little clumsy, and he was just a little quicker.

When Zack came home with some extra parts of his own, it wasn't that big of a deal. He was already quite attached to them, literally and figuratively, and they just cemented his nickname. Calling him puppy was just a little more meaningful now, so they once again left it be.

The afternoon Angeal walked in, brand new spanking add-ons in full view, they just patted him on the back and left it at that. Angeal was a practical guy, and he adapted quicker than Zack who managed to knock things off tables with his.

Evening rolled around on a new day, and Sephiroth came into their little apartment abode with a top hat and a bored expression. Zack, being the excitable pup that he is, managed to steal the hat. Everyone got an eyeful of their General's addition and had to laugh. Sephiroth never said a word when extra carrots started appearing, even when people would point out how quickly they disappeared afterwards.

They didn't expect what Genesis came home with, even though it should have been obvious.


"Angeal!" Zack whined, dragging out his mentor's name, from where he had taken the coach hostage. Squished beneath him, looking displeased with his placement, was Cloud. The tiny cadet's ears were laid back as he glared up at his friend.

"Yes. Zack?" Angeal looked up from the newspaper spread out across his desk. His reading glasses slightly slid down his nose from the movement, earning a choked sound from the kitten currently pinned under Zack.

"Genesis is way late, Angeal. I think Sephiroth is getting ravenous, because I doubt the roast he's looking up on the net is for work." Zack squirmed, twisting out of reach of Sephiroth's half-hearted swing. Cloud didn't like either action and finally managed to wiggle his way out from beneath the larger man. Finally freed from his prison, Cloud straightened and brushed himself off.

The blond jumped when a hand stroked down his tail, and turned, only to find Sephiroth already back at work on his computer. The silver haired man's ears were flopped down, making him look entirely too adorable for Cloud to resist. Shyly, he reached out to pet the rabbit ears poking out of his lover's head.

They were softer than Sephiroth's hair and obviously well taken care of despite the General's distaste for them. He said they were a nuisance in battle and Zack liked to say he hated them because it ruined his image. Running his fingers up through the white fur, Cloud grinned. Sephiroth's eyes were glazed in pleasure now, and he almost seemed to be leaning into the touch.

Emboldened, Cloud leaned forward to kiss Sephiroth when the door slammed open. Jumping straight up into the air, Cloud spun to face the threat. Everyone else in the room had paused in their various doings to look in shock at the very angry Genesis standing before them.

The cup of tea in Angeal's hand shattered when it fell to the ground.

"This is certainly an interesting development," Sephiroth had a tiny, wicked grin on his face. If he'd gained cat-like additions, it would have been a little less shocking to hear the almost-purr coming from the silver haired man.

"It is not interesting and I'm going to kill something," Genesis hissed, blue eyes narrowed in annoyance as Sephiroth set aside his laptop and stood. With the feline grace that Sephiroth had, thankfully kept when he gained his ears, the man walked over to the furious red head.

Still smirking, Sephiroth tugged off his glove and let it drop to the ground. Reaching forwards, the silver haired man ran his hand over Genesis' new ears. They were the same shade as his hair and currently flattened in irritation. His tail was slender, and Sephiroth wouldn't have noticed it if he hadn't bumped into Genesis' leg. The man had it curled around the limb as best as he could.

"It fits you," Sephiroth murmured, petting the ears again.

"I suppose you would say a rabbit fits you, my friend?" Genesis knocked the hand away, and stalked out of the living room. Angeal chuckled and left to go find the paper towels so that he could clean the mess his tea had made. It would certainly be a pain, in Angeal's opinion, if his Genesis became grouchier because there was a stain in the carpet.


Cloud ventured into the bedroom hours later, for there wasn't any room to sleep in the living room. Zack and Angeal had managed to curl up on the couch and Sephiroth had immediately claimed his chair. The blonde supposed he could have squeezed in with Sephiroth but it was never easy to find a way to safely awaken the man.

The door creaked open and Cloud immediately tensed, waiting for a shout or even some object flying his way. When nothing came his way, he slid in and made sure that his tail was out of the way before closing the door. The quiet snick of the door made when it was shut caused another few nerve-wracking seconds. Once again, the sound passed unpunished.

The room was nearly pitch-black, only the constant glow created by the lights below illuminated it. Cloud could barely make out the bed, and the figure sleeping on it. Shaking his head, Cloud tip-toed over to the bed and lifted the blankets, careful to make sure there wasn't a draft created. It would wake Genesis up a lot quicker than if he body-slammed the bed.

Easing himself in, Cloud quickly buried his face in his pillow. When Genesis rolled over, Cloud almost fled. He could feel the hair on his tail puff up, and it was still a disconcerting feeling even after a month or so of having the appendage.

He could have lain there for hours before finally drifting into sleep. The blonde really hoped Genesis wasn't too angry when morning rolled around.


With a groan, he opened mako blue eyes. The morning light was filtering in through the curtains, brightening the room. Taking in the destruction from his fit the evening before, the red head was glad to see that he had managed to avoid the more important stuff, though there were quite a few bits of fluff floating around which indicated the destruction of at least one pillow.

Shifting, Genesis immediately looked down. Blonde and white striped ears tickled his chin, as he saw what had kept him from moving. Their little kitten had crawled into bed with him last night, and as adorable as it was it was still annoying. Shaking his head, Genesis removed himself from the boy as gently as possible, careful not to wake him.

Exiting the room proved easier than he would have thought. For the longest time both Cloud and Zack, though Zack still forgot sometimes, had managed to shut their tails in doors. Pleased with the apparent mastery over his new limb, though he would rather not have it all, Genesis grinned.

Now to figure out why Cloud had felt the need to crawl into bed with the big scary cat.

Slinking down the hallway, Genesis peered into the living room. He had to stifle a snort at the sight. Angeal and Zack were hanging on the couch. If Zack's position could still be counted as on the couch. The puppy's lower half was completely on the floor with his head resting on Angeal's hand. The man in question was on his side, snoring.

Looking around for the only missing member of their group, the red head sighed. Sephiroth was fast asleep in his chair, obviously comfortable with the foot rest up and the back of the chair down. The man's leather coat was being used as a blanket. Genesis figured the guy's hair would have sufficed for the task.

With that question solved, the red head made his way back into the bedroom. It wouldn't do any good if he not only looked like crap but was seen doing so while wearing yesterday's clothes. It would be a terribly unbeautiful thing to do and it would certainly disgrace his Goddess.

A quiet yelp quickly followed by a thump alerted Genesis that their kitten was awake, and the red head looked down. Tangled up in a mass of blankets and limbs, Cloud looked rather adorable. The blonde stared up at him in horror, and attempted to scramble away when Genesis approached.

"What's wrong, kitten?" Genesis asked as he knelt next to Cloud. Blue eyes darted about, looking for an escape.

"You're not mad?" The red head sat on the ground, a look of confusion coming across his face. Genesis couldn't think of a reason to be mad when he currently had a cute blonde trapped and mere inches from him.

"Why in the name of the goddess would I be mad? You're looking very molestable right now," Genesis purred, moving closer to Cloud.

"W-well you were really mad last night when you got home and then you nearly took Zack's head off with a lamp when he tried to come in so--" Cloud blinked when Genesis covered his lips with his own in order to silence him. Busy hands started untangling the blanket cocoon created from the twisting and turning and the subsequent fall.

Breaking the kiss once the last blanket fell away, Genesis leaned back and stared at the cadet stretched out before him. Cloud's eyes narrowed and he yanked one of the blankets back on, earning a sigh of disappointment from the other.

"I think they fit," the blonde muttered, looking away. Genesis tilted his head to the side, puzzled at the comment. Cloud patted his own ears, blushing.

"I think they're ridiculous and unfitting," Genesis huffed, pushing himself to his feet. The red head left Cloud laying there in order to start breakfast.


The first thing that started moving when Zack awoke was his tail. It immediately set to wagging as though it couldn't miss a moment of movement. Next, Zack's entire body began moving. The raven haired Soldier stretched and twisted, yawning. There wasn't even the slightest twinge to indicate that he'd been sleeping in an uncomfortable position for several hours.

The smell of sizzling bacon and eggs alerted him to the presence of someone in the kitchen. Following his nose, Zack wandered into the brightly lit room and resisted the urge to back peddle at the sight of who stood over the stove, dressed in nothing but a pair of Angeal's over-sized sweatpants and a close fitting shirt. A good look for the normally meticulous Genesis, but still scary after last night nonetheless.

Walking over to the shorter man, Zack rested his chin on Genesis' head and took an appreciative sniff at the food. Genesis swatted at him with the spatula, still angry, but it was only half hearted.

"It smells good, Genny!" Zack's tail picked up its wagging and he was barely able to keep still. The wiggling would have annoyed Genesis even more than the nickname. Without warning, a washcloth smacked into the puppy's face and Zack reeled backwards.

"Don't call me that," Genesis groused as he flipped over a slice of bacon. Zack peeled the soaped up cloth off his face, grimacing at the feeling before tossing it into the sink. A dull thunk indicated that Genesis had even opted to wash dishes, something he normally made Angeal do.

"Don't be such a sourpuss, Genesis!" Zack was busy wiping off his face with his shirt and didn't see the hot piece of bacon flung his way. He yelped when it struck his arm, burning him. Angeal, having been awoken by the sounds and smells coming from the kitchen, entered in time to see it.

Growling, Angeal inspected his apprentice's arm. The red head huffed, and turned back to the stove in an attempt to ignore the glare directed at him. The grease burned enough when it hit you, but Genesis couldn't quite imagine having grease covered bacon hit you. Shaking his head at the guilt, he resumed monitoring the food.

The sink turned on, and Genesis heard rustling as Angeal looked around for a spare washcloth.

"Quit squirming, Zack," Angeal ordered, annoyed. "How many times have I told you not to antagonize Genesis while he's cooking?" The red head directed a glare at the duo currently hogging the sink. He should have been paying attention because just as he looked away, the grease popped.

Genesis clutched his arm, hissing at the pain, before slipping out of the kitchen. Food be damned, it hurt when grease splattered all over you! Zack would laugh and call it karma; Genesis would have to say the goddess had a sick sense of humour.

"Are you sure you should go in there?" Sephiroth's breath ghosted across his neck. Loosening his grip on the bathroom doorknob, Genesis peered over his shoulder.

"There's a lot of water and you know what they say about cats and water, don't you?" Sephiroth leaned back, anticipating the fist that swung at him. Chuckling, Sephiroth moved past Genesis and took the bathroom for himself, earning a frustrated yowl from the red head.

"I need the sink, you prick!" Genesis kicked the door in frustration.

"Angeal and Zack just finished up with the one in the kitchen." Cloud stood at the end of the hallway, carefully averting his gaze from the bright red flesh of Genesis' arm. Heaving a sigh, Genesis brushed past the blonde and hurried back into the kitchen. True to Cloud's word, neither Zack and Angeal were anywhere to be seen in the room.

"I've got the heal materia," Cloud popped up next to him, smiling slightly. Genesis continued washing the grease off his arm, wincing at the feeling of burnt flesh beneath his fingers.

"You know, cats are generally considered very beautiful and prideful creatures. They're respected for their grace and agility, along with the hunting abilities that they share with their larger cousins," Cloud whispered as he activated the Cure.

Watching the burn fade, Genesis sighed. Perhaps he should just get use to it; none of the others had any issues with their new appendages. Except maybe Sephiroth, but Genesis could understand that one.

"Besides, it's less embarrassing for you because you're actually a cat!" Cloud grinned up at him. Huffing, Genesis glared at him.

Where were all the kitten jokes when you needed them?