Fated Light

Summary of Fated Light: Now that the stunning secrets are out, and the Seal is broken, the heart of a Vampire Princess is now in the hands of the Demon. The Vampires holds the truth that Mikan is long gone. But not everyone believes that... And when a new enemy strikes with tricks behind his sleeves, who are the Morois and Strogois going to turn to? But that's not the only problem there is---the Ceremony for the Chosen Ones is just around the corner. With the Thirteen Royal Families, only two children from each family would be chosen for this ceremony. A battle for the seats of King and Queen, the next leaders of the Vampire Monarch. But when Mikan appears at the Thousand Night Ball--the opening of the Ceremony, what would happen?


Moroi- A full blooded vampire with magical powers either; fire, water, earth, air, and spirit (Moroi has its own rich class, middle class, and poor class)

Strogoi- A Moroi turned into a Strogoi is immortal and very strong physically but it loses it magical powers. Strogois' eyes are always red, is a way to tell whether they are Moroi or Strogoi.

Dhamphir- Are half Moroi and half human. They are physically strong with great instinct but do not have magic.

Guardian- a Dhamphir whose duty is to protect the Morois. It is a duty which most Dhamphirs cannot avoid since they are considered the lowest ranks in the Vampire Society.

You can turn into a Strogoi: A Moroi has to kill the person and drink all their blood (the person can be human or Dhamphir or Moroi). For a Dhamphir to become a Strogoi They are bitten by a Strogoi and then fed Strogoi's blood. Both Moroi and Dhamphir can be force to turn into a Strogoi out of their own will too. Usually when turning into a Strogoi is for immortality and power.

Chapter 1: It is Time

There was once an Angel in Heaven that had fell in love with a human. She was the most beautiful and enchanting Angel there is; she was called The Angel of Light.

She had made an Oath to the Demon in order to become human. But her price had been her downfall.

She gave her soul to him.

The tragedy of the Angel had been told in Heaven, Hell, and the Realm of Humans.

Her wish had come true, but it was the least she had dreamed.

In the Vampire history, it was said that vampires were actually Angels from Heaven. These Angels all held a sin or were shunned from Heaven. Now these exiled Angels are known as vampire in the Realm of Humans.

They had told the tale of the Angel of Light to their child, warning them not to make an Oath to the Demon.

But there's always one that is foolish or blinded by greed.

This Demon who granted their foolish dreams laughed at the ironic in them.

Because there's always a price when dealing with the Demon.

As the saying goes, an eye for an eye.

The well-known name of the Angel of Light had been changed to the Angel of Darkness.

Her soul now resides in the body of the Vampire Princess, Mikan Sakura Buhagiar the second daughter.

Mikan who has the marks blessed by God, had it really been God's marks?

The tattoos made of lines. At the back are wings formed with lines, reaching from shoulder blades to the very bottom of her spine. At the center of her chest is a weirdly shaped cross, and lines twirling and wrapping her upper body. Like roots.

It was the indication she had been the Demon's Angel.

And so it repeats once again.

Mikan the Vampire Princess had made a wish to the Demon, in order to protect her identity.

The price: her Heart.

Once upon a time the Moroi Society had thought there was only one princess in the Buhagiar family.

But they all found out that the most excellent Guardian was truly the second princess.

The princess that had helped them in the War, and had brought a new Era to the Moroi and Strogoi. She, who was declared dead, would appear in front of them once again.

I knew our lives would keep going, even if I disappear.

Time passed like a ticking clock, and though my heart now belongs to Zou…there's still one quarter of it craving for something else…

I'm not sure what it is, and how it came to be.

All that matters is that I am in Hell, the world that belongs to Zou.

"What are you thinking about?" A husky voice whispered softly into my ear, and I felt chills travel throughout my body.

"Nothing," I said, before turning to meet those blazing red eyes. They shined like fire, and were as clear and bright as rubies. The pupils were slit like ones of a serpent.

He was a different being form me. He could be cruel, violent and hateful; but none of that was ever directed to me. All he ever gave me was love, care, and laugher.

Sometimes I wondered if this Demon was truly feared by the Gods, and how his powers could grant anything.

And take everything away.

"Soon we would be going back to the Realm of Humans."

Yes…we were going back. Back to where everything began and had ended. This time with new danger, and enemies ahead.

The Morois and Strogois will once again need my help. I, who was declared dead, will appear in front of them breathing and walking.

I will make my appearance to the world at the Thousand Night Ball.

To be continued…

This was the prologue just like in the first story Fallen Darkness, anyway I would update next week probably, so just wait and see!

If you are new to this story, is recommended to read Fallen Darkness…since Fated Light is the sequel. But as I said is recommended, you don't have to. You can read the brief summary of Fallen Darkness; it might help you on understanding the story. But is not the whole summary of the story since it's too long, so is your choice whether to continue reading Fated Light or go back to the first story…

Summary of Fallen Darkness: Mikan Sakura Buhagiar was a princess in the vampire society; she held the strongest magical powers, and the purest blood among the royal vampires. And because of that she was target by the evilest being in the world. He wanted that power and blood, if he could just have it; he can destroy anything in his path in conquering the world. For the Buhagiar family to protect Mikan, they had tried to hide her existence from the Vampire World. But when choices are taken away from Mikan, the only thing that can be offer to her is the Seal; the one that would turn her into nothing but a Dhamphir. Mikan went from princess to a peasant, and from being protected to being a training bodyguard. As god may have planned, the one Mikan is guarding is none other than Natsume the vampire prince. Will love bloom? When evil beings are lurking in every corner? And who said their love would be accepted? When their ranks are as different as Heaven and Earth. But Mikan isn't exactly falling for him, with duty in hand; love is the last thing that would cross her mind. With Natsume is no difference…

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