It was a conspiracy, I tell you! They attacked me in my weakest moment when I contemplated what to do to avoid studying and suddenly I found myself in front of my computer with a half-finished story going on! And it couldn't even be a short drabble like I wanted, it just HAD to develop into an oneshot -_-" Curse you, stupid plotbunnies!

My first DC fanfic, and I'm going for the wings *sighs* Well what can ya do, I'm obsessed with them xD Only regret is I couldn't make it more Kaishin, but Kaito DID call Shin-chan HIS Tantei-kun, so I guess all is rght in the world n_n

Title: Raven, Tantei-kun?
Author: Teah no kitsune
Disclaimer: Not owning Detective Conan/Case Closed. Nuh-uh. This goes for the remainder of the story, btw.
Warnings: None I guess, if you don't count the slight mention of blood

The hang-glider enlarged itself as soon as Kaito's hand triggered the switch. A final leap over the ledge to gain momentum, and not a moment later the thief was plummeting fast to the ground below, violet eyes fixed on the small body of the detective that was falling through the air.

Dammit, nobody got hurt on his heists, especially not his favorite Tantei-kun!

He reached a hand out to grab the not-child, but several things happened at once, none of them what either teen (or teen in the body of a child) expected. As Tantei-kun reached his own hand out, the light reflected off his dart-watch, causing Kaito's dodging reflex to kick in. He twitched only slightly, an automatic reaction, and while it normally wouldn't even have been noticeable, on his hang-glider in the air it caused an up-draft to hit him and pull him up.

His hand grasped for the one not even an inch away from his, but his fingers only slightly brushed a wrist before he was up in the air again, flying away from the detective. A shocked expression fell over both of their faces, Kaito's poker-face momentarily shattered, before Kudo's eyes hardened in determination and acceptance, as if he had to make a difficult decision and had finally come to terms with his choice.

He gave a silent nod at Kaito, for what he wasn't sure, and mouthed one last word to him before twisting around, head towards the earth, hands wide open at both sides.

Kaito tried to twist the glider, to turn around, to do something, because he couldn't let Kudo die, dammit! But his glider wouldn't obey, the draft he picked up being too strong to fight against it. He watched helplessly as the detective plummeted down, down below, his face embedded in his memory, the expression of concentration and pain evident to Kaito's excellent night-vision.

He watched him shut his eyes in pain.

His mouth twist open in a pained cry.

His hands ball into fists and his body move into a fetal position as the ground neared ever the closer.

He almost shut his eyes as to not witness the tragedy that was about to happen, but they determinedly remained open, following the last command the not-child would have ever given him.


And what happened next made Kaito infinitely glad he decided to do so, because he wasn't sure he would have ever believed it if he hadn't seen it with his very own two eyes.

In an explosion of feathers and black and sparkles (or maybe it was black feathers and blood splatters glinting in the moonlight, Kaito wasn't sure) and suddenly his Tantei-kun wasn't so much plummeting helplessly to the pavement below as letting himself fall. Body twisting in the air, one flap, two flaps of those majestic dark appendages and he was only hovering there in the air, looking down below with a neutral face.

Briefly Kaito realized that not once did the detective, not even when he was desperately reaching for Kaito's hand, show any sign of fear. Urgency and shock, yes, but any sign of fear was absolutely absent, as if he belonged there, as if the sky itself was his refuge instead of demise, and now he understood why. It reminded the thief briefly of himself, and yet it was so much more than he would ever be able to understand.

Tantei-kun's eyes left the ground below and met Kaito's own violet gaze, so far away by now but not any less intense. Another flap of his wings, the appendages spanning at least thrice the length of his seven-year-old body, and he was hurtling towards the hang-glider at speeds the thief could only dream of ever achieving.

Kaito didn't try to escape, he didn't even try to change his path. There was no point in running when you were facing a creature such as this. And really, Kudo was at an advantage right now, he hated to admit. The sky wasn't Kid's territory anymore it seemed, but this ultimate predator's one behind him.

He turned his head back to the front, watching his path and keeping the hang-glider steady. He wasn't afraid, he knew Tantei-kun would never hurt anyone that didn't make the first step and somehow he doubted the Kid went into that category, with his non-violence policy and the rival-acquaintance thing going on. Also, he trusted Tantei-kun would enlighten him on his feathery problem soon enough. He just seemed the type of person that didn't like people making up false accusations and getting the wrong picture. His detective side simply wouldn't allow for it.

He was proven right on his assumption not a moment later. It came with a barely audible flap of wings above him and the slight tip of his hang-glider to the side. A feather fell spinning from overhead and Kaito automatically caught it, observing it.

It was larger than an usual bird's one, with a purely black sheen to it, like a raven's. There were a few splatters of dark liquid on it, and as Kaito dragged his finger over them, the liquid getting absorbed into the white fabric of his gloves, he realized it was blood. So the appendages really did grow out of flesh and bone then.

Pulling his gaze away from the feather, he looked up, up above his hang-glider, and found Tantei-kun's face peering over it, his hands holding the tip and directing it to a nearby construction site. His face was closed off, un-caring and neutral to most people, but Kaito wasn't most people. He could see the slight worry and apprehension swimming in those blue pools watching the feather in his hand.

'He's worried about my reaction to his secret,' Kaito mused. 'He thinks I'll reject him for it.' Well, no need to worry about that, because Kaito wasn't going to run away screaming his head off like a frightened chicken. Kid strived on challenges and mysteries, and if anything, it only made the not-child all the more intriguing to the thief.

So, it was with a mischievous smirk rather than a frightened grimace that he met Tantei-kun's gaze head-on and held the feather mockingly between two fingers.

"Raven, Tantei-kun? Why doesn't that surprise me?"

And the relieved glare he received left him wondering whether he should chuckle at the sight of the indignant expression or gulp remembering he was at this creature's mercy.

In the end he simply decided to forgo all logic and common sense and possibly put himself at Death's Door by saying those final words.

"Feathers ruffled much?"

The trip to the construction site was one Kaito would never forget. Ever.

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