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Title: Raven, Tantei-kun?
Author: Teah no kitsune
Warnings: None.

Chapter 5: Confrontation

The final bell ringing was like music to the ears of the grade-schoolers eagerly awaiting it since… well, the moment they entered the building. Conan could never get why the rush for the exit was so important. After all, it didn't matter if you went out elbowing your way through the throng of children ready to stomp over you, or simply waited a few moments for the hallways to clear so you could make a quiet and clean escape.

He'd told the others they should go home without him, since Ran had offered to come pick him up after her school let out. It would take some time for her to get there, but Conan could wait.

Or, more accurately, he had to wait. Ran had given him that kind smile, that wasn't really so kind as promising all sorts of punishments if he decided to go home without her. The girl was overprotective and wanted to see her little brother was indeed alright after a full day spent moving with the 'backlash' still acting up.

He brought the strap of the bag over his shoulder, letting it hang by his side as he exited the classroom and slowly made his way in the direction of the school gates. He shifted slightly as he felt a familiar sting coming back from between his shoulder blades, not as intense as that morning, but still able to be felt. He thought he'd gotten rid of it already, it had barely bothered him through the last class. Maybe it was because he hadn't moved that much while sitting, only using his hand in the minimal effort of completing the schoolwork he was assigned to do. He'll just have to deal with it.

By now he was already standing by the gates, hands tucked into the pockets of his khaki pants, a bored half-lidded expression on his face. Ran wouldn't be coming any time soon, since her school had just let out. Now what to do…

Almost like drawn to it, his head started turning to his right.

There, a small distance away, a small wooden bench resided, conveniently situated in the shade of a tree looming over the wall separating the schoolyard from the street. A person sat on it leisurely.

Yet, it wasn't the woman (for she was obviously a woman, he could see the curved line of her chest from his position) that caught his attention. It was the doves.

Around the bench thirty or so birds dove and waddled, hopping here and there, scrambling for the pieces of food the woman that had obviously fed them. She had short brown hair and fair skin, probably the age he would be if he wasn't shrunk, the perfect picture of ordinary just radiating of off her. She was even wearing a knee-length skirt and hardly eye-catching sweater.

His eyes narrowed, observing the avians at her feet, and he found himself determinedly stepping in the direction of the assembly.

Soon he was standing in front of the bench, his steps momentarily startling the colorful gray, black and white doves into short-lived flight, staring at the woman before him. Said woman had closed eyes, for all intents and purposes just enjoying the fine afternoon.

Conan wasn't fooled. It was time for a confrontation.

"You were impersonating our substitute sensei from earlier, weren't you? I bet you've been following me the whole day, even watching me this morning on my way to school." He started calmly. "What do you have to say for yourself, Kaitou Kid-san?"

The woman opened one eye to peer at him, the violet of their depths even more ascertaining him that they were contact lenses (since he'd met no person with an eye color such as that before), her whole posture otherwise still relaxed, as if she was indeed for all the world looking at a unfamiliar boy that decided to crash on her peaceful rest.

"Oooh? Why would you believe I'm Kid-san, boya?" She asked in a perfect soprano. If Conan, if Shinichi had been any other person, he would have faltered in his deduction and wonder at the probability of it all. Really, the notorious thief following just him around and having nothing better to do but stalk small detectives?

But he knew better than that.

"I felt you watching me this morning, that I know." Even if it was mixed with the creepy stare of a strangely sharp-eyed dove that he'd grown used to, there had still been more than one person watching him. "And your handwriting back in class had been slightly off. Passable enough to remain undetected, yet still there. Also, Kobayashi-sensei has told us a few days before that the man had left for a trip to Kyoto, so for him to suddenly appear out of thin air and offer himself as a replacement right when our sensei needed a day off… It's pretty obvious once you get all the clues together."

Pleased and guttural coos of satisfied doves gobbling down food were the only sounds within their earshot, everything else falling back into an unimportant blur. There were only the two of them, everything else disregarded, and Conan liked it that way, because if the disguised Kid decided to make a spectacular escape right then and there, he would be at least able to deter him slightly, as focused as his attention was on him.

"Interesting theory you have there, boya." She pointed dramatically at herself, as if offended by the very idea. "But, why would I, of all people, be a thief in disguise?" She crossed her legs, a typical gesture a woman would do, but Conan's eyes sharpened at the movement.

"Your doves." He said, nudging his foot in their direction and causing a few of them to skitter in fright.

The woman cocked her head in interest.

"Birds get easily frightened into flight by sudden motions or loud voices," The boy repeated Mitsuhiko's earlier statement. "Yet, during the whole time, even when your crossed your legs, they remained undisturbed. Such a level of familiarity speaks of great trust and more than a bit of training, which would mean you've been spending quite a bit of quality time with them."

He pulled his hands out of his pockets, just so he could be in reach of his dart-watch if the situation so required it. "And, frankly, I don't remember ever seeing you around here feeding birds, so your presence must be fairly new to this neighborhood, and to the batch of doves surrounding this school. Give up the act, Kaitou Kid-san, you've been found out."

For a moment, the woman gazed at him, still with that look that spoke 'I'll humor this boy I just randomly met'. Just a moment. And then a familiar smirk slowly stretched across her face, making the boy unconsciously tense and ready for an attack.

"My, my," The voice changed, becoming more husky and definitely manlier, much more familiar, just so Conan could feel a small bit of victory at the absolute truth of his deduction. Then it returned back to the soprano of a young woman. "To think my disguise has been found out, it seems I will have to work quite a bit on it from now on."

"Don't flatter me, I know you made those mistakes on purpose. You know better than to watch for too long after all, and the handwriting, while unintentional, would have gone unnoticed if you hadn't taken the time-" 'And pleasure probably,' he thought sardonically. "-to make me focus more on your lesson."

"Ah, yes," The man-in-a-woman's-disguise drawled. "The infamous sixth sense you seem to posses. Quite remarkable, I must say. Is that a trait of your… condition?"

Kid's eyes watched him as his eyes darkened at the word. His hands clenched into fists tightly, so tightly he would be lucky if only crescent marks remained instead of small wounds. He gritted his teeth, his whole body tensing, and regarded the suddenly quiet magician with eyes the color of ice chips.

"Never," he ground out, his voice laden with something that definitely drew all Kid's focus to him. "Never refer to that incident again."


The question was so simple, and yet there were so many answers that Conan, Shinichi, couldn't even begin to fathom. He didn't know how to even voice all those, how to reply to the question without descending into a long talk of just why it was such a mistake, such a sham to show those, those…

Yet one word covered it all.

"It's illogical."

Unnatural, impossible, shouldn't exist, against every belief of sensible and probable, nonexistent.

"When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth."

He let himself barely start at the use of the famous quote, barely act surprised that Kaito Kid, of all people, had said it. He retaliated as best as he could, the cold anger seeping through his veins. "Yet, while impossible, probable doesn't even begin to cover the truth." What did that thief know about him, anyway? "And improbable is. not. logical."

He was sure the thief had by now realized what he meant. Illogical meant unexplainable, transcendent, something that detectives never did. And to a detective like him, the sheer fact that he was someone, something that fit into that criteria, and that there was a possibility that there were other impossibilities, just like him… it must have been a hard blow.


"It's who you are, Tantei-kun."

"No, it's what I am."

The thief shook his head sorrowfully.

"What is the difference between those even?"

His eyes narrowed, the answer delivered in a quiet and hard voice, speaking of the certainty of the matter. "It's not important what I am, as long as I know who I am. And, I will keep it that way."

He held his eyes locked with the false violet ones of the thief, daring him to say anything against his resolve.

"And what are the consequences of that choice?"

Like he would tell him.

"That doesn't concern you."

And in that one moment of silence that followed, followed and seemed to stretch on forever, Conan thought he'd won the argument with the other.

He wasn't sure why the thief had deemed it necessary to follow him around, keep watch on him and preach him about his own problem (a problem that hurt in more ways than one, the most obvious one evident as he shifted slightly to alleviate it in his tenseness), but he knew what he was going to do with it. He'd done it the first time around, and it had gone right.

He'd do it the same this time too, even if it would prove harder with the slightly different circumstances involved.

He knew what to do and the thief and whatever his reason was for seeking out the detective could do nothing against it.

And then a smirk, dimmed down by the seriousness of the atmosphere, lit up again upon that face.

"Does it?" A click of a tongue, as if disappointed the detective thought so little of him. "Well then, it is my deepest regret to tell you that I have already appointed myself the task of helping you," he cut off the detective's remark with a wave of his hand, suddenly causing all the doves to take flight. The small not-child was momentarily blinded by the bodies and feathers overtaking his vision, only able to hear the voice of their owner permeating the loud flaps in his ear. "And I mean help you my way, Kudo-kun."

The doves took to the sky, leaving the food behind on their master's wish and taking with them the few that weren't of their batch, flapping and beating their wings as they disappeared in the distance. The small space the shade of the tree provided for the bench suddenly seemed bare, the scattered corns and pieces of bread only magnifying the feeling.

Kid stood up from the bench, still in his late-teen-girl disguise, and looked on in the distance. And despite his relaxed posture, his perfect Pokerface, Conan could see the resolve, the hardened eyes that attested to the fact that he would follow through with his self-appointed task, and Conan could do nothing against it.

And the boy was now really tired, after a day as productive as this one, and he found his own stubbornness crumpling, if only to get rid of the headache it caused him.

"Suit yourself."

They both understood the secret meaning.

'But it won't help you any.'

Didn't mean they wouldn't try.

"So," the soft soprano drew his attention. This time it was playful, an obvious sign all serious conversation had come to an end, and Conan unwillingly found himself tensing again, ready to use his dart-watch if the thief tried anything with him.

The other, however, just smiled mischievously, as if laughing at an inside joke only he could understand. It made Conan all the more uncomfortable.


The smile stretched into a grin. "Got a new friend?"

It took a few moments for the not-child to make sense of the statement. Okay, maybe it even took Kid's finger pointing at his left pant to get it. The dove from before was clutching at it with its claws, peering up at him with those sharp eyes.

He almost sweat-dropped. What the…?

'…What is wrong with this bird?'

"Hmm, I don't really know. He's always been acting somewhat strangely, even back in his nest. Kept watching the others instead of playing with them. Weird really." Apparently his thought had been said aloud, since the thief's grin only widened. "Kind of like you actually, Tantei-kun~"

Conan really wanted to kick him right now. He doubted he'd be able to run fast with a skirt like that, but then again with Kid you never knew – maybe the thief would find it funny if the wind blew the skirt a little too high for the small (and small was in this instance an advantage he definitely wouldn't want to exploit) teenager-turned-boy. Ugh, that brought forth images he didn't want to imagine, and the boy shook his whole body to get his mind out of the gutter.

The shudder brought his attention back to the dove at his pant leg, which suddenly decided it would be better if it climbed up to its usual spot. Well, it was quickly becoming a usual spot.

He could feel Kid's gaze as the dove slowly ascended to his shoulders with the help of its claws and Conan's hand that helped it up. When it finally settled itself, the familiar warmth once again seeping though the spot between neck and shoulder, the boy turned his head just in time to see the woman, the man behind the woman, smiling kindly at the display.

"It never showed this attitude to any of the kids I showed it off to." He said, glancing to meet Conan's eyes. "Like it?"

He didn't know how to respond to that. "It's… nice, I guess."

Somehow that felt like he was signing a contract he didn't know anything about. Kid's widening smile only proved it more.

He wanted to further inquire about that, but the dove on his shoulder suddenly shook itself, wadded a few steps away from his neck, and took to the air. The display was as breathtaking as the first time, the pure white wings making the span of it seem longer, and the white tail just adding to the effect. To Conan that combination of dark gray and white seemed even more graceful than the pure white Kid used.

The cause of the avian's flight, however, was soon found out to be none other than the person Conan had totally forgotten about.

"Conan-kun! Conan-kun, where are you?"

"Ah, I'm over here, Ran-neechan!" Conan called, waving his hand for good measure to the figure standing in front of the school gates a distance away. He put it back down once he saw his best friend making her way over to him.

He turned around, expecting the spot where Kid would have stood to be empty, only to be surprised by the fact that he was still there, and, furthermore, winked at Conan in a way that left him with a feeling of dread in the pit of his stomach.

Oh God, please don't tell me would…

He would.

The whole way back to the agency, the small not-child brooded and sulked, even whined at one point for Ran to hurry so they could finally eat because he ate nothing in school and he was hungry. Of course, he blushed furiously at all the excuses he tried to pull, one more pathetic than the other, aware of the amused stare that Ran's 'new friend' was boring him with.

Why? Why did the thief have to torture him so much? Didn't he know what this meant? Didn't he know Ran was reputed for her loyalty, reputed for keeping a close bond to those she considered friends? Now Ran will of course want to meet with her 'friend' again, want to nurture that bond, and of course want to take him with her to meet her friend also and oh god he wanted to bash his head against a wall in his plight…

And now they were taking a longer detour home, just so they could accompany 'Shienko' (and God did Conan want to laugh at the name, or just hit the thief for it) to her house that was conveniently situated near Beika. Conan doubted their destination was Kid's real home, especially as she'd apologized for not being able to invite them in since she lived with her sick uncle that needed peace and rest, but maybe he would at least get a glimpse of one of Kid's hideouts.

Maybe. It wasn't worth the humiliation of the two girls (one not so much feminine as 'she'd' like to present 'herself') giggling over his cuteness and child-like behavior. 'Shienko' had even chided Ran that she'd have to be careful on how much sugar or caffeine he took. That one earned him such a glare behind Ran's back that he was sure he saw a small cringe.

Nobody messed with his morning coffee, dammit.

It was with relief that the small detective parted from the disguised criminal, happy to finally get rid of all the annoying remarks. It had been an exhausting day and all Conan wished, even if it was only afternoon, was to curl up in his futon and fall asleep. Maybe it was even better this way, since it meant the Snoring Engine wouldn't be there to ruin it for him.

Out of the corner of his eye, as Ran and him steadily increased the distance between the apartment complex Kid had claimed as his 'home', Conan saw the false female slip inside the door. He wondered if the thief would sneak out by a back entrance or really go to an apartment he'd bought there.

"Conan-kun?" His caretaker said. He turned his head to look up at her, his hand clasped in hers, and saw her giving him a slightly disapproving expression. "Conan-kun, I hope you behave better next time Shienko-chan meets up with us, because I really wouldn't like leaving you at home because of it."

She watched as the eyes of the small child at her side slowly began to widen, his face beginning to flush as he no doubt began to recollect his behavior from before, analyzing it bit by bit and finding all the flaws within it.

And she was right. He hung his head down, his face red to the tips of his ears, ashamed as he finally noticed the utterly childish temper tantrum he'd displayed. In his quest to get rid of Kid he'd somehow crossed the lines of 'dignified' and descended into 'by all means' without noticing, and boy did he feel guilty for it. No doubt Ran was imagining how her new friend must be thinking about her, taking care of such a spoiled brat and doing nothing against it. Even if Conan was sure Kid would never do that, since he knew this was all a game and found it utmost entertaining, if nothing else, Ran didn't know that.

"I-I'm sorry Ran-neechan. I'm just really tired and I wanted to go sleep. I-I hadn't thought…"

The girl's softened at his sincere apology, not finding herself capable of scolding a child that had already learned its lesson. She placed her hand on his head, patting down the few strands that escaped the cowlick affectionately. "It's alright, Conan-kun. I just wanted you to know that sometimes you need to watch your attitude, but… I think you know that now."

Then, as if to make him feel better as they ascended the stairs to the apartment above the agency (how had they come back so quickly?) she patted him gently on the back for good measure, before letting go of his hand and entering their residence.

She didn't notice Conan tense up at the touch, nor his face twist into a grimace.

Hell, it didn't seem like all of the pain had diminished, no matter how much he'd liked to think so.

The next half an hour seemed like a blur to him. He'd eaten whatever Ran had made, of that he was sure, and then somehow he'd managed to get ready for bed barely noticing it, his mind muddled from the events of the day and more than ready to shut down. As he had made his way from the bathroom to Kogoro's and his bedroom, bracing himself internally for the smell and the pain he would endure in his task of falling asleep, a noise made him stop in his tracks.

A coo.

He turned his head, almost unwillingly, to the window of the living room, some small part of him already anticipating what he would find, especially with the tingling now once again tickling at his senses.

The dove.

It watched him, blinked, ruffled its feathers up, waddled over to a part that was partially open, and gave him a look.

Despite his instincts telling him otherwise, the not-child approached the window per demand, mindful not to alert a busy Ran in the kitchen nearby, and opened it as silently as he could manage. As soon as there was enough space to squeeze through, the dove entered and latched onto the hand still holding the window open. Claws dug into the loose pajamas with a little more difficulty than normal, and Conan had to help the bird with his hands so it could make it to its usual spot without starting to flap its wings for balance.

"Stay quiet," he warned.

The dove didn't even coo its assent. Good.

The door of the bedroom was, for once, closed with a sigh of relief, instead of disgust at the alcoholic smell. He really needed to clean, especially if the dove planned on staying here a long time. Said avian gave a loud coo once it saw it was safe, but Conan hurried to shush it.

"No, you can't be too loud or Ran will hear, Dove-san, not to mention Occhan when he comes in to sleep." He chided it. Internally he wondered if his sanity had finally come to an end, but dismissed the thought as unimportant. "Got it?"

This time it wasn't a coo that answered him, but a small peck on his cheek. The beak was warm, contrary to the cold he'd been expecting, and it hadn't so much been painful as just reassuring.

Yawning, he laid down in the futon, mindful to not dislodge his companion unintentionally as he settled on the side opposite of the one the bird was resting on. He grimaced as he soon became aware that sleeping on his side just wasn't the same as on his stomach. He shifted again, trying to get rid of the ever present itch.

The weight on his shoulder left, and he opened one eye to see the bird hop down on the sheets beside his head. It ruffled its feathers up again, then settled down with its weight lightly leaning against his neck.

He snorted, accommodating to the new freedom of movement by lying on his stomach, mindful not to disturb the dove, and closed his eyes again. He took a deep breath, somehow the smell of the room seeming diminished by the scent of feathers coming from the avian curled up against him, and he found himself finally, finally for the first time in a long time, with the warmth of the dove that was almost like a bright aura, falling asleep.


He could feel Kid's gaze as the dove slowly ascended to his shoulders with the help of its claws and Conan's hand that helped it up. When it finally settled itself, the familiar warmth once again seeping though the spot between neck and shoulder, the boy turned his head just in time to see the woman, the man behind the woman, smiling kindly at the display.


"What?" The boy asked, somewhat unsure of the tightening of the thief's expression and the clasped hands coming up to his chest. Somehow it seemed familiar…

"Nothing, I just…"

Very familiar…

"It's just that, that…"

And suddenly it hit him.

"Oh , to hell with professional distance! Come here!"

And before Conan could even think of making a run for it, he was suddenly enveloped in a tight hug, his face pressed against an artificial bosom with the dove on his shoulders somehow managing to stay on.

As the thief holding him tightly only continued his chants of "Ohmygod, how cute, you are so cute!" Conan vowed to take revenge on him later. Screw not chasing the thief-in-a-skirt, he would kick him in the shins if it was the last thing he did.

…Was Kid wearing a perfume?

… A lemon scented one?


Shien-ko - Purple smoke - child

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