Dark Shadow


Deep in the torn and abandoned streets of the World that Never Was; a dark, thin, wisp of a shadow slowly slithered along the broken up ground. Barely a sliver of shadow upon shadow it gradually made its way towards a small, cowering figure. The figure shook from the cold, and fear. The sliver slithered up the person's leg, tickling the person's skin as a small voce hissed into the air.

"Helllooo little one, are you lossssstt?"

The person quickly shook their head, watching as the small head of the wisp rocked back and forth.

"Then I we cannnn help each otheerrrr." It hissed. "I will help you find you hearrrrrtttt, if you help me reclaim my body."

The small sliver slowly, slithered up the persons arm. A small, hissing laugh echoed throughout the dark street. The person's eyes grew wide as a long, black cloak formed out of thin air, covering their body; the sliver chuckled to, and hissed himself.

"Oh, yesssss my dear riku, you will not escape me thisss time."