Dark Shadow


The End

The heartless looked weaker than before, its skin seemed to slowly become lighter and thinner. Its bright yellow eyes seemed to wander from Riku, then to naiou's limp body, then back to Riku. Riku felt his heart began to weaken, his arms started to shake as he heard a small, whisper come into his mind.

"You did great." The airy voice said. "Riku you did it, you've done what you needed to do."

"But I lose you… I haven't accomplished anything. Xehanort was right, I've lost."

"No Riku! You've won! You have done everything in your power to stop someone that truly needed to be stopped. You have truly become the hero of darkness, and have saved me as well."

"How can you say that? You are still dying and there's nothing I can do to save you. My father is gone, and now I'm losing both of you."

The heartless let out a soft whimper, it hobbled over next to Riku, looking deep into his sapphire eyes, slowly reaching its hand up to his cheek. Riku moved his head down so the little creature's fingers could reach his soft skin.

"Riku… you have saved me. Remember last night? The one with the thunder clouds, and we talked about each other?"

Riku softly nodded.

"Well Riku, it was in that moment I realized that what I was doing, what I was planning with Xehanort to do to you… was wrong. I saw in your eyes how much pain you had gone through, how much of yourself you had sacrificed to the darkness. And I felt for you, I know I shouldn't have… but something stirred inside of me to try and stop Xehanort before it was too late. He promised me he wouldn't harm you, but now I know now… that it was a mistake to trust him. And when I saw him about to strike you down, as he opened up your heart to destroy you… I couldn't watch you die… I wouldn't watch you die. So I by saving you, you've saved me."

Riku felt ice strike his chest. Tears seemed to stream down his eyes, he didn't notice Sora and kairi walk up behind him as gently wrapped his hand around the small, cold fingers.

"But Naiou… what about me? I can't bear to watch you die either. There must be something I can do, please Naiou, tell me how I can help you, what do I need you to do?"

"I need you to be strong Riku. And try not to… miss me… when I'm gone. Oh, and Riku… your dad is fine. He'll be at your… home waiting for you… when you… return."

Riku's eyes widened, he shouted as he watched the fading heartless disappear into darkness, his eyes didn't blink as the last sign of the bright yellow eyes faded. Sora kneeled down next to him, gently grabbing naiou's arm.

"Riku? Riku let me help you take her away."

Riku's eyes flashed in anger, he jerked Naiou back into his arms, not daring to let her go. Sora placed his hand on Riku's.

"Come on Riku, she's gone. We… we need to take her somewhere else, somewhere where she can rest."

"She's not dead." Riku snapped.

"Riku don't-"

"She's not dead!" Riku screamed. "SHE'S NOT DEAD! SHE'LL COME BACK! NO SHE'S NOT GONE!"

Riku pressed her chest against his, everything in his being began to burn, and he continued to scream as he looked down into her pale, lifeless face.


Riku pressed his ear against her chest, waiting, anxiously listing for any sound f a heartbeat, but no sound grew in her chest. His eyes cheeks started to burn, it felt like liquid fire was being poured into his mind. Sora tried to grab her arms, but Riku pushed him away, tears streamed down his face as he started to moan from the pain in his chest.

"Naiou! Naiou please… don't, don't do this."

Through the tears Riku looked at her still face, gently brushing away her long, silver bangs out of her closed eyes. He pressed his nose against hers; he gently brushed his finger tips against her cold, smooth cheek, and then closed his eyes as he softly kissed her.

Sora and kairi watched breathless, they searched each other's faces for anything to say, but they couldn't find any.

As Riku opened his eyes he lifted his face, he saw one of his tears reflect in the moonlight as t fell onto naiou's cheek. He quickly, but softly brushed away his tear, then he started to sob harder as he rested his head on her chest. Sora kneeled back down next to his friend, he firmly grabbed his shoulder.

"Riku, Riku if you want us to leave we will. But will be back in an hour to come take you home ok?"

Riku didn't respond, Sora instantly stood and grabbed kairi, she looked at Riku, then into Sora's eyes. Her eyes started to water as she walked away with Sora.

Riku cried until his heart could take no more, he only laid his head against her hollow chest. He slowly closed his eyes as he stretched out his stiff legs, then he gently laid her head down onto his chest as he leaned against a giant, grey stone. He let his mind clear, letting all his senses take over, not letting anything disturb this moment. The he felt something tick against his chest, he quickly opened his eyes, then the tick came again. He pressed his ear against her chest, his heart leaped as he heard the smallest, muffled heartbeat echo beneath her skin.

He heard a soft moan come from her mouth; Riku lifted her head next to his. Color started to fill her cheeks, her limbs started to regain their natural warmth. Riku smiled as he saw naiou's eyes weakly open, their golden fire started to revive within them. She softly placed her hand against her cheek; a small tear fell down her cheek. Riku delicately grabbed her hand as her eyes closed again. He quietly raised himself to his feet carrying her in his arms, a dark purplish hew reflected in his eyes as he opened a dark portal. As he walked towards it he gently whispered in her ear.

"It's ok, I've got you. Now let me take care of you this time. I just hope you know Naiou, that I could never let you go… for you are the source of my only light besides Sora, and kairi. You are the one… that will always see the true sacred darkness within me. Even if I'm too stubborn to see it myself. "

Riku tightly wrapped her in his arms; he knew in his heart that he would never let his dark, sacred shadow go.