Papillon tapped his foot impatiently. A random passerby glanced up at him, and upon seeing a tall man in a butterfly getup complete with wings perched atop a telephone pole, promptly fainted. Papillon gave a slight chuckle at the man's reaction, but his gaze immediately returned to Kevin's house.

"It appears I underestimated you, Levin. I thought for sure you would have activated it by now. Not quite as foolish as the rumors said, hmm...." He pulled a cell phone from out of his sleeve and pressed one on the speed dial. "Don't you dare hang up, you cowardly little worm. You promised me, told me about his abilities and that he wouldn't be able to resist this powerful of a weapon."

He paused for a moment, listening to Argit's response. He shook his head. "I found you floating in that river...I told you then that you owe your life to me, and I will take it back if this does not work. And it'll be a lot less pleasant than drowning. And far slower." He smiled as he heard the terror fill the voice of the creature on the other line. "Of course, fourty eight more hours is reasonable...but if he hasn't by then..." Even though Argit couldn't see it, Papillon drew a finger across his throat, his voice making a sound like ripping paper. "Goodbye Argit. I suspect I'll be seeing you soon...."

There was a yelp from the other end of the line as Papillon hung up. "Come now, Levin, I'm getting bored of this. Much longer and I won't be able to just stand by idly....After all, it's only a matter of time before Muto heads here to stop me, and I'd hate for him to go through so much trouble only to find my plot hasn't worked."

Guilt was not something Kevin Ethan Levin usually had problems with. Smash a few heads together, steal some tech here or there, what did it matter? Those damn Tennyson cousins... he noted. He flipped the kakugane in the air, as though it were a simple coin. He caught it.

The numerals glared back up at him.

"All right....this side is heads," He decided. "If it comes up heads again, I'll give it a try....tails, and I'll be responsible and let Gwen and Ben help me check into it before resorting to that. Or maybe I'll just sell it, let it be someone else's problem...Yeah. That's what those two would want me to do...Well, close enough," He added, noting that Gwen especially would be vocal about wanting him to destroy the device completely, fearing what it could do.

He flipped it into the air, and felt momentarily disappointed when it came up what he had deemed 'tails'.

"Well," He said, taking it into his hands and considering it for a moment. "It would be irresponsible for me to sell it not knowing what it does..." He clutched it close to his body, concentrating on it, figuring that maybe if he absorbed it, he could figure it out. "I at least owe that to my buyers, as a responsible trader and all..."

The kakugane flashed momentarily, before melting in his palm. "What the hell? I should get a refund for this---" The now liquified metal sunk into his skin.

"What in the...?" Kevin looked himself over. His skin was still its normal pale shade. He pinched himself, but it still hurt. "What a piece of crap," He decided. "Oh well. At least it means I don't have to tell Gwen about my experiment...."

Papillon didn't know how, but he could sense it. Kevin Levin had taken the bait.

"All that's left now is to wait for Muto to show up...and then the real fun begins..."

"Uh...Sir....Isn't it hot in that coat?" The flight attendant poked Captain Bravo on the shoulder, desperately looking for eyes underneath the outfit to address the question to.

"Why not at all! My rigorous training has made it possible to endure great amounts of heat or cold thanks to my ---"

"Just once, just one time, can you pretend to be normal?!" Tokiko hissed. "We're trying to blend in!"

"But does shouting that we're trying to blend in help anything?" Gouta wondered aloud.

"Stay out of this!"

" long as you're comfortable, sir," The flight attendant amended, wandering off while muttering something under her breath about not being paid nearly enough to deal with it.

"Hey, Kazuki, you're being uncharacteristically quiet. What's up?" Gouta asked, elbowing Kazuki hard in the ribs. The two got along very well, but Gouta was still a little sore that Kazuki had won Tokiko's affections.

"Ow..." Kazuki rubbed his side. "I'm just wondering. I thought Chouno was okay with how everything ended. Does this mean I did something that upset him recently?"

"Kazuki, we don't worry about what humunculi think. That's not our business," Tokiko said, her face a mixture of both sympathy and irritated patience, "You know what our business is. When you didn't kill him last time, you just prolonged the inevitable."

"But he helped us! He saved my life! I'd still be a Victor if it wasn't for him....Doesn't that mean anything?"

"Of course it does," Tokiko said, patting him on the shoulder. "If it comes to it, we'll give him a swift death."

Kazuki raised an eyebrow at her.

"What? I'm working on it. Not everyone can be sunshine and happiness like you and your sister."

Kazuki chuckled and leaned over to kiss her, only to be met with a punch to the side of his head. "Oww! What was that for, Gouta?"

"Sorry...." Gouta said with a shrug.

A new flight attendant, a male, stepped up this time. "Um...the other passengers would like you four to please be quiet. You're scaring some of them, and we keep getting complaints..."

"Bravo! How polite! We will certainly try to tone it down!" Bravo promised. The attendant scampered away, a rather disbelieving look on his face.

Author's note: I know having Papillon call Kevin stupid seems mean, but Kevin tends to be regarded as though he's dumb, despite his technical genius. I do not feel that way about him, in fact, I adore the character. And sorry for all the jokes in this chapter, I just can't seem to restrain myself.