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'As we forgive those who trespass against us' is a line from The Lord's Prayer, a prayer that, if I'm not mistaken, is one that every Christian regardless of religion should have encountered at least once in their life. For those unfamiliar with this payer you can check out the wiki page about it: .org/wiki/Lord%27s_Prayer. Also, Tony's religious affiliation, if any, is not known but my guess is that he would have been raised Catholic since his father is Italian-American and the religion of the majority of Italian-Americans and of Italy is Roman Catholic.

Spoilers: 7x02 'Reunion'

Any recognizable dialogue comes from the episode.

"No, it is I who am sorry."

Ziva's words echoed loudly in his quiet and deserted corner of the evidence garage. He had been sitting there for at least ten minutes thinking about their conversation in the men's room. Hearing her say that she was wrong to not trust him was what he wanted, wasn't it? Then why wasn't he happier?

"She said she was sorry," a female voice said and Tony's head snapped up. His eyes landed on the image of Caitlin Todd wearing a pale blue lightweight sweater and dark gray professional trousers. Of all of Kate's work outfits, that was one of his favorites.

"Your hair is longer, I like it," he commented.

"I know," she said smirking as she joined him on the ground.

"Did she mean it?"

"What do you think?" she queried.

He sighed; he had forgotten that part. Kate was dead; she only existed in their memories or in Tony's case as his own personal Jiminy Cricket, this Kate only knew what his mind knew, nothing more, nothing less.

"Well, what do you think?" she asked once again.

He shrugged his shoulders, after everything that happened he was no longer sure what to think about well, anything.

"Well, do you forgive her?" Kate asked learning forward so that the crucifix hanging on a chain around her neck caught the light that reached the dim secluded corner. Tony watched, fascinated, as the light played across the silver surface of the crucifix, Kate always wore it but it was usually hidden under her top. The first time he saw it was right after her first hard case and what a case it was, the kidnapping, gang rape and murder of a First Lieutenant by the Juarez Cartel. The cartel had targeted the First Lieutenant in retaliation for the arrests of prominent members by her uncle, the police chief of Juarez, Mexico.


Once back in the car Tony knew without a doubt that tonight would be a 'get so plastered he couldn't remember his name' type of night because it was much better than the alternative—much, much better. When he glanced over at Kate, he saw her clutching a delicate silver crucifix connected to a long and equally delicate silver chain.

"You okay?" he asked with a softness and concern in his voice that Kate had never heard from her partner before.


"You were always the better Catholic," he responded quietly.