I love Kurt; I really do, so I'm not sure why I wrote this… I guess I was too bored.

Anyway, English is not my native language, it's Spanish and I don't get to practice a lot since I'm in Latin America, so forgive my horrible grammar mistakes.

I don't know how far along Quinn was in the last episode, where Finn found out the baby wasn't his, but I'm going to guess four months? Don't know…So this Ficc is really really really dark, and once I reread it, I will probably label it as angst-y…how lovely…Finn is ooc (or maybe not, maybe there's a secret dark part in his heart where he's bad and wants to xxx Kurt XD! (fangirl fantasy))


It had taken about four months, his girlfriend, his best friend and a baby to get him hurt.

It had taken a selfish act to make him ache and rage inside…And yet, it had been so easy to hurt Kurt.

Finn didn't know the reasons, he couldn't explain his acts. All he knew was that the moment the boy tried to comfort him, the moment he realized love was flashing in those pretty green eyes. He felt something bubble in his stomach, something tingle his skin and something take over his mind.

He kissed those soft lips and couldn't help but notice how the pain seemed to diminish when he heard a squeak of surprise. When the smaller boy tried to pull away, Finn held him in place with a tight grip on his hips, and he liked the control he had over Kurt.

It felt so good to be in control again, he had felt so lost the moment he realized the last four months had been a lie.

Finn finally pulled away but not before biting the plump bottom lip, he wanted to make the other boy whimper, and when Kurt did just that, Finn almost melted with triumph.

Finn knew it was sick and wrong, but when he walked away after mumbling a stupid line:

"This was a mistake"

He couldn't help but feel a bit of satisfaction when he looked at the crushed look in that innocent face. Yes, this was perhaps the most horrible thing Finn has ever done in his life, something he will probably regret forever. But for now, he enjoyed it, because for the first time in four months of lies and manipulation he was the one in control, he was the one pulling the strings, he was the one who was breaking a heart...


Poor Kurt! I feel so bad…so should I leave it at this?does it really stink?! Should I forget my career as an angst-y Fanfic writer and dedicate my life to selling tacos!!?!!!