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Author's note: This fic takes place after the movie. Man, I can't believe how much I adore it and have been watching it a lot as of late! I just wish there was more fanfiction for this classic flick :\

"Fat Chance"

He thought he could get at least one girl to look at him respectively before the school year ended. However, he didn't expect her to turn him flat down.

"Sorry, Melvin. You had your chance."

He placed a hand on the wall beside her face and leaned forward, granting her an up-close look at his handsome face - nose no longer broken and free of bandages for the first time. "You were only too eager to try and get my attention before," he reminded her coolly. "Now's your chance, baby. I'm all yours."

She rolled her eyes in disgust as she used her index finger to press against his chest, forcing him to stand back.

"Melvin," she continued sternly and clearly unafraid, "like I said, you had your chance. But what you did to everybody was totally wrong. You were a complete creep and it makes me sick to think that I even liked you before."

Unphased, he asked, "And… the problem is…?"

"Forget it! I'm already seeing somebody-somebody that doesn't enjoy torturing and extorting others on a daily basis."

He frowned. "Who?"

She folded her arms across her sweater-clad chest and grinned. "Oh, I think you know him very well. You had to get your own bodyguard to match up to him."

His eyebrows furrowed as he quickly realized whom she was speaking of. "What? That ape? You and him?"

"Problem, Melvin?" She gladly enjoyed seeing him upset. He was like a jealous ex-boyfriend, even though the two of them had never gone out. Once upon a time she would only dream of having him take her on a romantic date. Of course this was before she learned of how much of an ass he was.

He slammed his fist against a nearby locker, spun around on his heels, and stormed down the hallway. She moved over to where he once stood and hollered after him, "See you around, Big M!"