NOTE: This story collection takes place after the SEQUEL to Section F, titled 'Hidden Memories: VR'. If you haven't read either of those fanfics, I suggest you do so, so as to prevent serious confusion.

A Day of Silence

For the entire weekend after Koji had come face to face with a mute Akai (who, the moment he remembered his name, merely continued to stare), the boy had stayed in his room. Occasionally he would slip down to the kitchen to eat of course, but for the most part he kept a stash of nonperishables and chose to keep himself from leaving unless he really had to- He would much rather not speak to Akai if he could, especially not after the events of the week prior. It probably wouldn't be healthy... Going from one extreme to another...

Which was likely why, when he woke up in the morning, he was so easily creeped out by what he saw. "... ...." All was well that morning, as the alarmclock had not gone off yet... Dreams of.. Things floated through his head. However... A shadow loomed over the sleeping boy, completely still.

As he opened his eyes, rather than the blue ceiling, he instead saw the completely impassive face of the one he should have killed, the man's hand about to shake him awake. "AAAAAAUGGGH!!!!!" Koji literally jumped off the bed, falling to the side while Akai, who was standing in front of him, merely stared for a few minutes before leaving. So much for 'health', Koji thought to himself as he recollected himself. Sheesh...

-BZZZZZ!!!- "Auugh!!" Akai not being in the room (And he himself being in no condition to take him on anyways), the alarm clock sadly met an untimely end... Pun not intended.

Unknown to the boy (Though he could guess), that was all Akai needed. The man was smiling all day, at least unless someone looked directly at him, and that in itself was fairly difficult since he was alone in the house until late, when Koji had finally given up on keeping away from the place. The boy promptly snuck into the kitchen, opened the fridge, and began to look for something to eat.

And behind him... "Tch!" Koji turned swiftly, only to find Akai reaching for something else in the fridge. "....What?!" Akai had not said a single word to him since he appeared! ...When ever that was. But why? Koji knew, he just knew that Akai already had complete knowledge of who he was. In fact, he wouldn't put it past the glasses wearing owner of the house he was in to know that Akai was the one he himself wanted dead almost as much as...

Well... Maybe he didn't want them dead NOW but...

That wasn't the point. Deciding not to eat in his room, Koji walked over to the table and pulled out a chair, taking a seat. Taking a bite out of the apple he had, he watched as Akai said nothing, grabbed a banana from the counter, and took a seat across from him. They stared, the 'older' one's face impassive, unfeeling, unknown... The other's merely fucking annoyed. Wasn't he going to... Say something? At least maybe poke fun at the ironic situation they were in now? Something? Anything??

Eventually, Koji was, again, the first to speak. "....Stop staring. Seriously." Silence, and Akai merely ate his banana as Koji turned a way briefly and bit his lip. Now this was just getting awkward. As if the silent stares were bad enough, now it was really weird. He'd hired a kill on this guy! Hell, this was the one who shot him in the face, why wasn't he... He just... He couldn't eat like this!! "....Seriously just.. Just... What is it? Really?" Again, there was no answer, though Akai did stand up to go put a sandwhich together, putting it in the toaster oven and sitting down with a book he had left on the counter before hand. The staring continued.

Finally, after a few minutes, Koji's eyebrow visibly twitched. "Will you just say something already!? I mean, I had someone murder you! You were shot in both the lungs AND your head, AND you burned in a car!!! HOW ARE YOU ALIVE!!!" As the boy pointed at Akai rather dramatically, breathing heavily as he got this off his chest (Akai in the meantime simply staring with slightly wider eyes; he did not expect the boy to suddenly be that loud...), he froze for a few minutes.

-Ding!- As the toaster oven beeped, letting Akai know that his sandwhich was cooked, Koji finally left the room, face pale as his footsteps were heard going up the stairs.

Akai in the meanwhile, got up, grabbed his sandwhich, and went back to eat it. A few bites in, his face finally broke out into a grin, and, chuckling, he went over to the window and opened it, a large raven sitting there.

"I believe you owe me 500 yen, Conan-kun."

The raven glared. "When I said the end of the day, I meant school."

"Then you should specify. But for now, I get 500 yen, which will probably be arriving sometime tomorrow, as I doubt that birds have pockets." He had an oddly 'gibbs-like' smile on his face, Conan thought to himself as he frowned the best a bird could.

This wasn't supposed to happen... This was the last time he over estimated how long it would take for Koji to snap.


AN : By the way, when I say short.. I mean SHORT. Granted, most will probably be longer than this; A few even in the 5000 word range, but for this one, I just... Couldn't do that without completely killing it. But in any case, enjoy the first 'Day' of '24 Days in 7 Months', a collection of, you guessed it, 24 short stories that take place over that period of time. Most will cover major events (Chirstmas and New Years are big ones, as well as White Day, Valentines Day), as well as few other key 'days' that will have interesting if not character developing things in them.

Also, note that although this WILL have the 'Ottsels' from VR, along with the OC's from that Arc (Albeit rarely), this fanfic will be listed as a 'Detective Conan' fanfic, and NOT a crossover. Just remember that.