Christmas Nightmare
~Growing Tension~

The two children followed after Holly. Ivy's small hand clutched Toshiro's while the boy looked forward with half lidded eyes, his lips open part way as he breathed through his mouth instead of his nose. Every so often he would squeeze the other child's hand as if to say he was still there deep down. His mind was a haze and he simply followed the woman towards what amounted to the largest structure in Karakura town.

The three slipped in past the unaware guards and headed to the elevators. Holly pushed a button on the door to go on up. When the doors opened she stepped in and watched as the two children slid past her and to the back. She pushed the button for the highest point and the elevator began to move up. Toshiro flinched as the place began to move, his eyes going wide.

"What ever is the matter with you? Haven't you ridden an elevator before?" The woman watched as he shook his head at her, the childish look of shock still on his face. He leaned back against the metal panels of the elevator taking deep breaths as he did so. Looking up he became fascinated by the mirrored reflection of the three of them, his anxiety quickly leaving.

When they arrived at the top Holly stepped off and Ivy started forward, only to stop short when the person who she was holding hand's with stopped. "Nii-chan?"

The boy stopped staring at the ceiling, his eyes going wide. He blinked and walked forward, only to have Holly slap the back of his head as he passed her by. "Honestly... how did you ever get to be captain rank? You're horribly childish."

"That's honestly a good question." Toshiro's voice cracked and he found himself suddenly needing to cough. Taking a deep breath he continued to follow Holly to the stairs. They headed up a flight to the roof.

She walked to the edge. "Look at all of them." The two children came over. "They have no clue that their yule tide celebrations are going to be cut short by a nice big storm. Boy... start the storm. Make it nice and cold for everyone as well as windy."

The boy at first stared at her as he contemplated her orders. He then pulled Hyorinmaru from his back and held it to his side, calling out for the zampaktuo to form. Clouds began to form over his head and a soft snow began to fall. Holly took a deep breath. "Come on. We need more then that."

"A storm just doesn't appear. It needs time to form."

"Great... that means there will be time for the shinigami to show up." The woman sat on the edge of the building glaring down at the people traveling below. "I want their world to end like my world ended." The woman then turned, her eyes narrowing at the girl who now had a finger in her mouth. "Ivy, stop with that infernal sucking on your fingers. It's disgusting."


Rangiku could feel the storm brewing as she looked up at the sky, her lips pushing together. She stopped her movements to calculate what she needed to do next. Gin's words played in her head. "Rangiku, how strong is your bond with our son?"

The woman placed a hand behind her head. "Good grief. She really is controlling taicho. There is no way he would be doing this unless he was under someones control. He has more restraint then this."

As the busty woman turned her head back to eye level in order to press forward she heard a young girl's voice. "Rangiku-san... what's going on?"

The woman blinked a couple of times upon realizing that Karin was standing there watching her. "Karin... you really should be heading home. It's not safe."

"I finished what I needed to do, but... this sudden change in the weather. It wouldn't happen to be Toshiro that is causing this? Why would he do something like this?"

"He... he wouldn't normally do this. Don't worry though. I'm going to be bringing him back safe and sound. I am after all his mother. What could possibly go wrong?" Her soul phone suddenly went off and she clicked it open. "Hello?"

"Rangiku! Do you feel that! What the hell is Hitsugaya Taicho thinking? First he freezes Izuru and Shuhei and now he's disrupting Karakura's weather. What are we supposed to do?"

"Renji... Ichigo's little sister is heading back to the house. I want you to meet her on the way and make sure she is safe."


"She's a really good friend of taicho's. If anything happens to her, I think he'll know. So please, come and get her. I'll head to where taicho is and take care of the situation." The woman turned to the girl. "You know who Renji is, right?"

"Yes, but..."

"I need you to get home as soon as possible Karin." The woman snapped her soul phone shut and then sped towards the building where she felt her child's spiritual pressure pouring out. The next thing she knew she was going up the edge of the building and she landed on the ground. By that time the sky was dark and a wind was picking up.

Toshiro of course didn't notice her but the other two females didn't seem to notice her. The older woman let out a deep sigh. "Ivy, please do me a favor and get rid of her."

The small female blinked a couple of times as she held her arms to her side and shivered. She looked right at Rangiku. "But... she's ka-chan..."

Rangiku found herself caught off guard at this statement. The woman didn't seem happy and let out a deep sigh. "Toshiro, would you please take care of this woman."

The boy's sword which had been raised to the sky suddenly swished to the side and the storm stopped growing in size. The child's body shook but he stepped towards Rangiku, his eyes glazed over. Rangiku swallowed. "Taicho..." The boy continued forward. "Toshiro. Please listen to me, not as your fukutaicho but as your mother."

Still the boy approached her. Haineko of course panicked in the back of her head. "Rangiku... you can't take him out. Toshiro's been stronger then you for some time and even when he was in the academy it would have been a struggle for you."

"He's still my son... he won't..." The busty female suddenly felt an icy cold blade in her side and she found herself looking down at the small child. Her voice strained. "Toshiro..."

The boy's body shook and the zombie like motions suddenly became smooth. "Ka-chan..."

"No... he can't have snapped out of it because he caused me harm. If that's true." Rangiku watched as the blade was withdrawn and placed on the child's back. His eyes were wide and she knew he was upset. Suddenly both small hands went up to his head and he screamed. "Yes... I knew he would be upset."

Rangiku looked up, her eyes widening as she saw the storm quickly get worse. "Toshiro... please... I'm going to be all right."

She watched as the boy flinched away from her. Holly's eyes narrowed. "If I had known that there was an easier way to get him to go ballistic I would have taken it."

It was then that Toshiro's body twisted around and he darted into the building and the storm quickly left, causing the other woman to curse under her breath. "Really? No... seriously. This is why I hate children." Rangiku felt a swift kick in her side. "Ivy, after him. See what he is up to but don't take any actions.