Severus Snape sat by the fire, a potions book open on his lap. It had been a long day of idiotic first years and intolerable cheerfulness from the Headmaster, and finally he was able to simply sit back and relax. He had a glass of fire whiskey on the table next to him. Now there was only one thing missing to make this night complete….


He grinned widely and closed his book, turning to look at the small brown cat trotting softly towards him.

"Hello, my kitten," he said lovingly as she came closer. She didn't look quite the same as she had when she'd taken that incorrect potion. For one thing she was now a cat, not a kitten (although he was still fond of the nick name). She had no significant markings, but her fur was frizzled and full just like her large mane of hair, and her eyes looked unusually human.

She meowed again as he motioned for her to jump into his lap. She hopped lightly up, her paws bracing on his chest as she rubbed her head against his face affectionately.

"Someone's happy to see me," he said lightly, petting her soft mane. She purred loudly and began to knead his chest. He chuckled as he continued to pet her. "How was your day today, kitten?"

With a soft pop the kitten disappeared to be replaced by Hermione Granger sitting comfortably on his lap.

"Busy," she said simply, brushing hair out of her eyes, "Poppy had me making potions to prepare for the flu season. She's planning on making little "flu kits" for any students who want them. I'm making a limitless supply of peppermint potions it seems."

"I am glad she's made you her successor," he commented vaguely, "That woman needed to retire years ago, and I'm glad I'm no longer the one getting stuck making those horrid peppermint potions," he said grinning.

She gave him a look, "I'm glad you appreciate the fact that you're pawning your responsibilities onto me."

"Yes, and you do them all so well," he said snidely, "How would you like to take over my first year classes? Those children are enough to drive any man to drink."

She glanced at his glass of fire whiskey and gave him a grin. "Do tell?"

"I swear they get more idiotic every year."

She chuckled, "No, Severus, you just get so much smarter!" She pinched his cheek and he batted her hand away.

"Irritating woman," he said fondly as he grasped his hand around the back of her neck and pulled her forward for a kiss. She simply grinned as his lips touched hers softly and she wrapped her arms around his shoulders. He gripped her around her waist and pulled her closer, caressing her mouth with his.

When the kiss ended she rested her forehead against his and looked into his eyes. He stared openly back, his hand cupping her face. With a grin he scooted her off his lap and stood up. She looked at him quizzically.

"You know," he said, "I had just been contemplating how to end this evening perfectly, and isn't it convenient that your home now?"

She grinned at him.

"Subtle much?" she said as he led her towards their bedroom.

"Hardly," he replied and, with a quick movement, scooped her into his arms, she laughing as he rushed them both into the room.

Omg it's a sequel!!! I've been wanting to do this forever and it was only after rereading Kitten I decided it was time to start it! So here it is! The beginning of the sequel!