A/N: Here is an alternate ending to the episode LeBeau and the Little Old Lady. I do not own Hogan's Heroes or any of it's characters. But I do own the DVD set and enjoy watching them.

***2010 Bronze PBA Award Winner Best Short Comedy***

Lightening Doesn't Always Strike Twice

Colonel Robert Hogan, Senior POW officer of Stalag 13, and known as Papa Bear, head of the underground in Hammelburg, kept his eyes open as he rounded the corner on the second floor of the apartment building in Hammelburg.

He was uneasy about this trip into town mainly because it was daytime. But that wasn't the only reason. The previous underground contact, the beautiful blond Wilhelmina, had had a narrow escape from Major Hochstetter and the Gestapo when her contact Wooden Shoe had been arrested. They had managed to get her to England, and now a new underground operative named Juliana had been assigned to take her place. Hogan had even made the comment that the name made her sound like 'a doll.'

Hogan looked behind him as he walked slowly down the hall looking for the right apartment. Finally, he came to apartment number four. Letting out a deep breath, Hogan looked around again and after seeing nobody, gave the secret knock.

Knock. Knock. Knock. Knock, knock. He waited, leather cap in his hand.

He saw the cover to the peephole slide open and a brown female eye peer out at him. Then it slid shut, and Hogan heard the chain being undone and saw the door slowly open. He cautiously walked in, looking around nervously. A wide smile broke out on his face when the woman who had opened the door closed it and stared at him with a smile.

She was a stunner, Hogan thought to himself. Shoulder-length blond hair, brown eyes, gorgeous figure. "Juliana?" he asked.

"Yes," she replied as she put the chain back on the door.

Hogan chuckled. "They're never going to believe me," he said to the open air. He looked her up and down approvingly.

"And you areā€¦?" she asked.

"My name's Robert. Are you my contact?" he said. Hogan thought even her voice sounded wonderful. Just like an angel.

"No. Wrong Juliana. That would be my roommate. We're both with the underground. Her name is Juliana also. If you wait here, I will go get her." She smiled sweetly as she turned and walked into the bedroom to get her roommate.

Hogan smirked. Wait until I tell the guys about this, he told himself. I hope her roommate looks as good as her. Hogan fantasized the other Juliana to be approximately the same height and weight but with either blond or brown or red hair and blue eyes and a great figure. Noticing a mirror on the wall beside the door, Hogan turned to look into it, studying his reflection. He ran his hand over his thick jet black hair. He wanted to look perfect.

"Robert, this is my roommate, Juliana. Your contact."

Hogan turned and immediately felt his throat close where he couldn't utter a word. The other Juliana was about eighty years-old, blue-gray eyes, gray hair with a stocky build, thick around the middle, and had probably been a looker in her youthful days. In fact, she reminded Hogan of Burkhalter's sister, Frau Linkmeyer. He swallowed the imaginary lump in his throat.

Both women stared at Hogan who seemed to be tongue-tied at the moment. The younger one spoke finally.

"This is my grandmother, Juliana. I am named after her. She is your contact with the underground. Don't you have a message for her, Robert?"

Hogan sighed. He thought about what Newkirk had said to him when they were trying to decide who was going to be meeting with the new underground operative. And he had been right.

Lightening doesn't always strike twice.