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Pairing: Male Harem/Kagome, Mori/Haruhi

A/N: Both Kagome and Haruhi will be alternating between 'he' and 'she'

"There is no way in hell you could ever possibly get me to wear that yellow.... monstrosity."

Higurashi Kagome sighed as she stared at the yellow thing that was supposed to pass as some sort of school uniform, and she would rather wear her other school uniform in which the skirt was getting shorter over year it seemed, "I'll look like some yellow.... cow in that."

Taisho Sesshoumaru did not look impressed by her little preach, "Miko, you are going to this school whether you like it or not," He stated with little emotion, irritated internally by her glare, "Since you perform so poorly in a public school, this Sesshoumaru thought that you would score better in a private school." He said, watching for the miko's reaction.

"It's not my fault I was dragged into the well!" Kagome muttered with annoyance, glancing at Sesshoumaru with little interest, "And what do you care what I do?" She uttered because she knew that Sesshoumaru didn't really care that much about her well-being.

"Miko, I am your guardian now. Your poor school performance will drag this Sesshoumaru's image down," The dog demon said, throwing her the yellow monstrosity of a dress, "And you will wear the designated uniform."

"No way in hell," Kagome quickly threw the ugly dress away from as if it were poison. She frowned as Sesshoumaru sent her an evil glare, and her blue eyes immediately lit up as she thought of a great idea, "Fine, I'll wear the uniform. But you didn't say which one I could wear!" Kagome sang, though Sesshoumaru didn't seem all that impressed with her awesome idea, "I'll wear the boys' uniform. Anything would be better than that thing." She growled, shuddering at the sight of the girls' uniform.

"Do as you like," Sesshoumaru snorted, not caring what the miko did as long as she went to the damn school and raised her grades, "You start tomorrow morning." The inu-youkai stated, and left the miko to wallow in her thoughts.

'Ouran High School...' The miko sighed out loud, falling back onto her bed while thinking, 'I heard it's for the rich and the elite. It's hard enough to get in there with just good grades...' Kagome snorted, rolling her blue eyes at the thought of her potential classmates.

'They all will probably just be rich snobs....'

"C'mon, you have to admit I look better in this than that yellow thing," Kagome snickered, adjusting the loose black tie and the large black hoodie that was draped over her slim shoulders while flipping her long stylish and thick braid over her shoulder, watching for Sesshoumaru's reaction. She pouted a bit when he simply ignored her, acting as if she didn't exist, 'Bastard.' The miko thought, crossing her arms over her bandaged chest (which she did so because it was easier to fight with her breasts bound if a youkai surprised her).

"Miko, make sure that you improve your grades here, or I will punish you. Is that understood?" Sesshoumaru threatened, though Kagome wasn't really listening as she looked out of the limo's window in awe at the size of Ouran Academy – it was much bigger than Sesshoumaru's mansion!

"Yeah, yeah. Whatever..." Kagome sighed, still a bit depressed that she had to abruptly move schools because of Sesshoumaru. Though they were mostly annoying, she still had her friends back in the public school, 'And they will be nothing but rich snobs here,' The miko thought with annoyance, not bothering to suppress her anger at how unfair all of this really was, 'Damn Sesshoumaru!' Kagome rolled her blue eyes, giving the dog a glare, and wondering why he even became her guardian in the first place. It's not like he actually really cared for her....

"I'm going now...." Kagome muttered, not even bothering to wait for a dismissal from the taiyoukai as she practically raced from the limo to the school, her long braid fluttering behind her. She didn't bother to look back as she, almost immediately, got lost in the large school.

It seemed that she wasn't the only new student as she finally managed to find her way to her classroom, though the other new student wasn't as nearly dressed nicely as anyone in the damn school, "Alright, we have two new students this semester," The teacher drawled, pointing to the disinterested Kagome and the exasperated Haruhi, "This is Fujioka Haruhi and Higurashi Kagome," The rich students all looked in interest at the two, though most of their eyes quickly passed over Haruhi because of his.... clothing choice.

Kagome blinked at the rather interested stares directed at her person, and quickly sent them glares. She certainly didn't want to become friends with any of these probably fake people, "Yes, right...." The teacher blinked when the girls sighed dreamily at the new student's behaviour, "Anyways, Higurashi – you sit beside the Hitachiin brothers, and Fujioka behind Higurashi." The teacher then became to prattle on about something as the two new students took their seats.

Kagome did notice the Hitachiin brothers' rather devillish stares throughout the class, but didn't pay it much mind as she tried to listen to the teacher....

Sesshoumaru would probably kill her if she didn't get good grades....

"Dammit, this school is so damn big!" Kagome growled out, trying to find her way around to a quiet place, but just managing to get lost instead. The miko sighed in annoyance as yet another small group of girls in one of those horrible dresses gave her a stare that could be either described as awe or lovestruck. Normally, while she wasn't so rude or mean, she simply couldn't help it anymore, "What the hell are you staring at?" Kagome snapped irritably at the group, and much to her surprise, they simply sighed dreamily while keeping up their stares, "Go away, you yellow cattle!"

Kagome quickly outpaced the air-headed girls, growing angrier by the second as she tried to find a quiet place in order to study. She blinked when something bumped into the back of her rather harshly, "Oh, I'm so sorry!" The miko turned around to see who apologised, blinking again when she realised just who it was.

It was that Fujioka Haruhi from her earlier class....

"It's fine," Kagome raised a brow at the other student's stuttering, and wondered why exactly this person was so under-dressed, "You're Fujioka Haruhi, right?" Kagome asked in what seemed to be an uninterested tone, though it was the opposite of what she felt.

Though it may be hard to tell with the clothes and unruly hair that Haruhi was currently sporting, Kagome could quickly tell this other student was also a female.

"Err, yes. And you're Higurashi Kagome," Haruhi muttered, and gathered the books closer to her, "All the people who I've asked to find a quiet place to study were talking about you...."

Kagome could almost instantly tell one thing, "You're not like the rest of them, are you?" The miko asked in slight interest, smirking a bit when Haruhi blinked in surprise at the strange question, "Not like these other rich people..." Kagome vaguely gestured to passing students.

"No, I had to actually work to get here..." Haruhi muttered, also annoyed with the student's behaviour at this school, "The rich bastards."

"Rich bastards...." Kagome snickered, patting Haruhi's shoulder in a friendly-like way, "Kami-sama, I like you already," The miko smirked at the now lightly blushing girl, "C'mon, let's get away from the yellow cows and go find a quiet place to study."

Haruhi wanted the warmth in her cheeks to disappear as the rather pretty male casually swung her arm over her shoulder in order to guide her through the halls, but it just wouldn't, "You... you aren't like them, either..." Haruhi muttered, seeing that this new student was also probably rich with his clothes and all.

"Hell no," Kagome mumbled, almost insulted at the very idea, "I'm not really rich myself, it's my damn new guardian who is." The miko rolled her blue eyes, almost heaving at the very mention of Sesshoumaru.

"Oh..." Haruhi was well-aware of the arm still slung around her shoulder, but said nothing about it. Though she had prepared herself to be the oddball and the loner of this school, it would still be rather nice to make a friend who wasn't snobby or uptight.

Kagome didn't seem to be that type of person....

"This room seems quiet enough," Kagome gestured to a room that seemed to be silent from the other side, "Music room three." The miko mentioned, pulling along Haruhi, who simply shrugged in response. Kagome pushed the door open, and was completely unprepared for what lay ahead.

A small breeze seemed to come out of no where, and both were assaulted by a barrage of rose petals, "The hell?" Kagome muttered, picking a few petals from her black hair, rather perplexed by the odd situation. Haruhi also looked rather confused by the whirlwind of petals, and quickly brushed them off of her old sweater.


Both Kagome and Haruhi glanced up, and both were unprepared for the sight. A group of rather alluring males stood, and greeted them with equally alluring voices, "I welcome you newcomers to our host club!" The tall blond male was the first to greet them, but both Kagome and Haruhi were too shocked to really respond to the group.

"H-host club?" Haruhi finally seemed to break out of her shock while backing up, only to slam into the now shut door. Kagome still seemed a bit stunned, though she quickly put on a glare as the blond male got waaaay too close to their personal space.

"What a surprise, boys!" The blond male seemed surprised himself, though he quickly regained his arrogant confidence.

"Hikaru, Kaoru, aren't these two boys in your class?" A slick black-haired male with glasses asked, though it already sounded like a statement.

"Yeah, but we don't know much about them. That one is shy," The two red-headed twins spoke at the same time, pointing towards Haruhi first, "And that one is bad-tempered." The two then pointed towards Kagome, who simply glared at them with their description of her.

"Well, welcome to the Ouran host club!" The blond male took charge once again, looking at both with rather obvious interest, and eying both of their clothing choices, "You must be the new honour student we have heard so much about, Fujioka Haruhi!" The blond stated, standing from his chair.

"H-how do you know my name?" Haruhi stuttered, now stopping her desperate attempts to open the door, which was now suspiciously locked tight.

"It isn't everyday that a commoner can gain entrance into the academy," The male with glasses spoke up again, "You are already very well-known within the school."

"U-uhh..." Haruhi stammered, not knowing what to really reply to that statement. She felt a bit better when Kagome shuffled over to her a bit protectively, finally gaining the attention to herself.

"And you must be Higurashi Kagome, Taisho Sesshoumaru's new heir," The black-haired male stated with even more interest as he stared at a bristling Kagome, "Although, I could not get anymore information beyond that."

"Ah, yes! The lovely ladies have spoken of you! They say that your 'bad-boy' type behaviour is most desirable!" The blond male stated loudly while grabbing at her shoulders, despite the rather large height difference.

"Don't touch me," Kagome stated coldly, slapping the man's hands away from her person, ignoring his dramatic gasp as she did so, "It looks like I was wrong about the quiet thing." Kagome muttered to Haruhi, who didn't seem to hear her with the rather horrified look to her face as the blond male seemed to quickly regain himself, prattling on and on about how 'heroic' Haruhi was for being poor in an elite academy.

"Haru-chan, Haru-chan – you're a hero!" A small voice piped up, a small blond male looked up in awe at Haruhi, "That's so cool!" The small boy gave a bright smile towards Haruhi, who simply twitched at being called 'Haru-chan'.

"However, I didn't expect the two new students to be so openly gay." The dominant blond male muttered out loud to himself, causing both Kagome and Haruhi to snap their heads over to him in shock.

"Gay....?" Haruhi repeated dumbly, slowly backing up to the door again in order to attempt another escape. Kagome's eyes twitched, vaguely glancing down at her bound chest. Did she really look that much like a male? Sure, she was wearing the boys' uniform, but still....

And just like that, an idea hit her, "Yeah, we're gay. So what?" Kagome snorted, seeing this as a chance to escape this weird-ass club. Haruhi 'eeped' as Kagome wrapped her arms close around her, and pulling her close. It was rather easy as they were both around the same short height, "Just go along with it," Kagome muttered into Haruhi's ear, causing the other girl to nod in shock. Kagome was just about to open her mouth to say more and just leave with Haruhi in tow, but the blond male seemed excited as he butted himself in.

"So, tell us what kind of men you are interested in!" The blond male stated, "Do you like the strong-silent type?" A tall black-haired man looked towards them, "The shota-boy type?" The small blond male glanced up towards them from his stuffed bunny and gave an angelic smile, "The mischievous type?" The red-headed twins stood close to each other, and gave a small pose, "The cool type?" The male with glasses pushed them up further his nose and gave a smirk.

"W-what....?" Haruhi squeaked from Kagome's grip, turning an interesting shade of red when Kagome swung in front of her protectively as the blond male stalked up to them.

"Or, maybe," The blond male then grabbed Kagome's chin and lifted her head to look him in his violet eyes gently, "You're into my Prince type." The male smiled alluringly, his face was alarmingly close to Kagome's, "Well, what do you say?"

"I say you're way too close," Kagome drawled, raising a brow in surprise as the male gasped in dramatic shock, and she took the chance to push him away from her personal space, "C'mon, Haruhi. Let's go." Kagome grabbed the shocked girl, kicked the locked door open, and quickly disappeared along with Haruhi.

"How interesting!" The Hitachiin twins both said together as they watched their 'lord' cry in his depressed corner, "We didn't actually think they were gay together."

"Yes, it is quite interesting." Kyouya smirked, an eerie glint light shined off his glasses as Hunny offered Tamaki a piece of his cake to cheer him up.

'Though, I find it more interesting that I could find no more information on Higurashi Kagome.' Kyouya thought, smirking as he saw a challenge, though he knew he probably wouldn't win.

After all, Taisho Sesshoumaru was one hell of a private man...

Well, what'd you think?