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Pairing: Male Harem/Kagome, Mori/Haruhi, brief mentions of Kagome/Haruhi

A/N: Kagome and Haruhi will be alternating between 'he' and 'she'

It was official, Higurashi Kagome and Fujioka Haruhi were the gay couple of Ouran Academy.

'Damn, the rumour spread so quickly,' Kagome sighed while twirling her long braid as she glanced towards Haruhi, who was quiet as she studied in a empty room they had miraculously found, 'And I suppose Haruhi-kun deserves to know the truth.' The miko blinked, hoping that it wouldn't change anything between them. Kagome really was fond of Haruhi, even if she only knew her for less than a day.

"Ne, Haruhi-kun?" Kagome broke the silence, now tugging at her hair nervously when Haruhi glanced up at her curiously, "I'm.... sorry," The miko sighed, "The rumour that we're a 'couple' had spread around the entire school. I didn't mean for that to happen." Kagome stated quietly, glancing at the girl for her reaction.

"Don't worry about it," Haruhi easily shrugged it off, giving Kagome a small smile, "I don't really care what others think of me. Especially those Rich-bastards." The girl muttered under her breath, though Kagome caught it with her keen hearing and gave her a smirk in return.

"I also have something else to tell you," Kagome continued on, still a bit nervous at Haruhi's reaction to her next confession. Haruhi was probably the only person she could stand at this school, and she didn't really want to lose her only friend, "I'm..... actually a girl." The miko said lowly, fidgeting as a silence enveloped the room.

"Oh," Haruhi simply responded, as if it actually didn't matter to her. Kagome blinked her blue eyes, glancing up to see Haruhi go back down to her work, "It doesn't really matter to me what gender you are. It's on the inside that counts." Haruhi shrugged again, glancing up at Kagome's incredulous look.

The miko sighed in relief, slumping down in her seat, "You still don't mind that everyone thinks we're boys and a couple?" Kagome asked curiously, smiling when Haruhi simply shook her head.

The silence was comfortable for a while until Kagome excused herself to use the bathroom, "Why is this school so big?" Kagome grumbled under her breath, well aware of all the eyes that seemed to be on her person. She also noticed that they all were females wearing that horrible yellow dress, and were whispering among each other as she passed them, "What the hell do you want?" Kagome asked rudely, a bit fed up with all the staring.

The miko twitched when the girls simply squealed in adoration, "Oh, he's so cool!" "He's a rule-breaker!" "Kagome-kun is so pretty!" The yellow cattle gathered around her, trapping her within their fan-girl grasp, "Kagome-kun, is it true?" A girl asked with big and widened eyes, holding her hands to her heart, "Are you and Fujioka-kun really a.... couple?" All of the girls were looking to her with baited breath, obviously hoping that the rumour wasn't or was true.

"Yeah, what of it?" Kagome snorted, flinching when all the girls seemed to sigh and cry in disappointment or squeal like a yaoi fan-girl. The miko flipped her hair over her shoulder impatiently, annoyed with their presence, "Isn't there a host club you can go bother?" She demanded, wanting them gone so she could just go with her business and get back to Haruhi, "Go waste your time with them!" She huffed, jumping when a smooth hand landed on her shoulder.

"You should not be so rough with the lovely ladies, Kagome-kun!" A dramatic voice gasped from behind her, while spinning her around so she could look into alluring violet eyes. Kagome frowned, looking at Tamaki with irritation plainly written on her face, though he either didn't notice it or simply ignored it, "Where is Fujioka-kun? I have heard that you two were almost attached to the hip!" Tamaki asked, as if they were old friends.

Kagome sighed, ignoring all the squealing in the background, "Stop touching me," Kagome said coldly, grabbing Tamaki's hand from her shoulder and throwing it away from her person roughly, smirking a bit at his gasp, "Go waste your 'valuable' time with the yellow cattle over there." The miko rolled her eyes when the blond went into rant mode, rambling on and on about something she could honestly care less about.

"I heard that you were formerly a commoner, Kagome-kun," Another slick voice stated from behind her, causing Kagome to swing around and bristle at the dark-haired male, "And that you were just recently adopted by Taisho Sesshoumaru as his heir." Kyouya smirked at her annoyed look.

"What the hell is your point?" Kagome growled, "Go back to your little host club room." Kagome gestured with her hand, as if shooing them away. She blinked slowly when two pairs of hands gripped her shoulders tightly, not allowing her to go anywhere.

"So bad-tempered." One of the Hitachiin twins, Hikaru, purred in her ear, leaning in far too close for her comfort. The girls who going crazy in the background by now, and each host member seemed particularly interested in that.

"But, I suppose that what is your charm is." Kaoru said lowly in her other ear, both gripping her tightly as she started to struggle in their grip while cursing. The Hitachiin brothers simply grinned at the short male as he started swearing loudly at them.

"I must admit it would bring many new potential clients and profits to the host club if you were to join, Kagome-kun," Kyouya stated with fact as he pushed up his glasses, an eerie light glinted off them. His expression made Kagome wary internally, though she didn't show it externally, "I hope that you do not mind if we attempt to.... persuade you to join the host club?"

"Yes, that's right, Kagome-kun!" Tamaki butted in dramatically while somehow managing to sparkle as he made a pose, "I have made it my mission to get Kagome-kun as a host in our host club!" The blond pulled out of his pose as he lightly and gently lifted her chin to look him in his violet eyes, "Fujioka-kun is not worth your beauty, so why don't you take my beauty instead?" Tamaki said alluringly, unaware of Kagome's temptation of wanting to just smack in his pretty face.

"Haruhi-kun is way better than you, hands-down." Kagome drawled, snickering as Tamaki seemed to deflate and sulk in a corner. The miko glared at the smirking Hitachiin twins, who still had their tight grip on her. She was also tempted to smack them, but knew she would probably be punished by Sesshoumaru if she ever did so, "I really don't care how Haruhi-kun looks or dresses." Kagome added quickly.

Tamaki quickly seemed to regain his confidence and dragged himself out of his pouting-corner, "Hikaru, Kaoru! Secure Kagome-kun!" Tamaki ordered, giving Kagome another alluring smile as she struggled desperately in their grasp, "Kagome-kun! Don't worry! I shall save you from the commoner's grip!"

"What the hell? Let me go, you bastards!" Kagome snarled as the Hitachiin twins dragged her away to the host club while Tamaki and Kyouya followed, one fantasizing and the other plotting.

"Kagome-kun?" Haruhi hesitantly opened the door to music room three, wondering if what the girls had said was true, that Kagome was currently being 'entertained' by the host club. Haruhi highly doubted that it was true, but decided to look anyway, "Are you in here?" She asked, peaking in and quickly widening her eyes from behind her glasses as she looked to the chaos of the room.

"I don't want to be gay with you, Tamaki-baka!" Kagome roared, and Haruhi watched in amazement as Kagome, who seemed to have been previously tied to a chair with rope, break free and send Tamaki flying away with a punch to the cheek. Haruhi's brow twitched as she watched Tamaki smashed into a rather expensive-looking vase, causing it to crash to the ground and shatter into many pieces.

"Kagome-kun, you are so violent!" Tamaki cried, holding onto his bleeding cheek while looking to Kagome with wide violet eyes, "How could you possibly reject my beauty?" The blond stated with obvious disbelief, rubbing at his cheek where a cut now lay, a bit of blood was on his fingers.

"Kagome-kun....?" Haruhi twitched a bit more, though was completely ignored as the Hitachiin twins observed the vase, both glancing up and giving Kagome a smirk. She didn't seem to noticed them as she was panting while giving Tamaki a death-glare.

Kyouya cleared his throat, gaining the attention of all in the room, "I do hope that you will pay for that vase. It was very expensive." Kyouya said with fact, giving Kagome an almost smug look as she glanced back at him with irritation.

Hikaru and Kaoru appeared on either side of Kagome, grinning rather mischievously as they put a hand on her shoulder, "That vase cost ¥8,000,000!" They both sang at the same time, causing Kagome to stiffen under their touch.

"¥8,000,000....?" Kagome repeated weakly, knowing that she wouldn't have that kind of money and that Sesshoumaru certainly wouldn't be willing to lend it to her for something as ridiculous as this, "I don't even know how many thousands that is!" Kagome mumbled under her breath, obviously panicking, "Just how am I going to pay this off....?"

Tamaki, who had just recovered from his depression, gave another alluring smirk while gathering an almost crying Kagome to his chest, "Since the lovely ladies have been talking about your desirable 'Bad-Boy' type, you can join the host club to pay off your debt!" Tamaki stated, looking deep into Kagome's blue-grey eyes, and softly caressing her cheek, "I know that you are only attracted to Fujioka-kun because you were a former commoner! So, I will break the spell that the commoner Fujioka-kun has put on you!" He stated dramatically, unaware of how Kagome's temper was rising to its max.

"Kagome-kun....?" Haruhi said weakly, stiffening when everyone turned to look at her. She was even more wary when Kagome looked at her like she was an angel to come and save her, "What.... are you doing here?" She asked quietly.

"It's the hero, Haru-chan!" Hunny, who had been in the background eating cake, finally spoke with a large smile, pointing from Mori's shoulder. He giggled when Haruhi only glared at him for calling her that name again.

"Haruhi-kun!" Kagome said in relief, seemingly forgetting that she was currently being crushed to Tamaki's chest, "You're here!" The miko reached out her arm, and then suddenly looked back to Tamaki, her blue eyes widening in hope, "Alright, I'll join your host club to pay off the money. But only if Haruhi-kun can join with me." Kagome stated, allowing fake tears to flood with her eyes and biting her lip to look more innocent and to hopefully convince Tamaki to allow Haruhi to join with her.

"W-what?" Haruhi almost fell back in shock, ready to decline, but quickly shut her mouth when Kagome threw her that pleading look. The girl sighed, and looked to Tamaki to see what he would do.

"You're...." Tamaki left off, looking down at Kagome with wide violet eyes, "You're so cute!" The blond blissfully smiled, crushed her to his chest even tighter, and swung her around, despite her loud protests, "You look like a girl!" Tamaki said, seemingly ignoring her request.

Kyouya looked over at Haruhi with renewed interest, smirking as he pushed up his glasses. Hikaru and Kaoru appeared in front of Haruhi, observing her curiously, "While Kagome-kun passes the requirements of membership, you don't." Hikaru said bluntly, looking back at Tamaki and Kagome dryly, rolling his eyes when he say that Tamaki seemed to be in his own little fantasy world while Kagome seemed to be gnawing on his arm to get him to let him go, but to no avail.

"W-what?" Haruhi twitched, and protested when Kaoru took her glasses away from her face, "Hey, I need those!" Haruhi frowned, blinking her large brown eyes when the Hitachiin brothers' eyes widened as they moved in closer to observe her face, "I lost my contacts when I got here."

The twins were then pushed away by Tamaki, who still had miraculously managed to keep his hold on Kagome. It only took Tamaki one look at Haruhi's face to snap his fingers, "Kaoru! Hikaru!" He said, and the brothers saluted, grabbed Haruhi, and took off with him, "Kyouya, the hair designer!" Kyouya was already one step ahead of Tamaki, dialling the phone number on his cell phone.

Tamaki turned to Mori, "Mori-sempai, get new contacts from the nurse!" Mori nodded silently, running out of the room with his top speed.

"Tama-chan, Tama-chan! What should I do?" Hunny waved his stuffed bunny around, grinning as Tamaki blinked, looking a bit lost.

"Hunny-sempai, you go eat cake!" Tamaki smiled, as Hunny sulked in the corner with his bunny, though ate the cake like he was told to do.

"You can let go of me now!" Kagome muttered, still in a sort of choke-hold with Tamaki's arms. The blond blinked, seemingly forgetting that she was there. The miko pushed herself away from the blond, looking up at him dryly and with irritation. She huffed at his bright smile, and glared at him when he grabbed at her shoulders, their different heights were rather obvious.

"Kagome-kun, I am so sorry for doubting you!" Tamaki said dramatically while Kagome gave him a 'WTF' face, "Someone of your beauty would only have another beauty as their lover! There is more to Fujioka-kun than just his commoner side!"

"Shut up," Kagome deadpanned, wondering why Sesshoumaru would want to put her under this torture masquerading as a high school. Then again, Sesshoumaru was never too fond of her in the first place, "So, does that mean Haruhi-kun gets to join, Tamaki-sempai?" Kagome asked with a bit of hope, though felt a bit guilty that she had to drag Haruhi into this.

"Of course, Kagome-kun!" Tamaki smiled, somehow going all sparkly again, "The ladies of the school are even more fascinated by you and Fujioka-kun now that your relationship is out in the open. Even though you are gay, you are willing to please the lovely ladies with your time by being a host!" Tamaki said dreamily, and Kagome could only roll her blue eyes and wonder when this nightmare would end.


The doors to the host club opened, and the girls of the academy eagerly gathered in, wanting to see the two new additions that they had heard about. None of them could keep in their squeals and gushed as they spotted the two new hosts, who were standing very close to each other.

The 'Cool' type could not help but smirk as he saw the reactions of the girls, and quickly wrote something down on his clipboard. He knew they the two new additions would get this sort of reaction with their 'relationship' and all, especially since the girls already loved the 'brotherly' love of the Hitachiin twins.

His educated guess of all the girls being 'yaoi' fan-girls were correct then....

"We have two new additions to the host club, Higurashi Kagome and Fujioka Haruhi!"

....Who would soon be dubbed to the 'Bad-Boy' type and the 'Natural' Type....

Here ya go!