So You Agree



"You're not paying attention."

"I am," he said distractedly.

"Uh-huh. Is that so."

"Of course."

"So you agree about the color of the baby room," Yuffie said nonchalantly.

Cloud dropped the materia he had been oh-so focused on. Leviathon, he was almost becoming as bad as she was.

"Baby?" he dumbly repeated. Yuffie bit back a squeal. The expression on his face that just screamed absolute bewilderment was just too cute! And although she'd only meant it as a joke, Yuffie was not one to stop on what promised to be great fun.

"Orange," Yuffie said helpfully, careful to keep her face perfectly solemn. "Blue and pink are such cliché colors—oh dear. I think I just broke Cloud Strife."