Agent Sneaky

Victor and Anita were both getting ready for work like any other day. Victor and Anita both were giving both Victor Jr., and Vanessa their bottles. Just before they dropped them off at Victor's mother Mildred Volt's house so they can go to work Anita looked at victor and said " we have the most beautiful children." "we sure do." replied Victor with a smile of pride on his face. Victor and Anita dropped Victor Jr. and Vanessa off at Mildred's house, They each gave both Victor Jr. and Vanessa a kiss on the forehead before heading off to another day at work. Victor and Anita arrived at work did everything thing they had to do to everyday get to the main pod. With in five minutes they were in the briefing room. "How is everyone doing today?" said Changed Daily. "Fine" said Victor. "good" said Anita. "doing great" said Professor Professor. "Before we begin began" Changed daily. He was about to speak again when one the the U.Z.Z. agents went up to him and handed him a letter. Changed daily looked at letter and read it outloud.

"Dear U.Z.Z.

I went on a vacation this morning and I'm not sure when I'll be coming back or if I will be coming back at all, because I like my vacation spot and I might just move up here and stay up here but until everything is figured out I would have personally hand chosen a person to take my place. If I stay here I will miss all of you but for now good luck on your missons


Special Agent Ray

P.S. The person of my choosing will be wearing a pair of my sunglasses.

"Who's replacing Ray?" asked Victor. "Yeah who?" asked Anita. "I know" said Professor Professor. "WHO??" said both Victor and Anita at the same time. Just then the shadow figure that looked quite familiar was at the briefing room door. "Okay everybody" began Professor Professor "meet Ray's replacement Special Agent Alphonse" Victor and Anita were both angry. "Hi Victor" began Alphonse with an evil smile, "hi Anita, hi Professor Professor hi………..What's your name?" "Well" began Changed Daily "as you know for reasons of security my name is Changed Daily today you may call me" his communicator beeped "OHH" "Peter's Plumped Pecan Pie. Everybody started laughing. "Hi peter's plumped pecan pie" said Alphonse. Today began Peter's Plumped Pecan Pie" Victor and Anita will be going over the T.H.E.M. base to take away the new improved un-invent ray before the expandables get it working "NO" began Alphonse "er… um… I mean there might be a trap. "Good thinking" said Professor Professor "I'll invent something that can help Victor and Anita detect traps. "Better yet" began Alphonse "I'll" go and get it, after all I can use the practice." "Swell thinking said Professor Professor." so Alphonse got on his new skybike. And flew off towards the T.H.E.M. base. "That was close" Alphonse said talking to himself. Alphonse arrived at T.H.E.M. walked in And greeted Doctor Doctor. "What is U.Z.Z. up to now Alphonse" "Nothing much" began Alphonse, they want me to obtain the un-invent ray so I will need the replica to bring back with me, they were going to send Victor and Anita but I insisted they send me." "how did you get U.Z.Z. to listen to you?" Asked Doctor Doctor. "Easily" began Alphonse "I lied and told them I can use the practice. "Good work" Special Expandable Alphonse they would have stopped at nothing to get the un-invent ray" "Thank you Doctor Doctor" said alphonse "No" began Doctor Doctor" "Thank you." Alphonse grabbed the replica un-invent ray and headed back to U.Z.Z. "Good work Alphonse" said peter's plumped pecan pie. Professor Professor took the replica un-invent ray not knowing at all it was a fake. Victor and Anita were both staring at each other "Now he is better than us" mumbled Victor. "What was that asked" Alphonse. "Nothing" replied Victor with an Angry voice. Later on that night after Victor and Anita got home from work. Victor and Anita were talking about how boring it was at work earlier that day and how Alphonse is ray's replacement. "I can't believe this" began Victor "Out of everybody that ray could have chose to take his place he had to choose Alphonse." "I don't like his choice either" began Anita but until ray comes back, well if ray comes back we will have no choice but to work with Alphonse" "I know began" Victor 'this is going to be…Wait a minute" began Victor. "Something is not right here." "What do you mean?" asked Anita. "Since when does ray go on vacation in such a short notice? "I don't know" began Anita "Every other time he went on a vacation he.." "Constantly bragged about how many days it was until his vacation" said both Victor and Anita at the same time. "But" began Victor "Ray didn't say anything about a vacation." "That can mean a lot of things" said Anita. "Yeah" began Victor "I guess your right, but that doesn't explain why Alphonse was acting so weird today, I mean when we were supposed to go to the T.H.E.M. base he yelled No stammered for a minute and then said there might be a trap, but if there is a trap how was he sure he wouldn't end up getting trapped?" "He also said he could use the practice" began Anita "But if he still needs practice how would he be able to get out of a trap." "And" began Victor "How come it didn't look like he had to put up a fight with T.H.E.M." He also got the un-invent ray without any back up" added Anita "I bet you that un-invent ray was a fake" said Victor "I'll be right back" said Victor after he grabbed his communicator and his camcorder. "Where are you going" asked Anita. To the T.H.E.M. base to see what I can find out." "Be careful" said Anita" "I will" said Victor. He gave Anita a kiss on the lips and the he gave both Victor Jr. and Vanessa each a kiss on the forehead and then Victor was off.

TO BE CONTINUED…………………………….