"Now" began Aunty Bubble Bath "before I do make this decision I am going to point out that being a double agent adds to the punishment, for U.Z.Z. does not tolerate double agents. Alphonse didn't like what he was hearing. "I have a couple of things I would like to put out in the air" said Agent Ray. "You may do so" said Aunty Bubble Bath. "Earlier" began Agent Ray "Alphonse pointed out that him and Victor don't get along with each other, he then tried to say because of that Victor would do what ever he could to get rid of him but Alphonse doesn't have anything on Victor that would make him go as far as do any of the things Alphonse accused him of, however Alphonse stated that He and Victor don't get along with each other therefore that could make Alphonse do what ever he can to get rid of Victor, and there is one thing on my mind that I know for a fact that Victor has on Alphonse" "What could that be?" asked Aunty Bubble But. "Anita" answered Agent Ray. "Explain" said Aunty Bubble Bath. "Well" began Agent Ray "you have to remember that at one point she was dating Alphonse, but after a while they broke up and when they did Anita started dating Victor and then they slowed down until the night Victor proposed to Anita, and well Victor came to me for some advice when he planned to propose for her , anyway as I was saying Anita accepted Victor's proposal, and I was just leaving U.Z.Z. to go home a couple of days after that when I heard Alphonse talking to Anita in front of Victor about Victor being nothing and that she would better than him but clearly Victor is better for her, and to make it worse Alphonse pulled out a ring and proposed to Alphonse and after all of that Anita made the right choice Victor, and that alone can make hate grow inside of Alphonse just that itself could make him want to get rid of Victor. Alphonse began to shout "Why would I want to be with that whore?" After hearing what Alphonse said Victor's anger rose, Victor pulled his sleeves up and started going toward Alphonse ready to fight when 4 U.Z.Z. agents grabbed Victor trying to stop him but Victor was strong the four Agents alone were struggling to hold him back. Next thing you know a fifth Agent started grabbing him and now there were five agents holding him back and that wasn't enough Victor broke free of their hold Victor was about to Punch Alphonse when Agent Ray Grabbed Victors fist. "Calm down" began Agent Ray "Just relax or you'll end up getting suspended" "Fine" said Victor "but it is not over yet." "Are you going to do something about Victor" said Alphonse. "Why" asked Aunty Bubble But. "Because he tried to hit me" "Really" began Aunty Bubble Bath "I didn't see anything, Did you ray?" "Nope not at all" replied Agent Ray. Alphonse was mad that Victor tried to hit him and didn't get in any trouble at all. "I'm going to make him tell the truth about everything one way or the other thought Victor as he laughed about getting away with almost punching Alphonse. Aunty Bubble Bath cleared his throat and was starting to speak not realizing that while all the U.Z.Z. agents were there in the briefing room awaiting his decision on what to do with Alphonse that no one was guarding U.Z.Z. at all. "Alright" began Aunty Bubble Bath "I have decided on what should be done with Alphonse" as Aunty Bubble Bath was talking they heard noises coming from the control room and just after that about fifteen expandables ran into briefing room where everybody was. One of them shot the cuffs that restrained Alphonse to the chair. Victor looked at his mother Mildred and yelled " take Anita and the kids to a safe spot and hurry" so Mildred took the kids but Anita wanted to stay back incase U.Z.Z. needs back up. Just then another expandable shot the chains keeping Alphonse legs restrained to the char now Alphonse was freed. Everybody including Anita were fighting off the expandables but everyone but Victor was watching Alphonse. Alphonse started running towards the door. "Oh no you don't" yelled Victor. "Oh yes I do" yelled Alphonse. Right after that Victor pushed Alphonse against the wall so hard that the entire wall fell apart. Victor rolled up his sleeves as Alphonse started getting up "Now" began Victor "after everything thing you've done to me especially in the last couple of days I am going to enjoy doing this" Alphonse saw that Victor had sleeves up prepared to fight. Alphonse started making a fist while he went towards Victor. Meanwhile U.Z.Z. pretty much had the number of agent advantage over the expandables making it pretty easy to take them on. Alphonse threw a punch at Victor, but Victor blocked it and threw a punch sending Alphonse at the wall,. Alphonse got started getting back up. While Alphonse was getting back up he pulled out a T.H.E.M. laser gun and shot toward Victor causing Victor to get distracted when trying to avoid it. This distraction allowed Alphonse to punch Victor, but Victor didn't move an inch. Victor then pulled out his laser gun a fired towards Alphonse. That distracted Alphonse and then Victor took his fist and with all of his might bam, he punched Alphonse so hard that Alphonse was knocked out instantly. Agent Ray saw everything and laughed as he said "KO!!!!." by now all of the expandables had left knowing they were out numbered. Agent Ray took Alphonse's knocked out body and restrained him to chair. Just then Aunty Bubble Bath came out and said "without further ado I think I should just go ahead and say exactly what we should do with Alphonse should I?" "Yes!!!" said everyone in the room especially Victor, Anita and Agent Ray. "Very well" began Aunty Bubble Bath "we have enough evidence to lock him up for ten years, this all includes kidnapping two kids and two adults, and attempted 5 counts of attempted murder because he tried to kill Victor, Anita, Victor Jr. and Vanessa and Agent Ray, endangering the welfare of two children and other charges, and now that I think about it we have enough evidence to lock him up for twenty years so that is it I sentence him to twenty years. Everybody was happy including Agent Ray especially Victor and Anita. Mildred came out with Victor Jr. and Vanessa in her arms. "I heard everything" said Mildred "this means that…" Anita cut off "This nightmare is over." "Remind me to put advance security systems at home and at my mother's house" said Victor to Anita "I'll remind you." that night Mildred spent the night at Victor and Anita's house. Mildred slept in Victor Jr. and Vanessa's room with Victor Jr. and Vanessa. Back in Victor and Anita's room. Victor and Anita were talking. "Thanks for standing up and talking earlier, you helped everyone at U.Z.Z. believe me, I got to thank Ray tomorrow to, but you were awesome I mean you told so many good things about me." said Victor "I meant every word of it I mean you almost died twice trying to save my life and you also risked your life saving our kids, yesterday when the bomb went off I thought I lost you" said Anita. "You didn't I'm here and no matter what I will never ever leave you." "Ray was right" began Anita "I did make the right decision when I chose you" Victor smiled "I love you Anita." I love you too" said Anita. They then went to bed. The next day Victor did what he said he would do he called Agent Ray on his communicator and thanked him, and then Victor installed the most advanced security systems he could get in he and Anita's house, and in his mother Mildred's house. And just like that everyone was back to normal, knowing that when Alphonse gets out Victor Jr. Vanessa will be like twenty years old. Victor, Anita, and the kids could be a happy family again knowing that after all of that the nightmare was officially over.

THE END………………..