AN: A short little poem written for the 12 Days of Cadgins challenge on Livejournal. Written with Cam/Hodgins in mind but can be interpreted as any pairing. Happy Christmas!

Glass shards
Scattered like cards
As sharp as a sword
They went ignored

Ruby liquor
Growing thicker
Contrasting with the floor
Reaching every pore

A festive favourite
People savour it
Its distinctive scent
Marks a special event

Dropped to the ground
As they span around
To the tune of the waltz
Without faults

Bodies close together
Shielded from cold weather
Hands tightly linked
Almost indistinct

Battling tongues
Empty lungs
A fight for dominance
Then a mutual acceptance

The song draws to a close
He conjures up a rose
Tucks it behind her ear
And wipes away a tear

On the couch they cuddle
In a warm huddle
Still forgotten on the floor
It is no more

A glass of mulled wine
A liquid divine

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