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It Shouldn't Be Easy.

Chapter 1.

Kara Thrace was aware of Lee Adama from the first day at the Academy. Several female cadets were already talking about the best looking guy in the class within the first few hours. Talk about him was rife within the small network of girls who lived in the same dorm as her. Gossiping about him in a way Kara didn't particularly like. People were talking about who his father was; quite a few people were speculating he was here because of who his father was and not for his own merit. Kara didn't believe them. She knew better than to judge people by first impressions; having been the focus of the same level of attention on previous occasions.

She soon found out Lee Adama wasn't in her class so their paths didn't cross especially in those first few days but there was one subject where she was in the same room as him. Although she was fairly sure he would've been unaware of the circumstance. Their flight class was made up of three groups combined together and Lee's class was one of the other one's sharing her lesson. Flying was the reason Kara was at the Academy so she concentrated really hard in these classes. She wanted to be the best and she was determined that no one; not even the god-like Lee Adama; would tear her away from her dream.

The first couple of months at the Academy were a heady experience of getting used to being away from home for the first time; getting to know a whole new bunch of people and classes. For the first time Kara felt uneasy about her decision to be there. She was glad to be away from her home; that was something she wasn't struggling with; in fact she would probably be one of the few students who'd be staying at the school during the vacations such was her reluctance to go back to her home.

Kara wasn't a people person though and while she made friends there were very few she was really close to. She had a temper and was quick to rise to the bait when it was offered to her and a lot of people found that difficult to get past; especially girls. During her whole life Kara had been a tomboy; never one for wearing skirts or bothering with make-up and doing her hair. That's not to say she didn't make an effort when it was necessary but to her there were many more important things than things like that. As a result of this most of her friends at school had been boys. She'd played Pyramid for her school in a team where she was the only girl and it was only her that got spotted by a scout with a view for signing her to a professional team when she finished school. That had been the first choice for her career but it was cut short by a bad tackle from a player in another team during a championship final at the end of her penultimate year at school. That one short minute had been enough to completely change the path of her future. Gone was the interest from the scout once they'd discovered the damage to her knee and not for the first time in her life, Kara was unsure what her life held for her.

She's initially been devastated by the injury and had really struggled to get back to being fully fit after it. It had taken a lot of effort on her part to get through the physiotherapy and she'd missed quite a bit of school because of it. When she did finally get back to full-time schooling she had no idea what she was going to do with her future and she was behind with her classes as well which didn't help matters. It was one of her teachers that suggested she think about trying to get into the Colonial Fleet. At first Kara was opposed to the idea as turning out similar to her mother was not high on the list of things she wanted to achieve. She gave it a chance though and had been given the opportunity to spend a day at the Academy with some other members of her year. From the moment she'd stepped into the room where the simulators were located and watched as some of the first year cadets flew against each other, Kara was hooked. By the end of the day she was buzzing and she knew what she wanted to do. She was going to be a pilot and she wasn't going to be like her mother at all.

After that day Kara dedicated herself to ensuring she made up for the weeks she'd missed at school. She spent hours after school at the library going through the subjects she needed in order to be able to sit the entrance exams. A couple of her teachers were even nice enough to spend some time with her and help her as well so she went back to the Academy six months later to sit the entrance exams over a two day session. She'd sat all the exams and thought she'd done okay; she wasn't certain but she was hopeful that everything would be okay; that she'd get into the Academy and fulfill her destiny; her destiny to be the best pilot in the Colonial Fleet. Once the exams were over the waiting began until nearly two months later she received the envelope holding the rest of her life within its contents. She carried the envelope around with her for a whole day; unable to pluck up the courage to open it and find out what it said. She'd sat at her desk with it in front of her; examining it as it lay there so innocently; trying to determine whether it was too thin to be an acceptance letter or too thick to be the rejection she was so used to and expected.

The last time she'd received a letter like this had been when she'd got the letter from the scout which told her they wouldn't be pursuing their interest in her. That had been a very thin letter and she'd been so disappointed when she read it; it hadn't been wholly unexpected but she was still upset by the way they'd not given her the opportunity to prove herself. This letter was even more important to her and she wasn't sure she could handle the rejection if that was what it contained. By the second day she was so on edge with the anticipation, she gave in and went to see her teacher; the one who'd recommended she gave joining the Fleet some thought in the first place. She handed him the letter and asked him to open it for her. She remembered the conversation they'd had even now as she sat waiting for her class to start.


"Don't you want to be at home with your parents when you open this?" he asked her; studying her as she stood in front of him.

Kara shook her head, "My dad's not there anymore and my mother doesn't care."

"You must've had this at least a couple of days now, Kara. Why haven't you opened it already?" She shrugged and he adopted a serious expression on his face; marred slightly by the small smirk at his mouth. "Talk to me, Miss Thrace."

"I don't... I can't..." She stopped talking and looked down at the floor. "Frak." She muttered then looked up quickly; a blush creeping onto her face. "Sorry."

"It's okay. Now, tell me why you haven't opened this?"

"I don't want to see the no in writing." She said quietly.

"What about if it isn't a no?"

"It will be. They always are."

"Then why are you so reluctant to open this? You know what it's going to say, right?"

"Because I don't want it to say no. I want it to say yes – more than anything I've ever wanted."

He held the envelope out towards her. "Then you should be opening this, not me."

"What about if they don't want me?" Her words were hardly a whisper in the silent classroom.

"Then they'd be really stupid. I know you can do this, Kara. You can, as long as you believe you can." She stared at him as he spoke; tears flooding her eyes. "It won't be easy but then nothing that's truly worth it should be, should it?" The envelope was held out towards her again and she took it in her hands; trying hard to ignore the shake of her fingers as it gripped the brown paper.

Her fingers sliced through the top of the envelope and she pulled its contents out; slowly unfolding them and then turning them the right way up. Her eyes scanned the letter and she held her breath as she saw the words she'd wanted to read so much. She'd been accepted. She was going to be a pilot. "I'm in." She said it again, louder. Several times.


Kara smiled as she remembered how she'd felt when she'd finally opened the letter. Of course, the high soon faded after she'd told her mother the good news. Her mother who'd been quick to remind her just how little she was worth and that she'd be a useless addition to the fleet; if she got that far. She shook her head slightly; not wanting to go down that route now. Today was going to be a good day. Today she was going to fly; for the first time. Well, almost anyway. It would at least be her first time in the simulator. She'd finally find out if she was going to be any good at this.

The first few weeks in the class had been good but she'd found it frustrating not being able to fly and just being taught theory; she wanted to know once and for all if flying was her future. Now she was about to find out and it was as if she was back in that classroom; the letter still in her hand unopened. She knew; they'd been told many times since the beginning of the year; if she wasn't any good it would be over; she'd never be a Viper pilot. Sure, she could possibly still fly a Raptor but that wasn't what she really wanted to do. If she was really bad, she could even be thrown out of the Academy. And that would just prove her mother right which made Kara feel sick just thinking about it.

So now she was sitting on a bench at the side of the room waiting for the instructor to arrive. She heard someone sit next to her but was so caught up in her thoughts she didn't look at who it was. Someone sat the other side of her as well and it was then she looked to see who it was. She looked to her right and saw the god-like being himself; sitting next to her. To cover her rising embarrassment she looked to her left and found another guy who she'd never met before.

"So, are you ready for this test today?" It was Lee Adama who spoke. Kara turned to face him again, nodding at him as she was unable to speak; taken aback by the fact he'd spoken to her. HER!!!

"What's the worst that can happen?" The other guy said; Kara could hear the laughter in his voice and instinct told her he would be someone she'd like.

Lee spoke again. "You could end up flying Raptors."

Kara piped up, "You could be thrown out of the Academy."

"Who says there's anything wrong with flying Raptors?" this new boy quipped back to them both.

"Karl, there's a hell of a lot wrong with flying Raptors." Lee said; a huge smile on his face which held Kara's attention more than his words did. "And the possibility of being thrown out of the Academy is not something to be joked about either."

"Like that would ever happen to you, Lee," Karl stated.

Kara was still looking at Lee and she saw a shadow pass over his face at the joke from 'Karl'. She knew in an instant there was more to Lee Adama than most people realized and she thought she wanted to find out more about him. "I have just as much chance of being thrown out of the Academy as anyone else, Karl." He said quietly.

"Yeah, right. So your dad wouldn't step in and fix everything for you?"

"I'm sure that won't be a problem. I think Lee will do just fine." Kara finally spoke up; trying to step in and break up a possible fight before it began. "Won't you?"

Lee looked at her again; staring into her eyes. Kara stared right back at him; hypnotized by the blueness of them and once more unable to speak. "We'll see." Lee said quietly. Karl rose to his feet and moved to sit next to a girl a few rows away after she waved at him.

"Who's your friend?" Kara asked Lee.

"Karl Agathon. He wants to be a Raptor pilot. Apparently there are some people here who want to be one."

"Really? Surely there's something wrong with them? No sane person wants to be a Raptor pilot when you could be a Viper pilot?" She was smiling at him now.

Lee looked at her face and saw the smirk on it; a matching one appeared on his face and he turned back to the front of the room. "So are you going to tell me your name, mystery girl?"

"Gods, how rude of me." She turned to face him and thrust her hand out in front of her. "I'm Kara Thrace."

He smiled; he'd already known that before he'd asked her. He took her hand in his; shaking it firmly. "Lee Adama."

"I know who you are. Everyone knows who you are." She smiled slightly as he blushed before her all the time trying not to notice he hadn't yet released her hand.

"Karl's right, you know." He said softly.

"About what?"

"My dad. He probably would pull every string he could if I failed." When he next spoke he was talking in a deeper voice. "You're not a man unless you're a Viper pilot, Lee." He swallowed; Kara squeezed one of his hands gently as they both gripped hers. "I grew up hearing that the whole of my life. I've wanted to be a pilot for years but now I don't know if it's because I want it or because of what my dad's said for so long."

"Maybe this afternoon will answer that question for you."

"Maybe." He paused; looking at her sideways as they both faced the front of the room. "Thanks for believing in me though."

"It's okay. Something tells me you're going to be the second best pilot in our year."

"Second best?"

"Yeah." She turned to look at him; a wide grin on her face. "I'm going to be the best, stupid."

"I see. Well I look forward to doing battle with you then, Kara Thrace."


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