AN: Here's the new fic based on Mr.& Mrs. Smith . Hope you enjoy!

Pairing:GrimmjowXIchigo (Ichigo is in his late twenties in this fic and Karin and Yuzu are both in highschool. The children Suki and Sai are both from their previous marriages.)

Summary: Ichigo lives a happy life with his lover Grimmjow, their two kids and Ichigo's younger sisters. but underneath the happy appearance, each man has a secret identity. Both men work as assassins for different firms. After a botched assassination, both develops doubts about each other's identities. Then they are each given a new assignment--- take out each other. Will their different jobs tear them apart? Full fo humor and crack!


The sound of birds chirping through the thick double glass window of their second floor bedroom woke Grimmjow at exactly six thirty on every Monday morning. Damn those blasted birds his neighbor insisted on keeping. Grimmjow was not a happy man. He growled at the closed curtains where a particularly concentrated ray of sunlight was streaming into his face. At the sound, the slim figure of his lover stirred in his arms, the head of bright messy hair snuggly pressed against his muscular chest. Brown amber eyes cracked open slowly and lashes fluttered at him sleepily. Ichigo yawned and snuggled closer to the warm body.

"Ngh…s' too early to get up, Grimmjow. Go back to sleep." He ordered softly and wrapped his pale arms around the other male's neck, pressing his face against Grimmjow's neck. The smaller man was jolted from his slumber by the hand that slid between his thighs and amber eyes glazed over as Ichigo groaned softly. "You didn't get enough last night?" he asked as his teal haired lover claimed his lips.

Ichigo parted his legs and moaned softly as the bigger man pressed against him. The fingers entered the thoroughly stretched entrance and Ichigo arched up, meowing against Grimmjow's lips. His fingers found their way to the sturdy chest and gripped Grimmjow's arms tightly as he entered roughly, groaning in satisfaction. The two set a fast pace, Grimmjow trying not to be late for work and Ichigo having something similar in mind. The bed creaked as Grimmjow plunged in and out, Ichigo's body arching up to meet every thrust.

"Hey, big bro, you're gonna be late if you sleep in again… Arg…can't you two hang up a sign before you do that stuff… eww I seriously don't want to see my brother's naked ass at six on a Monday morning." Karin scrunched up her nose at the sight of Ichigo's flushed face as he arched up to his lover. She shut the door and pinched her nose. "Those stupid perverts, there are children in the house for god's sakes…" she skipped down the stairs and pulled the TV watching children over to the kitchen.

Yuzu smiled at her older twin and set a plate of scrambled eggs in front of her. Karin smiled back briefly and pulled the two children onto their baby seats. Suki banged her spoon on the marble countertop with a happy giggle as Karin plopped down next to her. The other child, Sai, stared off into space as he drooled slowly. Yuzu sighed and passed her sister a napkin. Karin wiped the boy's face before setting the milk and cereal in front of the kids.

"Open up, Sai-kun! If you don't eat up, you'll never catch up to your sister!" Karin offered a big smile at he baby boy and he focused his eyes on the older teenager.

"I'm sleepy, Karin ni-chan…last night I kept hearing strange noises…" he mumbled but obediently opened his mouth.

"Ohh! Me too, Karin ni-chan…" Suki turned and focused her attention on the black haired teen. The girl exchanged glances with her twin sister and Karin growled in annoyance while Yuzu ducked her head and blushed. Those stupid idiots can't even keep their doors closed?! At least get some soundproof walls…Karin thought in annoyance.

"Damn it, I'm going to be late. That shower took longer than I expected…" the sound of Grimmjow's voice came from upstairs as the man descended the stairs, Ichigo following behind at a slower pace. They were both dressed in suits and ties, only Grimmjow looked a bit rumpled. The man offered his hurried thanks as Yuzu rushed out and handed him his breakfast and lunch. Grimmjow kissed the two children goodbye before turning toward the door. He was about to yank the door open when Ichigo's slender arms wrapped around waist.

He turned and the orange haired man smiled up at his taller lover. "Your shirt's not buttoned correctly…" he murmured as skilled fingers undid the buttons and slid over the smooth chest in a teasing way before buttoning them again. He straightened Grimmjow's lopsided tie and smiled playfully up at him. "Have a good day at work, love…"

Ichigo squeaked in surprise as the other man suddenly pulled him into a passionate kiss that left his knees weak. Grimmjow grinned wolfishly as he released his stunned lover and gave a mock salute. "I believe I will…"

The door shut behind him and Ichigo watched from the window as Grimmjow got into his sleek blue Lexus and drove off. He glanced at the wall clock and walked into the kitchen, wincing slightly from the soreness in his lower body. He sat down and smiled at the two teenagers and the kids at the table.

"So, how is everyone today?" Ichigo asked pleasantly. Karin leaned over.

"Say, do ya think you guys can get soundproof walls or maybe he can gag you when you guys decide to 'hug'?" she asked with a raised eyebrow. "Last time I checked, there are still kids in this house, Ichigo nii-san."

The orange haired man blushed at the words and looked away with a cough. Yuzu decided to break the uncomfortable silence in the kitchen and spoke up. "Ichi-nii, Sai and Suki have a parent day event this afternoon at four, so you have to go…"

Ichigo looked up from his plate and frowned. "How come I didn't hear about it?" he mumbled through a mouthful of eggs.

"That's because you and Grimmjow-san were too busy making out on the couch when I told you last Friday…" Karin said innocently as she flipped out her cell phone. Ichigo shot her a look and ignored Sai when he asked what 'making out' was. She rolled her eyes at her brother's attempt not to blush.

"You'd better go. I went last year and Yuzu did the year before that. So it's your turn. Besides, Suki is your daughter and Sai is his son, so you guys should go together." She muttered. Ichigo sighed and glanced at the clock.

"Oh ok. Sorry I was so busy last time, kids." He leaned over and kissed the children on their foreheads before making his way upstairs again. After making sure no one was outside the door, Ichigo yanked the mattress of the bed up and pulled out the metal box from its spot in the secret case. After typing the passwords in, he pulled out the sleek black gun and shoved it into his belt casually. The orange haired man picked up his cell phone from the charger on the table and stepped out of the house after saying goodbye to the kids. Ichigo made his way over to his white mustang parked snugly in the garage and climbed in. The drive to work took twenty minutes. The elevator to the twentieth floor took three minutes and Ichigo made his way across the fancy lobby as fast as he could without running. The door opened for him and he stepped into the private office, the secretary murmured something about being late as Ichigo rushed into the expensive double doors.

"You are fifteen minutes and twenty seven seconds late, Kurosaki." The steely voice made Ichigo wince as he lowered his eyes to the ground. His boss clicked his tongue and stood up. Byakuya motioned for the redhead at his side to open up the shiny black case on the edge of the table. "You have another assignment. It is very important and very complicated. I am trusting this particular job to you because I believe in your skills. Now, about the contents of this task. go to the coffee shop on Fifth Avenue at noon and sit at the sixth table to the left of the door. Someone will be there to give you the details. There will be other firms trying to compete with us, but I believe you will get it done."

Ichigo nodded absently and pulled on his gloves before opening the case. There was a mini silver revolver with six shots loaded, a wig, a hand mirror and makeup kit and a black silky material that looked suspiciously like a dress. He didn't comment on it, though. Years of experience taught him not to question his boss' motives, especially if he was late for work. Ichigo had a sinking feeling he wasn't going to like the job this time. Sure he was skilled at killing from a distance but there was no way he wanted to have anything to do with that dress and wig. Renji cleared his throat and gave Ichigo's shoulder a tap.

"If you don't have any questions, go back to your position." He said and Ichigo nodded slowly before carefully shutting the case and making his way out the door. The secretary smiled at him as he stepped back into the elevator. Ichigo waited for the elevator to reach the twelfth floor before stepping out, putting his tag on and making his way over to the mass of people sitting in their own cubicles. He reached his own cubicle and smiled at Rukia, Byakuya's younger sister who was also in the assassin business before sitting down. He turned on his computer and plugged the phone on.

When Ichigo was not secretly earning money by killing off people in higher circles, he worked in his boss' disguised real-estate company. Byakuya had millions of employees from all around the world but only the few that worked for him in secret had really seen his face. Why, may people even thought their beloved boss was a woman!

Ichigo sighed before rubbing his tired eyes. The desktop picture of their small family from last year's snowball fight smiled back at him and Ichigo reached out to touch the handsome face of his lover, a small smile on his face.

"Stop swooning like a lovesick maiden, for heaven sakes. How long have you two been together? Shouldn't you stop acting like newlyweds?" Rukia's head of black hair popped out from next to him and grinned teasingly as Ichigo blushed.

He opened his mouth to retaliate but the phone on his left suddenly rang and he picked up the receiver. "Hello, Kuchiki industries, how may I help you?"


Grimmjow burst through the steel double doors with his suit jacket flapping and breathing like a bull elephant. At the end of the long meeting hall, Sosuke Aizen, his boss, raised a smooth brow. The man coughed and gave Grimmjow a displeased look before gesturing toward the only empty seat next to him. The teal haired man rushed over and sat down, carding a hand through his disheveled hair. A cup of tea was passed to him from Aizen and Grimmjow squinted suspiciously at the murky water. You just never know when Aizen would suddenly slip something into your drink. The man seemed to have read Grimmjow's thoughts and smiled charmingly.

"It's not poisoned Jeagerjaques. Have a try. I imported it from Russia just a few days ago." He leaned forward and steeple his fingers, staring rather creepily at the teal haired man. "Well, what are you waiting for?" he asked and smiled innocently at the other man.

Grimmjow wondered if this was the punishment for him being late to the Monday morning meetings every week. He glanced around the room. Most of his coworkers were staring off into space with their mouths hanging open slightly and vacant expressions on their faces except Starrk, who was head down on the table and snoring softly. Grimmjow swallowed and picked up the small menacing cup of tea. He swallowed in one gulp and grimaced as the bitter taste flooded his senses. Aizen sat back with a satisfied smile. He clapped his hands to get everyone's attention.

"Now that our favorite employee has drunk his tea, the meeting shall begin." Aizen said with a smile before once again turning to Grimmjow. "Have a biscuit?" he asked politely. Grimmjow blanched and shook his head. The man leaned over again and smiled in that creepy way again. Grimmjow's left eye twitched and he growled.

"Fine! I'll eat your damn cookies!" he accepted the thin piece of biscuit and popped it into his mouth with a grimace. The meeting went like usual. Aizen was a very confident man and he had no fears speaking of their secret identities in the concealed meeting hall. Grimmjow fought not to sleep as he listened to his boss ranting on and on about some new guy they were to take care of. He sneaked a glance at Starrk who was sprawled on his leather chair and snoring enthusiastically. Grimmjow fought off a smirk as Starrk's head lolled onto Ulquiorra's shoulder and the other man gingerly pushed him away with a disturbed look.

The cell phone in his left pocket buzzed softly and Grimmjow snapped out of his daze, pulling the family phone out of his pocket. The text message was from Ichigo and he smirked as he opened the contents.

Sai and Suki are having a parent day event this afternoon. We have to go at four. I'm expecting you to be there. Oh and don't forget to eat lunch. Meet you this afternoon! Love you~


Grimmjow frowned. The kids were having a parent conference and he had to go this afternoon? But that clashed with Aizen's schedule for him. A cough to his left made Grimmjow turn and he scowled at Nnoitra's smug face. The man leaned over the two men between him and Grimmjow and wiggled his eyebrow.

"So…texting lovey-dovey messages to your lover?" he smirked and glanced over with an interested glint in his eye. Grimmjow ignored him and snapped his phone shut.

"The Sixth will and the First will be going to this event at the Summer House. As we all know, this is an important event and we will be competing against several firms to get the job done. I will trust that Starrk and Grimmjow will manage to kill our target. He goes by the name Akatsuki…" Aizen raised his eyebrow as he scanned the silent crowd. Ulquiorra was unsuccessfully trying to shove the sleeping Starrk away from him and Grimmjow was busy playing with his phone. The man felt his temper rise. He coughed.

Grimmjow looked up as Aizen said his name and gave him a puzzled look. "Whatcha sayin'?" he asked. Grimmjow smacked Starrk on the back of the head as a particularly loud snore came from him. The other man blinked owlishly, looked up and nodded at his boss.

"I understand perfectly, Aizen-sama. We will take out the assigned targets." He mumbled and scratched his head. Grimmjow gave him an odd look and felt new respect for the lazy man.

"How the hell can you listen to a conference while snoring your head off?" he murmured to his left and Starrk smiled thinly.

"Once you've been forced to eat enough tea and biscuits to last a lifetime, you…learn to adapt…" he said and gave Grimmjow a bright smile before letting his head fall back onto the glass table with a loud thunk. Grimmjow grimaced and propped his chin up. It was going to be a long meeting.


Ichigo glanced at the clock on the opposite wall and grimaced. The informant was late. He still had half an hour to get to the parent meet. Then he spotted the familiar green coat and his father's longtime friend, Kisuke Urahara stepped into the shop. The man sauntered over to the table that Ichigo was sitting at, managing to knock over several cups of coffee on other people's tables. The carrot top grimaced and sat up.

"Okey-dokey. Let's get this over with. Information on your new assignment is in here. You have to assassinate a man named Takimoto Akatsuki. There will be a party at the Summer House in two weeks. Prepare for it." He snapped his fan over his face and smiled at the orange haired man across from him. Ichigo rolled his eyes.

"Don't you think it will be more secretive if we met in Kuchiki's company?" he asked incredulously. The other man laughed and gestured around at the other people in the restaurant.

"These people are all our agents." Kisuke smirked and stood up. "By the way, your father says 'hi' from Russia. Have fun at the gala, Kurosaki-kun."

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