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The atmosphere in the room could have smothered a grown elephant.

Grimmjow glared daggers across the room at the extremely beautiful woman standing on the other side of the room. Ichigo seemed to reflect the poisonous glare without much trouble and was having a lively conversation with a tall blond man. Grimmjow curled his lip at the sight and clenched his fingers around the wine glass. He checked his watch. The cruise would end the day after tomorrow. There was no time let. He had to act tonight or the next day. Bright contacts flickered to the tall form of his target and Grimmjow bit his lip in annoyance. It was hard to ignore the blond man standing a few feet off flirting shamelessly with his lover. Ichigo was responding to the flirting.

He passed the glass of untouched wine to a waiter and sighed as he slipped the tie around his neck looser. Grimmjow walked casually to the men's room and touched his throat mic.

"Starrk, I need some time off. Get your ass over here."

He didn't feel like explaining as he dipped his head into the porcelain sink. Grimmjow washed his face slowly, eyes going over the strange appearance of his disguise. The black hair made him look lifeless and there were dark circles under his eyes. It felt so long ago that he had realized the woman was in fact Ichigo in disguise. He tried to catch the man but it was like trying to hold onto smoke with bare fingers. Grimmjow sighed again and dried his face.

Sometimes, he wondered when he was going to quit the job for good. For a few months he had successfully avoided Aizen's calls and messages but the itch to go on a dangerous mission came back full force. It couldn't be helped. He liked the reckless life.

The door to the men's room swung open and Grimmjow didn't bother looking up. But the sound of sharp stilettos made him look up just in time to see a dart sticking out from his left shoulder. The prick of pain registered in his brain a second later. Bright green eyes darted to the smug face behind him.


Grimmjow tried to grab at the already blurring form but his head felt like it was shutting down without permission. The last thing he saw was the tiled floor rushing up to meet him.

Grimmjow groaned as something cold slid slowly over his naked chest. He was bound to a large four poster bed and was completely naked. His mouth felt as if someone had taken a toilet brush to it and Grimmjow nearly gagged when water met his lips.

"Shush baby, the water will help clear your head."

The smooth purr made Grimmjow blink in shock and he looked up to see the pale figure still clad in the beautiful dress. Ichigo offered him a slow smile that showed his sparkling white teeth and a cute little canine that proved quite good at making hickeys. He mentally smacked himself and groaned as Ichigo poured the water down his throat.

"Why the fuck did you shoot me?" he gasped hoarsely.

Cool fingers played with the toned chest of his lover and Ichigo smiled with a small bat of his lashes. Grimmjow felt the hair on the back of his neck stand. He knew that look only came out when Ichigo was extremely pissed off.

"I wanted to fuck you." the words were smooth and toneless.

Grimmjow gulped and braced himself. Ichigo slapped him.

"Fuck!" Grimmjow hissed in pain and glared up at the pretty figure. "What was that for?"

"For not telling me you were a damn hired killer." Ichigo pouted and sat down on the bed.

"You never told me either!" Grimmjow spat and was triumphant to see Ichigo wince slightly.

"At least I wasn't cheating on you!" Grimmjow's jaw dropped in surprise when Ichigo's lower lip wobbled. "I saw the lipstick on your shirt!"

"Ah, that was part of the fucking job, damn it." Grimmjow let out an annoyed sound and glared up at Ichigo.

"That's not fair. I don't want women putting their fingers on you! Quit it!" Ichigo jabbed Grimmjow's cheek and glared.

"Quit what?" he asked innocently and was gifted with a blow to the gut.

"Don't play stupid."

"You quit yours and I will quit mine." Grimmjow muttered hoarsely and took a deep breath. Ichigo pursed his lips and glared.

"No." Ichigo finally said.

"Then the deal is off." Grimmjow said evenly and hissed in shock when Ichigo reached down and grabbed him between the legs.

"It's not your place to refuse." he gave a warning squeeze and Grimmjow dared give a breathless chuckle.

"You wouldn't dare. You know you love the lower part of me more than I do…"

Ichigo glared and moved to straddle Grimmjow on the large bed, the dress shifting up to reveal long pale thighs. Grimmjow groaned at the sinful sight and felt Ichigo cup him between the legs. It didn't take long for the man to become achingly hard, his cock standing tall and proud. A strange feeling of dismay settled over Grimmjow as Ichigo gently set a pillow between his legs, right over his cock.

"There you go, love." Ichigo gave him a sweet smile and jumped off Grimmjow, mindless of his curses and struggling as he pulled out a small gun. "I'm going to go finish my job. Someone in this family has to keep the cash coming and it's going to be me."

Without another word, the fiery carrot top left the room with a deafening bang. Shit.

Ichigo smiled ash e sauntered into the hallway, hearing the sound of a woman's deafening scream of "oh my god, there's a naked man in my room?"

He gently tapped the small piece of camouflaged throat mic and spoke in a hushed voice. "I need Byakuya to send a copter here now. Target will be dead in about twenty minutes."

Ichigo stepped into the ballroom with a fake smile plastered on his face. Bright eyes scanned the room for the target, his fingers clinched gun in the small handbag he nicked along the way. Tension coiled in his gut like a snake as he moved closer. Akatsuki turned to face Ichigo as he stepped toward him. Ichigo smiled and reached to take his arm. They wandered toward the corridor left of the ballroom and Ichigo tried to keep his smile natural as they passed the dark brunet waiter that was probably Grimmjow's partner.

"My lady, you're the most exquisite woman I have ever met in my life. Therefore I wish that you may accompany me to Italy next week. This is an offer I have never made to anyone before, so please accept my affections for you…" the man in front of Ichigo gave a wan smile and kissed his fingers. Ichigo tried to keep the disgust off his face, trying to concentrate on getting the job done.

"Of course I will accompany you, if you're still alive by the end of today!" faster than the eye could follow, Ichigo pulled the gun out of his bag and pressed it against Akatsuki's temple.

"Pull the trigger, I dare you." the feeling of a cold hard barrel pressed against the side of his head made Ichigo hesitate. Bright blue contacts flickered to the side and he saw the intruder. Black hair was kept in long silky locks flopped stylishly over his forehead and nearly hiding his eyes. Dark emerald green eyes peered at him expressionlessly from under thick black lashes. The man's face was too pale and too empty, his eyes reminding Ichigo of something dead, like a doll. A dark tattoo was visible under the thin dress shirt. Ichigo memorized the black rose automatically and glared at the man. Said man coughed and Ichigo's eyes widened as he saw the brunet waiter stride in.

"In case you were wondering, he's a very fast shooter." the brunet said in a lazy tone, loosening his tie as he stepped closer. He studied Ichigo for a few seconds and clicked his tongue. "First of all, your boss should have given you a little bit more help and maybe a bit more information. Second, I don't see that copter you ordered. Third, are you certain you're working for the right side?"

Ichigo snarled as he tightened his fingers over the gun in his hand, eyes darting toward the nearest exit. They were in the room nearest the drop point, there was no guard rail outside to protect them from the sea.

He took in a deep breath and lashed out with a sharp stiletto and at the same time, ducked his head, shoving Akatsuki toward the pale dark-haired man. There was a gun shot and a fast blur of white and blue as he was knocked backward toward the window, arms wrapping tightly around his slim form. Ichigo barely had time to think as glass shattered with another couple of bullets and then he was plunging down down into the dark water below. As he was falling, Ichigo's eyes met familiar sky blue ones. A strange sense of calm settled over him and he knew, he was safe in those arms.

Ulquiorra's shoes stepped over the broken glass shards as he moved closer to what was still left of the window. His face was blank as he peered down into the darkness. A few moments later, the sound of a motor starting sliced through the air. The Jet Ski shot out in a wave of foamy water and rapidly became smaller and smaller. Starrk sighed warily as eh joined his coworker by the window.

"Shit." Ulquiorra's voice broke the silence. Starrk turned to him with a raised eyebrow. Ulquiorra felt his pant pocket and his face became stonier, if that was possible.

"What's up?" Starrk asked. There was a moment of silence.

"That stupid cat took my salary."

"You kept all of it in one bag?"


"Shit indeed."

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