The Real Thing

Chapter One


The amount of fantasies he had about fucking her numbered in the thousands. Tens of thousands actually. He thought about it several times a day for over five years.

When he took a shower in the morning he'd often play out his favorite oral based fantasy of her down on her knees sucking him into the warm heaven of her mouth. When he went to sleep at night, if he was alone, he thought about her riding him till he couldn't even feel his bones anymore and then collasping on his chest, sucking at his nipples, biting his bottom lip and soothing the wound with her tongue. Falling asleep resting on him.

And those were just his most often had fantasies. There were more. In his truck, in her office, in his office, in the bullpen (screw the cameras), in a bathroom at the bar, on her couch, in her kitchen, on his living room floor with the fireplace roaring. It went on and on. He was a guy with a strong sex drive and she was his favorite way to get off. Even if he was with another woman it was images of Penelope Garcia in his head that sent him over the edge. He had long since stopped feeling guilty about that fact.

For a while though he didn't fantasize about her at all.

After she started dating Lynch he had pushed her image out of his head everytime it crept in. He was too hurt and pissed off then. He finally knew what she might have felt like-that is if she ever did have true feelings for him- all the times she heard about him going on dates. Derek Morgan liked to laugh off his player status but it came back to bite him in the ass big time after his baby girl took the safe route and dated a computer tech instead of him.

More than two years later it still burned Derek to the core to think about Penelope fucking Lynch night after night. Now a few months had passed since she dumped Lynch. The open wounds were starting to heal. Derek and Penelope were flirting more than ever now.

Tonight they finally crossed the line. They took it where they never had before. Just six days before they had kissed for the first time and ever since the tension was unbearable. He needed relief. He needed her.

Now he had her completely naked and in his house. But it wasn't anything like his fantasies. He was taking her so fast that he couldn't even think about what he was doing. He felt like a wild animal. Desperately nipping at her neck and collarbone as he thrust deeply inside of her. Her body pressed against a wall in his hallway because they didn't even make it to the bed.

He had waited so long for this. All that pent up desire was pushing him past the brink of his control. Usually he was such a skilled lover but tonight he was just driving into her hard and fast, as her nails digging into his shoulder blades, taking her with an angry passion that left him reeling.

Truth be told he was still sort of mad at her and how this all went down.

He didn't want their first time to be this way. He wanted it to be slow, tender, sweet, romantic. The love making he wanted to give her after she was shot had morphed into this explosive, mind blowing, totally silent- except for heavy panting- fuck session.

It was raunchy but felt so damn good. The best sex of his life, bar none.

She was so much hotter in real life than his mind could ever imagine. To be inside of her was doing things to him he never experienced before. He couldn't stay in control.

Penelope made him lose all his game and all his bravado. He was just a man who needed his woman and he needed her right now.

She moaned into his ear, finally forming words, "Oh, God, yes," and then a long breathless moan as her sweat slicked body shuddered to her third orgasm of the night. First it had been with just his hands, then his mouth (back when they were in his kitchen) and now it was with him thrusting hard and fast into her that she clenched around him.

Derek moaned out "Baby girl," and then he came, her body milking him for all he was worth.

So much better than even his best fantasy. But what would happen to them now? Was he expected to say that once was enough? He knew he couldn't say that kind of lie to her, even if maybe she didn't want more than this one time thing.

Would she even understand what this meant to him? Could he find the words to make her want him again and again and again?

After the real thing he didn't think he could ever go back to having Penelope as only his fantasy girl.


Six days earlier

Penelope walked towards her co-workers as they were all getting coffee. Even from a distance she had noticed what a good mood everyone was in-especially Derek. It was only in the last few weeks that his mood had lightened.

She tried to convince herself that it wasn't the fact she told him that she dumped Kevin about a month before. But the timing was very suspcious. It felt like she finally had her Hot Stuff back after two years of him being more like a ghost- looking like her best friend, sounding like him, but being so distant that she was afraid to reach out and hold him. He might disappear on her.

Not that she didn't blame herself for some of the distance between them.

After Battle came in her life she was a wreck for a while there. She made bad choices and pushed away people she needed most. She tried to pretend she was fine right away but she wasn't anywhere near that. She jumped into a relationship with Kevin that had more bad times than good. She tried not to lean on Derek too much. She wanted to prove she was getting past it all and that what Battle did to her didn't destroy her and that Derek didn't have to put her back together. He liked sexy, confident, bold woman. She felt like a fragile mess inside and acted like she was just fine outside. It hurt when she learned Derek had started dating again but of course she had expected it. The doubts she had about Kevin she pushed away after she learned Derek had a steady girlfriend in his life- not just a series of one night stands.

Why was it always Derek who affected her so deeply? Even now she wondered what that meant for her and them.

She used to have the biggest crush on him but it seemed like Battle stole that away from her. She built up a wall after she was shot and that wall kept Derek at a distance. Now she was ready to break it down and try to get close to him again.

He seemed to love the idea. If the way he smiled constantly now was any indication.

As soon as she reached the group of her friends, Derek asked her "Baby girl, will you tell them to stop picking on me?"

Emily said "Just fess up and we'll stop the inquistion."

Derek laughed. "There's nothing to fess up to!"

Reid said "Its clear there is someone new in your life now. You're in remarkably better spirits recently."

JJ had a sweet smile on her face. "I think its love."

Derek was smiling widely, totally relaxed. "My lips are sealed."

The group broke apart, grumbling good naturedly about how Derek couldn't hold out forever since this woman was obviously so much more than a booty call to him, leaving Derek and Penelope there alone. Her eyes searched his. She teased "You love making them wonder, don't you?"

"Why should I share all my secrets with anyone but my baby girl?"

She smiled. "Well you haven't shared this one with me, Hot Stuff. I don't know who your secret mood improver is."

He winked at her. "Think real hard and I bet you'll figure it out." Then he walked away, with a big smile on his lips.

Penelope felt her face flush. She looked around and noticed that her friends were standing in different parts of the bull pen, staring at her. With a shrug of her shoulders she headed for her own office and closed the door. Her heart beat fast.

Could Derek really be this happy now just because she was single again?