The ball was in his hands, but all the receivers were covered. This was the last play of the game and they had to score to win. The only thing I could hear was people screaming to do something, anything but just stand there, which is exactly what he was doing.

I knew that he was panicking. This was his last game as a college student and this was what he was going to be remembered for. Either the quarterback that led his team to win the Rose Bowl twice in a row or that one dude that choked and cost the team the title.

I saw someone charging and he started sprinting towards the end zone. I knew he hating doing that but he didn't have a choice. I wanted to cover my eyes but I couldn't not watch. He wasn't fast enough. He was going to get tackled when he was so close to getting a touchdown.

The guy grabbed him and he lunged, stretching out his entire body, football first. Time inched by slowly as he was in the air. Cheers erupted when the ball crossed the line before he went crashing to the ground. I stood frozen as the referee signaled the touchdown and his teammates lifted him on their shoulders. He took his helmet off and pumped the football into the air, making the cheers louder.

He was ten minutes late. I think this had been the longest summer of my life. So many things were changing but it was all really just a pain in the ass. What I wouldn't give to just to be a sophomore again. Never thought I would say that after finals, but at least that would mean that I wouldn't have to worry so much about Edward.

Rose heard me and rolled her eyes. "Jesus Bella, he's always late. You should be use to it after two freaking years." I should, and I normally was. I had gotten into the habit of telling him the times earlier so he would actually show up at the right time. Don't tell him that though.

"I know. I just haven't seen him for a whole week. Plus, that little thing called the draft. You know, the NFL does it. And he was what? The number one draft pick? Only slightly interested in that little bit of information." I said.

"Good, I was worried you wouldn't care about me after a whole week." He said as he sat down beside me. I rolled my eyes before jumping into his lap. He laughed as he circled his arms around my waist and pulled me into him.

"If you really wanted to know, it was on TV, and the internet, and the newspapers. Hell, I'm pretty sure there are posters everywhere around the whole fucking campus and in this bar telling you how it went and you're trying to tell me you still don't know?" Rose asked.

"Leave her alone Rose. I told her not to look into it. I wanted it to be a surprise, and I'm glad it still is." He grinned at me. Hey asshole, I had to lock myself in my room for a week and throw my phone into the toilet for your 'surprise' to avoid any texts messages or phone calls telling me.

By the way, the first thing you're doing with your new salary is buying me a new phone. I didn't say that of course. This was his day to shine. Tomorrow he would find out about the phone.

"Speaking of which, can we go? I'm pretty sure you haven't been spotted yet otherwise I would never have you to myself," I was going to ignore Rose since she always ignored Edward, "And I just know that as soon as everyone sees you this whole 'surprise' thing will be dead."

He nodded and quickly dragged me to his car. A few minutes later he was pulling me on to the football field before stopping in the middle.

"Two years ago, what happened here?" He asked. He had let go of me completely and looked extremely nervous. Edward was never nervous.

I thought back and smiled. "You were playing football with your friends. I was visiting the campus for the millionth time. It was the first time we ever saw each other."

His hand went into his hair, another sign that he was nervous. I could feel the butterflies in my stomach. What were we doing here and why the walk down memory lane, hmm Edward? Why do you have your hand stuffed in your pocket, huh?

I felt the grin try to make its way across my face but refused to let it escape. Nothing was for sure until he asked. If he even asked. He should know I could never deny him anything.

"You know I believe things go in circles. Where things start they always finish. I played my first and last regular season games on this field," Did his Adam's apple just bob? I think so, although it's pretty dark out here. "I got hazed by the seniors as a freshman and hazed the freshmen as a senior."

"Oh my god, Edward, just got on with it." I said. More like 'Just ask the damn question already, I get what you're saying!' he nodded.

"This is where I first saw and met you, like you said, so I guess I figured this is where uhh," come on Edward, you never stutter. Don't start now. You're killing me here! "I figured this is where I should umm."

"Jesus Christ Edward. Just say it!" I snapped. He looked down before speaking.

"Since this is where we," he made a motion to demonstrate the 'we,' "started, I thought this is where I should end it." He finally blurted out. I felt my face go slack.

"What?" This could not be happening. No, no, no. This wasn't right. He got his lines mixed up Bella. Just give him a second. When he looked up, I knew what I'd heard wasn't wrong.

"I think we should break up." He said softly. I took a step back, away from him. I couldn't believe this. My boyfriend of two years graduates college, gets drafted into the NFL, and now he's breaking up with me?

"Why?" I asked. I had to ask. None of this made any sense at fucking all. He ran his hand through his hair before answering.

"It just doesn't feel right anymore Bella. We're at different stages in our lives. It was fine when we were both in college, when both of us had to work stupid jobs to keep going to school." That's not right either. The only reason you had a job was so you could get a better car then the hand-me-down your dad gave you. "And I'm always going to be gone. We'd never be able to see each other anyway and I just don't want to hold you back."

"That's bullshit, and you know it." I whispered. I didn't have the strength to scream at him like I so badly wanted to.

"Can you call somebody for a ride? I have to go home. My family is expecting me." He said. Oh no, no way in hell was I letting him off that easy.

"What team did you get drafted to?"

"Seahawks." He coughed.

"You mean the Seattle Seahawks. AKA the team that plays in this fucking city every fucking home game they have?" I asked, my voice getting louder as I spoke.


"No Edward, don't you dare try to tell me that you'd be holding me back. That's the same fucking thing as it's not you, it's me. You get into the NFL and then you break up with me?" I scream. Shit, it's not like no one can hear me except him. Maybe he knew this was going to happen and that why he really brought me here.

"It's not like that and you know it! Stop being so god damn difficult." He said.

"You're wrong if you think this is difficult. If I was being difficult you wouldn't have the balls walking away that you had to even blame this stunt on us being at different fucking stages of our lives. How about you're just a conceited asshole that can't lower himself to date a college student now that he's gone pro. News fucking flash Edward, you were a fucking college student a few months ago!" Wow that felt good.

"If I'm that much of an asshole, why would you put up with me for two years?" He yelled.

"You have a second profession lined up for you. If the NFL decides it doesn't want you, Hollywood sure as hell will. They seem to have a love/hate relationship with people like you."

"Goodbye Bella."

"Fuck you!"

He didn't say anything as he turned around and walked away from me. I turned and walked the other way. It wasn't until I knew for sure he couldn't see me anymore that I allowed myself to crash to the floor and let the sobbing start. It wasn't until then that I realized I didn't have a phone to call anyone to come get me. Fuck you indeed.

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