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Edward's POV

The house is quiet now, though I still can't sleep. For two hours I've been laying here, just staring at my ceiling, wondering who had broken into the Swan's house. Who had been stupid enough to mess with the Chief of Police? Who did I have to end for scaring my girlfriend?

"Ugh!" I groan and get up. I toss my t-shirt from last night on and head downstairs. Maybe a round of boxing on Wii will let out some of this bent up frustration.

Slowly, I go down the stairs, trying not to make a lot of noise and wake anyone else up. I see a light turned on in the kitchen and I make a detour to see who else is suffering from insomnia tonight. I hear a soft humming, it's gentle and soothing. Walking into the kitchen I see Bella sitting on a stool at the kitchen island holding Noel, rocking her and gently humming, a half drunk glass of milk sitting in front of her.

"Hi." I say softly. She jumps a little and turns. When she sees me, a beautiful smile crosses her face and then a small 'v' appears between her brows, she nervously bites her bottom lip.

"Hi. Umm… I hope it was ok that…" She trails off pointing at the milk.

"It's fine, Bella, mi casa, su casa." I assure her. "Make yourself at home." Just to make her feel better, I go and pour myself a glass of milk as well. "So you couldn't sleep either?"

"No, every time I would fall asleep, I'd wake up having a nightmare so I gave up." She says softly, cuddling Noel to her.

"Ouch, at least I just stayed awake, nightmares suck." I sympathize with her.

"Yes." She smiles at me again, the 'v' gone and all thoughts of playing Wii go out of my head.

"Hey, how about you and Noel come up to my room, I'll pop some popcorn and we can watch a movie or something on TV?"

"Ok, but umm… don't make any popcorn for me, please." She replies.

"Then no popcorn." I laugh. "I was only making it in case you wanted a snack, I kinda over did it on the junk last night." She nods in agreement. "I'm gonna grab a bottle of apple juice, want one?" She nods. "Plain apple or cran-apple?"


"Plain it is." I smile back at her, and after grabbing the drinks, we head up the stairs.

After we get upstairs, we quickly get situated. Blue Streak was running again on TBS, so we left it there. Martin Lawrence is almost always funny and I love to hear Bella giggle, so it was a win-win for me. We curled into my bed, her body wrapped up beside me under my dark blue down comforter. Noel was burrowed under the covers at the bottom of the bed, we could hear her little snores every so often. Bella would get the sweetest smile when she heard them and I couldn't help but smile back at her.

By the end of the movie, we were kissing softly. My hands wrapped in her long brown locks, hers; one was positioned on my shoulder and the other on the side of my face. We were pressed close; and I felt relaxed for the first time since we heard about the break in.

My tongue asked for entrance into her mouth; and she willingly gave me that. So different from that time she bit me. I have to hold back a smile when I remember how she told me that she had googled kissing to make sure she was doing it right. My sweet Bella.

As we kiss some more, I can't help but think about how I want so badly to cup breast, to feel if it is as soft as it looks. I want to run my hands down and cup her ass, squeezing it and pressing her into me. I want to bury myself in her body, be one with her. I want to see her face as she cums. I know it is way too soon for all of that, so I keep my body in check as best as I can. Though, unfortunately, lil' Edward doesn't listen, so I angle him so he doesn't grind into Bella. I'd hate to scare her, or make her feel uncomfortable. I stop kissing her for a moment, close my eyes and press my forehead against hers. She takes a deep breath and sighs.

"Edward." Softly I hear her whisper and I look to see her eyes closed, her breathing evened out and my sweet Bella was asleep. I close my eyes just as her head slips off my shoulder and lands on my chest. She gives a soft sigh of contentment and the world fades away.


"Wakey, wakey." I look up to see Jasper and Emmett standing over my bed. Bella is waking up as well.

"Edward, do we need to have a little talk about the rules?" Em asks, one eye brow raised. Jasper can't hold back anymore he starts laughing like a hyena.

"Dude, you should see your face." I notice Bella move. She is glaring at Em and Jazz.

"Out." She says in a quiet but firm voice. I never thought I would see her this assertive. She's leaning over me like a Momma bear protecting her cub.

"But, Bells…" Em whines.

"Be nice then." She says simply. Jasper takes one look at the glare and stops his laughing.

"Alright, fine, baby sis. Listen, Esme has breakfast going and won't let us eat till the two of you make it downstairs, so get to steppin' I need some food."

"We'll be down in a minute." I tell him. He gives me a look that says we need to talk and grabs Noel who was sitting at the end of the bed trying to get his attention before leaving the room.

"Thank you." The sweetest voice in my world says softly.

"What for, Bella?" I ask confused.

"You chased the nightmares away." She gives my lips a peck and then gets up.

"Then thank you, because you helped the sleep come." I reply.

"Hurry up before Emmett eats Noel!" Alice yells up the stairs. Bella's eyes go wide and she takes off running to save her baby.

I hold back a chuckle and go to the bathroom to do my morning routine. It's funny how soundly I slept with my Bella in my arms. One would think I would have been more agitated because the girl I adore, the girl I want more than any other, was in my arms - in my bed. But no, I felt comfortable and relaxed. I slept with sweet dreams of brown hair blowing in the wind.

Charlie's POV

Two weeks, two frustrating damn weeks have passed since Halloween and we've yet to have one clue on who broke into the house. Neighbors could only tell us that they had seen one person dressed in all black going up on the porch, at the time they thought it was a trick or treater and ignored them. Now, everyone was on the lookout.

More "gifts" have arrived. The most disturbing was a set of green ladies underwear ripped up and left in a wrapped box on the front porch. I didn't know if this was a case of love gone wrong, or someone threatening my daughter. To be on the safe side, I brought Victoria into the station.

After interviewing the girl, I had proof that she hadn't been the culprit behind the break in. In fact, she had been at some Rocky Horror big to do in Seattle with her parents and their best friends. Plenty of people had seen her and the hours that she was unaccounted for at the theater, she had been in the car going back and forth to the city. I still couldn't prove, one way or another, if she was sending the gifts, though she swore she wasn't and told me to tell Emmett his ego was too big if he thought she'd stalk his ass after he dumped her.

I next interviewed Victoria's close friend Laurent, in case he was doing her dirty work for her. Laurent had been at a party in Port Angeles with his new boyfriend, he too had others who could and did vouch for the fact he was there all night. Laurent did point me to Lauren Mallory. According to him, she has a vendetta against Bella because of some delusion that Bella stole Edward from her.

Getting Lauren in for questioning has been no easy feat. She refused to come in and her parents also refused to bring her in, they gave me their lawyer's card and told me to deal with him. And after numerous talks with the Mallory family lawyer and a finally a subpoena to come in to the station for questioning, I, finally, have Ms. Mallory to interview this afternoon.

"Chief, Lauren Mallory and Caius Dimato are in the interrogation room." Mark informs me with a laugh and grimace. "You might want to wear riot gear Chief." He warns before going back to his desk.

I straighten my shoulders and walk to the one interrogation room that this small station has. Not enough crime in Forks to warrant having more than one. It's not dark and drab like those on CSI and Law and Order. In fact, this room doubles as the break room, so there is a coffee maker and fridge as well as a soft lemon color on the wall. Esme donated her time and supplies to make this a comfortable break/interrogation room.

"Mr. Dimato, Ms. Mallory." I greet coming into the room. "Can I get either of you a bottle of water or a cup of coffee?" I offer politely, knowing if I go into this hostile I will get nada out of it.

"No, thanks, Charlie." Caius informs me. I know he's using my first name to try and belittle my power and position in this room. Sorry, man, but not gonna work.

"No." Lauren looks around the room like she might catch something just being in here. "Can we just get this done and over with? I have things to do." She looks down at her perfectly manicured fingers ignoring me.

"Fine then, I would hate to detain you from your overwhelming social calendar." I say sarcastically, "Lauren where were you on Halloween evening between the hours of seven pm and ten pm?" The suspect was spotted at the house around eight, however, we gave a broader time frame incase that was not the actual culprit.

"Well, unlike your lame ass kids, I was at a real party." She looks down her nose at me and rolls her eyes once again.

"Which party and at who's house?"

"Tyler Crowley's party at his house." I swear I can hear a 'duh' tacked onto that.

"And can anyone vouch for you being there the whole time?"

"Tyler, Mike, Jessica and Kate." She says naming off a group of her friends.

"Lauren you are aware that if I bring your friends in here and explain to them that covering for you makes them an accessory to the crime, they will more than likely turn on you. I suggest you make real sure that you are telling the truth, it will go easier on you in the long run."

"I didn't do anything to your lame-ass house." She spats at me, "I couldn't be bothered to go there. I might catch poor people disease or something." I have to hold back the fact that there is no such thing as 'poor people disease' and that I am not in fact poor.

"I'll check out your alibi, Lauren, if it falls through you will be sitting in a cell by tonight." I stand up. "You're free to go for now."


Five hours and four interrogations later, I now know it wasn't Lauren Mallory. While Kate and Tyler could not vouch for Lauren's whereabouts on the night in question, Jessica Stanley and Mike Newton could. In fact, they had video proof of where they were. Proof they were extremely embarrassed to pass over. The little trio had made a sex tape while wearing costumes that looked like stuffed animals. Mark told me that this was some kind of odd alternative lifestyle called Furries or something like that.

Lauren had seemed like such a good lead and now I'm back almost to square one. All I've done is knocking off a couple of suspects. Out of desperation, I call up to the women's prison and have them fax over Renee's call list. Maybe I can find a new lead there. I have to find out who this is, so I can protect my family from them.

Edward's POV

The month of November flew by. Bella's first Thanksgiving with us all seemed to be a huge hit with her. She helped Mom do all the cooking and even watched football with all of the guys without complaint, while Mom and Alice worked on their Black Friday shopping list. Something that Bella didn't take part in. Both Bella and her therapist agreed that the amount of people and the highly competitive nature of that morning's shopping might be too much for Bella. So, I introduced her to cyber Monday, the time that I did most of my Christmas shopping. Bella loved it. I still can't believe it's already December first. The month has snuck up on us all. Even though you know it's coming, it still seems to be here too quickly.

And while regular life has gone on and time passes as usual, poor Charlie is still trying to find out who was behind the Halloween break-in and has yet to find a new lead. Emmett, Jasper and I have taken it upon ourselves to do some hunting around school. We were almost positive that the person was a student at Forks High. We just needed to find out which one.

"Edward, does this look ok?" Bella calls my attention to where she is hanging garland on the railing.

"Perfect, baby." I assure her. We're decorating the inside of the Swan house for Christmas, while, Jasper and Emmett are trying to get the large artificial tree together in the living room.

"Hot chocolate is done!" Alice yells from the kitchen.

We all go into the kitchen for Alice's culinary masterpiece of Swiss Miss packets with boiled water added to the mix. While it's not gourmet hot coco, I'm just proud of Alice for not burning it. My sister is great at a lot of things, but she has yet to master cooking.

"Dude, I love teacher conference days." Em says loudly, breaking the silence in the room.

"Me, too." Jasper agrees.

"A half day of school and then a long-ass weekend, score, total win." Em keeps going with his happiness in his face. He has been more like himself lately. Which might have something to do with his growing "friendship" with Rosalie.

The week before Thanksgiving, Rose brought Em to her therapist office for her appointment. There the pair had talked openly, getting a lot of their feelings out in the open. Emmett had closed up for about two days after that, just needing to heal, I guess. But on the third day he began reverting back into the big-happy-teddy-bear we all know and love.

"Knock, knock." Speaking of Rose. She comes in carrying a box. "This was on the front porch."

"Hey, Rose." Em greets and there is a round of hellos. "Who's name is on the box?" Em looks like an eager little boy in case the delivery is for him.

"Bella's." She tells him with a smirk. She hands the box to Bella who thanks her softly. My poor sweet Bella, she is trying so hard to get over her nervousness around Rose.

"Who's it from?" Em asks her excitedly. At this point, I think he has gone from hoping the box has his name on it, to hoping something in the box is for him.

"Umm… it doesn't say." Bella tells him. She looks at me, her eyes huge. "I think we need to call Da… Charlie."

Emmett jumps up and takes the box out of her hands placing it on the counter like it might explode. I grab my cell out and call Charlie letting him know that another package has been delivered. Charlie lets me know that he will be here in less than ten minutes. I hang up the phone and pull a shaking Bella into my arms.

"Charlie said not to open the box till he gets here." I tell them.

"Who the hell is doing this shit?" Em exclaims. Rose is gently rubbing his shoulder with one hand trying to calm him. The love and tenderness in her touch even moves me, I know that sooner or later these two will get back together.

"I wish I knew." I reply, pulling my little love tighter to my chest.

I look up to check on Alice and hide a grimace/smile at the sight that meets my eyes. She's curled up on Jasper's lap, her head in his neck as he leans down and coos softly to her. I know Alice is upset and worried about what is housed in the box. Poor Alice was the one that opened a box on the day it housed a dead mutilated rabbit.

"Where is it?" Charlie asks running into the room. I know he had to speed to get here this quickly.

"Over here, Dad." Emmett points to the box on the counter. Charlie nods and walks over to it.

We all stand and watch as Charlie hesitates to open the box. It's odd to see a box, that small, intimidate Charlie. A man who has been a cop almost all of his adult life. A man who is wearing a gun and has taken down killers, rapists and murderers. The box sent by the unknown tormentor of the girl I adore, the one I want to tell her that 'I love her', but I'm not sure if she is ready, or how she will take it.

"I should probably open this down at the station." He mutters.

"Dad, we've opened all of them here before, just do it." Em encourages him.

"I agree, Charlie, maybe it will have a clue, or give a hint as to who this psycho is." Jasper says agreeing with Emmett.

"Yeah," Charlie says, pulling his pocket knife out and slipping on gloves.

"Chief, where are you?"

"In here, Mark." Deputy Mark comes into the kitchen taking in the scene.

"Have you opened it yet?" He queries.

"No." Charlie tells him, gesturing to the box. Mark slips on gloves as well, coming over to help. "Mark, take photos for evidence." Mark nods and pulls his a camera out of his cop bag, aka 'fanny pack'.

As Deputy Mark takes pictures Charlie opens the box. Inside there is a smaller box, in a powder blue. Alice informs us that it's Tiffany's blue. Charlie makes us all stand back as he lifts the smaller box out to open it. Inside laying, on top of a picture of a bleeding heart, is a pair of silver handcuffs.

"Dude," Slips out of Jasper's lips and we all turn to him, "I think I know who is behind this."

"Who, son?" Charlie asks Jasper, the term of endearment slipping from his lips. Jasper looks me in the eyes.


"Fuck!" Slips out of Emmett's mouth and I feel like I've been run over by a bulldozer.

Yes, Tanya is obsessive and stalkerish, but is she insane? Would she target Bella, the daughter of the Chief of Police just to try and scare her away from me? Would she mutilate an animal? Would she leave dead birds and ripped up lingerie on the front porch?

"The green lingerie was about the same shade of green as your eyes, Edward." Alice says slowly.

"And when you were a kid you had that pet rabbit Peanut Butter." Emmett adds looking at me, his eyes calculating.

"And she cuffed you and you know…" Jasper trails off.

"Swans are birds; so the dead birds could represent…" Rose trails off now.

"Tanya?" Bella's soft voice calls my attention, "the girl from the fair?" I nod.

"She… umm… she stares at me and it… well …it's not friendly." Bella's timid voice reminds me so much of when she first got to us. If this is Tanya, I want to rip her throat out for doing this to my girl.

"Mark, go get Tanya Huggins and bring her to the station for questioning her about the break in and for the harassment of my family." Charlie demands, "and take this into evidence." He motions to the box. Mark nods bagging the box, before heading out the door. "Tell me what I need to know about Tanya Huggins." I sigh then tell my girlfriend's father about the most embarrassing moments of my life.

Charlie's POV

After Mark informs me that Tanya is now here, I ask him how the ride went. Fortunately, for Ms. Huggins she didn't fight coming down to the station. She simply let Mark cuff her, then slipped into the police cruiser. Unfortunately, for Ms. Huggins, if she is in fact guilty, she is eighteen and will be tried as an adult.

I'm so glad that I didn't have to struggle, bargain and finally subpoena to get Tanya Huggins down to the station like I had to with Lauren Mallory. While I might have to release her if this interview doesn't pan out the way I hope it will, I will at least have instant satisfaction this time. I still can't believe all the crap the Mallory family put me through, just because their daughter didn't want her freaky sex life out in the open. After Edward's tale of having his one time girlfriend turn into a kinky-sexual-super-freak, with cuffs, leather under things and a whip; I'm starting to wonder what they are teaching in sex ed at Forks High.

I walk over and look through the two-way glass-mirror into the interrogation room. Tanya is smiling. It's an odd smile, almost sexual in nature. I look and notice she is rubbing her wrist where the cuffs had been, not like it hurt, but more reverently… like it gave her extreme pleasure. I shudder, then walk into the room to turn the recorder on.

"Tanya, did the deputy inform you of your rights? Including the right to have an attorney present?" I don't want this to fall through because one of my boys didn't Miranda her.

"Why, yes, Charlie. But don't you think this will be more fun, just you and me?" She lifts a strawberry blond brow and lightly licks her lower lip.

"Fine then." I pause, "Tanya, did you break into my house on Halloween?"

"Yep." She says popping the p. Ok, that was almost too easy.

"And have you been sending packages to my house?"

"Right again, Charlie." She giggles, it's eerie.

"Alright then, I'll have the confession typed up so you can sign it." Shoot, I feel like super cop, my mad interrogation skills clearly beating this teeny bopper.

"Tut, tut, Charlie, don't you want to know why?" She complains with a pout.

"I assume that it's because Edward is dating my daughter; and wants nothing to do with you." I don't feel like playing this little psychos game.

"You know what they say about people who assume, Charlie?" She giggles again, "ask me, Charlie boy. Ask me why I did it." She demands, her voice growing hard.

"Why did you do it?" I ask in a bored tone, trying not to encourage her.

"Your little slut of a daughter stole Edward from me, that is true. It sealed her fate, Charlie." Ice is dripping from her words. "What set this in motion though, Charlie boy, is all you, though. Tell me, Chief, how is it going to sound when I go to trial and I tell the good citizens of Forks about how their beloved Police Chief fucked my big sister, when she was just sixteen years old and left her pregnant? How you didn't do right by her? How she had to go out into this cold lonely world and fend for herself and her baby? I might go to jail, Charlie, but you will finally pay for your crimes as well."

I sit looking at her stunned there is no way… I never knew.

"Renee is your sister?" I ask shocked.

"Ding, ding, ding. Score one for the pedophile!" She laughs maniacally. "and Renee said you'd take forever to catch on." She taunts.

I stand up and push my way out of the room. I feel light-headed and the world seems to be tilting on its axis. Things that I thought were dead and buried. Things, that I paid dearly for, already were coming back to haunt me. And before the world goes black, I vaguely remember whispering, "I didn't know."

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